Mike Tyson's historic fight against Buster Douglas deserves a deep rewind

6 jul 2019
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On February 11, 1990, Mike Tyson fought James “Buster” Douglas in Tokyo, Japan for the heavyweight title. It was the tenth title defense for Mike Tyson who entered the fight unbeatable in the eyes of many boxing fans. Buster Douglas wasn't supposed to change anyone's mind either but when the world gave the 42 to 1 underdog 90 seconds, he took the fight into the tenth round.
Written and produced by Mike Imhoff
Shot and edited by Joe Ali
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  • Hey fun fact! Korakuen Stadium was actually demolished in 1988. This fight took place in what is now known as the Tokyo Dome but many at the time of this fight, including the original HBO broadcast, referred to the venue as Korakuen Stadium. I, too, am scared of change.

    Secret BaseSecret BaseÅr sedan
    • Your wrong. Buster did have a clear lead into the 10th

      DC RilooDC Riloo5 månader sedan
    • Look up on SEworld Gene kim Robert breaker Chuck missler

      zach daquilazach daquila8 månader sedan
    • The Tokyo Dome? So does that mean Meltzer gave it 5 stars?

      dayosticaldayosticalÅr sedan
    • Home of new Japan pro wrestling is the Tokyo dome if I'm not mistaken

      Showtime Sports MediaShowtime Sports MediaÅr sedan
    • @Stanlayy7000 it was around 12pm Japan time.

      PhantomOSXPhantomOSXÅr sedan
  • Neither fighter has a clear lead?! I know the scorecards say that but Buster clearly kicked his ass all night.

    John ReesorJohn Reesor18 timmar sedan
  • Don't forget the fight was very close on the scorecards! So had it gone the distance, there was a chance Buster would have been robbed.

    Captain DallasCaptain Dallas5 dagar sedan
  • it's too bad Buster didn't work hard to prepare for a future bout with Holyfield, if he had trained and got focused as much as he had against Tyson, he could have beaten Holyfield.

    aegisofhonoraegisofhonor9 dagar sedan
  • Tell em about that 13 count Buster got!!!! 🤬 the count hit 9 my a$$. That count hit astronomical numbers before he got up

    JJ19 dagar sedan
  • Is it weird that watching this fight breaks my heart? 💔

    JJ19 dagar sedan
  • Buster just lost his mom. A man with nothing to lose is very dangerous. I was very little but I remember how shocking this was bc Tyson not only beat so many he did it effortlessly. Tyson has said he got screwed on the count on buster & his count out. I wonder if tyson was told not to knock anyone out again in 90 seconds. I mean imagine how pissed off people in the arena were the payed big money to see it ? Also bc tysons trainers thought this would be a piece of cake did not bring the correct equipment. I mean filling up a balloon with ice is not going to help bring the swelling down. U should never ever take ur opponent for granted. Sports including of course boxing are full of upsets. That's what makes sports so exciting, or we would not watch them. It truly is the only entertainment where nobody knows the outcome.

    Natalie Panaro StackNatalie Panaro Stack29 dagar sedan
  • You could make a hollywood movie about the lives of both men leading up to this fight.

    cyberpimp29cyberpimp29Månad sedan
  • and then Buster just collapsed

    Xueyang HeXueyang HeMånad sedan
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    blue joyblue joyMånad sedan
  • How powerful do you think you feel after knocking out Mike Tyson

    PeytonPeytonMånad sedan
  • The sugar ray vs hands of stone rematch would be a good rewind!

    Vernon WhiteVernon WhiteMånad sedan
  • STILL hurts to watch this! I remember exactly where I was when this went down. Tyson said he overlooked Buster and was drinking and drugging night before...I believe him.

    Isshman GarciaIsshman GarciaMånad sedan
  • Douglas had a clear lead by round 10

    keith dubosekeith duboseMånad sedan
  • "Antibiotics for the flu" Where there's your problem, he should look into getting a better doctor

    Braden CulverBraden CulverMånad sedan
  • Wasn't it Tokyodome?

    J.J. YoonJ.J. YoonMånad sedan
  • What an amazing story

    Frying_ hiFrying_ hi2 månader sedan
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    Carolyn Smith AshkhCarolyn Smith Ashkh2 månader sedan
  • Real life rocky 1, except he actually won

    HarryHarry2 månader sedan
  • In my opinion the ref didn't count right

    hosh the moshhosh the mosh3 månader sedan
  • Tyson wasn’t the same if he had Rooney in his corner no way he losses this fight

    William BrownWilliam Brown3 månader sedan
    • Right, don king and those scumbag corner men ruined him.

      Dean MartinsonDean MartinsonMånad sedan
  • “We’re here in the 10th, and neither fighter has a clear lead” The fight wasn’t close. Buster was ahead by a very large margin by the 10th.

    Ventura WoodsVentura Woods3 månader sedan
  • We ALL KNOW who REALLY beat Tyson in this fight... #GIVENS

    Marc RichardsonMarc Richardson3 månader sedan
  • I liked this video just because you said "The only bell I care about is the one below this video" lol

    Crispin FornoffCrispin Fornoff3 månader sedan
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    Agatha IllaAgatha Illa3 månader sedan
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    Agatha IllaAgatha Illa3 månader sedan
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    Angel RomanaAngel Romana3 månader sedan
  • I wasn’t alive to see this fight but I remember my das telling me he had a feeling Buster would win because Tyson had to fight the scariest thing you can: a man with nothing to lose and a man fighting for his ma. He had to fight both in one man.

    adam 3adam 33 månader sedan
  • yeah and larry holmes beat ali.

    S BS B3 månader sedan
  • Cornerman MacGayver. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    deadmansgulfdeadmansgulf3 månader sedan
  • 8:27 I think you meant, "But as the count hit 13.65..."

    Camilo CienfuegosCamilo Cienfuegos4 månader sedan
  • I love the way he picked up his mouthpiece

    clam donkeyclam donkey4 månader sedan
    • Shows he really had it all together, no problems.

      David HutchinsonDavid Hutchinson3 månader sedan
  • It was only 42-1 at the one casino offering a line on the fight. No other casinos in Vegas were even taking bets on this fight. Over/Under had the fight at 2 rounds. And he didn’t just convince his mom. He promised her he would win. And she told all her friends he would. Her death was a big part of his insane focus that night. This is probably my single favorite boxing match ever.

    MikeyXSuicideMikeyXSuicide4 månader sedan
  • Buster dominated Tyson. In round 8 he got knocked down and waited out the count. Should Buster have carried a watch to the ring to question the Ref? He was doing what any fighter would do. He won. The narrator does a great job

  • Can u re do this video with Bob sheridon commentating. That's the best call for the fight. Ohhhh look at this.... his not gonna make it

    Mehmet AteselMehmet Atesel4 månader sedan
  • his mum was there in spirit

    Dilithium CrystalsDilithium Crystals4 månader sedan
  • tyson actually won the fight when he KO’d douglas in the 8th and the count was 4 seconds long.

    the wtthe wt4 månader sedan
  • Not only is this a storybook moment It is also a huge example of hubris and how funny it can be

    PhantomDriverPhantomDriver4 månader sedan
  • You should make a video about the greatest rivalry in boxing history: *Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier - Beef History* 🥊

    Leo SRL300Leo SRL3005 månader sedan
  • Micheal Spinks took a dive in the 1988 match with Tyson. Not saying Tyson would not have won anyway, but a lot of people got ripped off on PPV for that one.

    Tim CarterTim Carter5 månader sedan
  • This is just rocky irl love it

    CJ JacksonCJ Jackson5 månader sedan
  • I have to say, I think this Rewinder episode about Buster Douglas defeating Mike Tyson is one of my favorite episodes.

    John MangeeJohn Mangee5 månader sedan
  • If this guy watched the fight and said neither fighter had the lead in the 10 round he is highly delusional

    albert blandshawalbert blandshaw5 månader sedan
  • I know this is just a short video, but they failed to touch on some of the most compelling elements of the lead up; not only did Buster get his mum to come around, he PROMISED her he would win, and she believed him enough to respond to her friends telling her that her son was going to get destroyed by saying “no he’s not, he’s going to win, he promised me.” When she passed away something clicked in his head, he had always had good tools for a heavyweight boxer, good size, excellent speed for a heavyweight and good enough punching power. It was always his head that got in his way. On that night, with the promise he made to his mother still echoing in his head he got out of his own way after a very good training camp (in stark contrast to an entirely unprepared Tyson who didn’t even have an n-swell in his corner, they were using condoms meant for the post fight celebration filled with ice to try to keep the swelling down) to topple the perceived unbeatable monster and defy the odds. On that night there was one man in the ring who ON THAT NIGHT wouldn’t have lost to anyone. On that night the man’s name was James Douglas. And everyone knows Don King isolated Mike from those who cared about him, chief amongst those being Kevin Rooney, who had been working with Tyson since Cus was still alive, Cus was elderly and needed young hands to work hands on with Iron Mike.

    MikeyXSuicideMikeyXSuicide5 månader sedan
  • Anyone here after Buster Douglas’ interview on VladTv???

    Xavier EdwardsXavier Edwards6 månader sedan
  • 40 seconds in and already a red flag. 'neither fighter has a clear lead'!!!! Douglas had barely lost a round!!! Just because Tyson was getting Canelo-like judges doesn't change the facts.

    benjo benthepharmerbenjo benthepharmer6 månader sedan
  • Its the tent round and no one has a clear lead? Maybe you should go back and actually watch the fight because Buster was clearly winning that fight. He one probably every round. Tyson's face was swelling up , Buster was getting off his punches first and landing far more power shots. Buster was landing lead right hands at will and even the retarded announcers were commenting that Tyson needed a ko to win the fight. Buster Duglas was a big deal when he entered boxing. He was considered one of the most skilled boxers in the heavyweight division in a long time. Unfortunately he didn't live up to expectations but the way he performed against Tyson was simply Buster Duglas hitting his potential and bottom line.....he kicked Tyson's asa from bell to bell.

    dispensethecredulousdispensethecredulous6 månader sedan
  • Tokyo Douglas would've given almost any heavyweight in history a run for their money. He was motivated, in shape, and had the x-factor of inspiration to fight for his late mother. That's a hard combo to beat.

    Manu Ginobilis Bald SpotManu Ginobilis Bald Spot6 månader sedan
  • Definitely of the most satisfying wins in boxing history for me

    Paolo AlcantaraPaolo Alcantara7 månader sedan
  • Guys sorry to say it but it was riggef

    Weekend ThegoatWeekend Thegoat7 månader sedan
  • I think you need to get your hands checked out.

    East KillerEast Killer7 månader sedan
  • No way they would’ve given it to Douglas if they went to decision.

    GabrielGabriel7 månader sedan
  • This man’s story nearly brought a tear to my eye.

    The Good Doktor44The Good Doktor447 månader sedan
  • Buster Douglas not fitting like Man with Mike. Douglas never like 2 fitting to Mike

    Luis Torres RiveraLuis Torres Rivera7 månader sedan
  • Mike won...the count was too long

    Martin RoaMartin Roa7 månader sedan
  • It was close .. Douglas was clearly ahead

    keith dubosekeith dubose7 månader sedan
  • Wow!!............... seworld.info/will/qaTZs9q6pmWRuXU/video seworld.info/will/eJHYtJzNhp-UmpM/video Aqui............... seworld.info/will/o23GsbO8p2uiu4k/video

    zach daquilazach daquila8 månader sedan
  • If history has taught us anything, it’s that anyone can be killed.

    Coretta HaCoretta Ha8 månader sedan
  • "Welcome... to a moment in history." "I broke my back. Spinal."

    M CM C8 månader sedan
  • "Bill Clayton". It's Cayton

    JamesJames8 månader sedan
  • "Neither fighter has a clear lead"? Buster was dominating the fight.

    JamesJames8 månader sedan
    • The scorecards were a joke 1 judge had it for Douglas by 4 rounds , 1 judge had it even , 1 judge had Tyson ahead by 1 .... And people say the long count was a fix ... It goes 12 Douglas gets robbed , King had all bases covered !!

      anonymous anonymousanonymous anonymous8 månader sedan
  • 1:34 look bro don’t call Ali Cassius Clay that’s disrespectful, we all know didn’t like being called that and everyone knew him as Muhammad so that whole little Cassius part wasn’t even necessary

    PrincewhitePrincewhite9 månader sedan
  • If I could travel in time; I’m put everything I have on him! The pay out would be crazy!

    Michael GibbsMichael Gibbs9 månader sedan
  • I need some of those “antibiotics”

    kicka11kicka119 månader sedan
  • Idk who won after watching this... seems like Tyson lost

    I HenI Hen9 månader sedan
  • People that actually knew boxing like Teddy Atlas knew Buster Douglas was a better boxer and was most likely going to win

    Steve KaufmannSteve Kaufmann9 månader sedan
  • Douglas was in the BEST condition of his life. Mike and his camp didn't know that.

    Florida Gator1Florida Gator19 månader sedan
  • 5:21 why is he on antibiotics for the flu?¿?¿

    jbuggjbugg10 månader sedan
  • I am a young guy and i didn't realize what would ultimately be Tyson's greatest weakness was his greatest strength: counterpunching.

    jdixie2010jdixie201010 månader sedan
  • Mike got ROBBED!!!!!!!

  • Tyson was also walking around Tokyo with a brick of cocaine in his pocket for personal use😬

    ok22245ok2224510 månader sedan
  • Count hit 9 in 15 seconds

    Ayberk Erkin YıldızAyberk Erkin Yıldız10 månader sedan
  • Larry Merchant doesn’t matter. Pretty sure dude who did the video has never actually watched boxing before

    Burton GusterBurton Guster10 månader sedan
  • How come Douglas' victory expression is not a meme yet?

    Jesse McCoyJesse McCoy10 månader sedan
  • this moron said they in 10 round and the fight was so close that buster had a good chance to win what fight was he watching buster had won every round but the 8th

    Terry HarrisTerry Harris10 månader sedan
  • I remember watching that fight live. While I was amazed by what Douglas was doing, I kept thinking Tyson would still find a way with one punch. I wonder how many others thought the same thing.

    wvu05wvu0510 månader sedan
  • I think Tyson took a dive so he didn’t have to fight Evander 🥊

    huggin mugginhuggin muggin10 månader sedan
  • How isn't this a Hollywood movie adaptation? Buster Douglas has an under the radar story, Mike Tyson is a legend and even Don King is a character. Plus of course the great fight itself

    Iv MalkaIv Malka10 månader sedan
  • Tyson wasn't the greatest boxer on earth in 1990. He was the best heavyweight. Pernell Whitaker was the best imo.

    Adriel MoodyAdriel Moody10 månader sedan

    pooltable149pooltable14910 månader sedan
  • What an absolute Banger. What a great video. wow 10/10

    Bill ForemanBill Foreman10 månader sedan
  • Wait, did, anybody realize that Douglas was down for more than 10.

    traketrake11 månader sedan
  • Damn, who doesn't love it when the prideful goes down and the underdog prevails?

    Ptaku93Ptaku9311 månader sedan
  • This fight was in the Tokyo Dome, therefore it's 6 stars.

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith11 månader sedan
  • I was in high school in Westerville, Ohio and would go watch Buster train before this fight. Buster took it seriously and trained without reservation or fear. He threw himself into it and believed in himself. Was great to see history in the making.

    J ThomasJ Thomas11 månader sedan
  • This is literally creed irl

    Insertfunnyname 0Insertfunnyname 0År sedan
  • The ref has to first make sure the fighters are separated then make sure the standing fighter is where he is supposed to be! He can’t always start the count as soon as Somone hits the ground and ignore everything else!...that’d make him a bad ref

    Osama BinBallinOsama BinBallinÅr sedan
  • Tyson's loss was shocking, but also predictable. The guy had completely stopped training and surrounded himself with hookers and blow. He was punching people at red lights and living a crazy life. SO, even if he squeezed past Buster, the Heavyweight Division was getting crowded with Holyfield, Riddick Bowe, Lennox Lewis, Tommy Morrison, George Foreman, Ray Mercer... Mike Tyson had no chance against THAT level of competition without serious dedication and self-discipline.

    String Theory GuitarsString Theory GuitarsÅr sedan
  • Antibiotics for a viral infection? Yeah, must be the 80's. a lot of you still think that's how it works.

    Tyler YTyler YÅr sedan
  • Go back and check out the fight yourself, Douglas was down for 13.65 seconds

    Gabriel CalderonGabriel CalderonÅr sedan
  • "This makes cinderella look like a sad story", Larry Merchant after Buster won.

    Raja MohantyRaja MohantyÅr sedan
  • "Going into the 10th round no one had a clear lead" are you high? Buster Douglas was won at least 8 of the 10 rounds. Lol

    Chris PetrillChris PetrillÅr sedan
  • Fans should check out "HBO Legendary Nights" episode of Tyson-Douglas.

    Angry Fat BoiAngry Fat BoiÅr sedan
  • No one goes on antibiotics for the flu.....

    Patsfan 4lifePatsfan 4lifeÅr sedan
  • As always, the content is well directed. Thanks Guys.

    MirthumosMirthumosÅr sedan
  • He was "on antibiotics for the flu"? Didn't his doctor hear that the flu is caused by a virus, and that antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses?

    Omer ShomratOmer ShomratÅr sedan
  • I thought this was a rigged fight.

    Rob BanksRob BanksÅr sedan
  • One) Make a video of the final round of Corrales-Castillo 1 “The Ultimate Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat”. 2) Douglas was on antibiotics for the flu?! Man... just when you thought this upset couldn’t get any more impressive than it already was. WOW!!

    hawkeye18100hawkeye18100År sedan
  • Say whatever you want but Buster displaying heart and performing with the weight of the world on his shoulders makes me tear up a little

    Donavyn BaileyDonavyn BaileyÅr sedan
  • Ford vs Ferrari next. Just saw the movie and thought it would be perfect for this series.

    Bins WangerBins WangerÅr sedan