The Bob Emergency: a study of athletes named Bob, Part I | Chart Party

29 apr 2019
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More than 10,000 people named Bob have entered the world of sports. Today, there are only nine. Bobs are special people, and in losing them to retirement, we stand to lose more than we might imagine.
P.S. This is the 1930s high school basketball game Jon was talking about, at the 6:38 mark:
Video by Jon Bois
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    Winston McKinneyWinston McKinney42 minuter sedan
  • This makes me want to make documentaries of my esoteric trivia

    George is TryingGeorge is Trying13 timmar sedan
  • Poor Denny mclain though damn

    WhiteCoffeeWhiteCoffee2 dagar sedan
  • Watching this for a 4th time. Just bc.

    Mephen StessinaMephen Stessina2 dagar sedan
  • This confirms me saying that I’d name my son bob

    Captain STFUCaptain STFU3 dagar sedan
  • 2:35 this makes me very depressed

    Vegan CheeseVegan Cheese3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Bob Cyclone. Never give up.

    AutomatiicAutomatiic12 dagar sedan
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    Bill DillingerBill Dillinger13 dagar sedan
  • "You only see it for the first time once." Unless you have ADHD and haven't watched this video in a few months. *cough cough* me.

    Zeppy UwUZeppy UwU14 dagar sedan
  • Bob amry grows every day spread the word and prepare for the siege

    Brooke BriggsBrooke Briggs15 dagar sedan
  • I’ve watched these many times but this is the first time since Gibby passed away. R.I.P to one of the St Louis greats!

    Jemme McCannJemme McCann18 dagar sedan
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  • "If someone is named Bob, its a safe bet that someone out there really loves 'em." im dead

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  • I come back and rewatch these from time to time when I’m feeling down

    Piper RavenscroftPiper Ravenscroft23 dagar sedan
  • can you find me a baby girl named "KAREN" after 2018?

    Gerry BirdGerry Bird23 dagar sedan
  • Jesus... this makes Zak Snyder's Justice League seem like an appropriate length

    Jimmy ReskeJimmy Reske24 dagar sedan
  • As soon as he said “3 from the X-Games”, Bob Burnquist immediately came to mind.

    mattcain18mattcain1825 dagar sedan
  • the greatest pitching season of all time was pedro in 2000

    Hank WoodsHank Woods25 dagar sedan
  • Bob Burnquist

    Stevie SkatesStevie Skates25 dagar sedan
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    Mike TangMike Tang28 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 “Bob where’s your bat”

    Mobile GodsMobile Gods28 dagar sedan
  • There's no way you can believe those 107/108 mph numbers. Don't care about "methodology" something is massively screwy there.

    Bo J.Bo J.28 dagar sedan
  • I have an even rare form of Bob. Bo, Bob without the b.

    Bo J.Bo J.28 dagar sedan
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    Jaz weg Puk degJaz weg Puk deg28 dagar sedan
  • Minors named bob 📉📉📉

    ZosterZoster29 dagar sedan
  • This video is making me feel like I should've been a sportsman.

    BobisOnlyBobBobisOnlyBobMånad sedan
  • Bob fitzsimmons you god damn animal

    Corey GolpheneeCorey GolpheneeMånad sedan
  • Disparity wise NASCAR has a lot of bobs

    Corey GolpheneeCorey GolpheneeMånad sedan
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    龚德飞龚德飞Månad sedan
  • "The fight was nearly cancelled when Bob stepped into the ring with a broken arm." This was a fight where both fighters were named Bob

    MFWMFWMånad sedan
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    Dan LiuDan LiuMånad sedan
  • What software are you using for these visualizations?! It's awesome!

    Nick HeidkeNick HeidkeMånad sedan
  • I can not tell you how little I care about sports. But when you speak, I listen.

    CassunCassunMånad sedan
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    Kirby BLKirby BLMånad sedan
  • by 6 mins into this video i felt like i could breath again in i dont know how long. yes. just yes.

    Cameron McGauchieCameron McGauchieMånad sedan
  • Jon did it... he made the name Bob interesting

    S WoodS WoodMånad sedan
  • fun fact, my dad went to high school with Bob Hamelin

    David BowmanDavid BowmanMånad sedan
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    Ashanti AnishaAshanti AnishaMånad sedan
  • Bob Hamlin looks like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys

    Jkev24Jkev24Månad sedan
  • I am Bob Hamelin😂

    JakeJakeMånad sedan
  • This was so much more interesting than I expected it to be!

    Rotem Pe'er-RavivRotem Pe'er-RavivMånad sedan
  • rip bob lasorda

    Lincoln BanezLincoln BanezMånad sedan
  • I think I dug up info on Bob Cyclone. It appears his full name was Robert Frank Cicalione. He was born April 9, 1928 in the Bronx, enlisted in the Army on November 5, 1945 in Morris, New Jersey, was married at least twice and died June 5, 2001 in Lake Worth, Florida. I could dig deeper but that's what I found.

    Chris MullenChris MullenMånad sedan
  • Props to Bob cyclone, a man who never won but just kept coming back

    Caleb HollimanCaleb HollimanMånad sedan
  • That is an awful card

    Krandle 47Krandle 47Månad sedan
  • I hope you've already been working on jon's

    Thomas BillhimeThomas BillhimeMånad sedan
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    John SmithJohn SmithMånad sedan
  • We get it, nostalgia and existential depressiveness.......can we cool out w the RIDICULOUS music on these? It's gonna be as dated as that GRIDIRON GIANTS type NFL video from the 90s, usually about games from the 80s

    erikbarrett85erikbarrett85Månad sedan
  • Thousands?? It's making me draw a blank I can only think of Bob Sapp lol

    erikbarrett85erikbarrett85Månad sedan
  • I love this special but I'm still upset bullet bob Hayes didn't make the video

    Rutledge MissroonRutledge MissroonMånad sedan
  • He played a note in this symphony. He mattered.

    TheseTangledWebsTheseTangledWebsMånad sedan
  • I wonder if Bob Cyclone was getting paid to take dives or bolster other fighters records or something. Very odd.

    Coach McGuirkCoach McGuirkMånad sedan
  • I was 4 minutes into the 1930s basketball footage before I realized that it was shirts vs skins...

    James LowJames LowMånad sedan
  • seen it like 5 times gonna watch it again anyway

    Will BouretWill BouretMånad sedan
  • WWII vets really came home from the war, had babies, and named them all Bob

    ClatClatMånad sedan
  • Jon could make a 1.5 hour documentary about the correlation between Stop & Shop brand shredded cheese and winning the Stanley Cup and I'd still probably watch it

    AndrewDoesNothingAndrewDoesNothing2 månader sedan
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    Phung Ngoc QuynhPhung Ngoc Quynh2 månader sedan
  • We need to bring back Bobs!! It’s easy to pronounce. Easy to spell. Easy to write. And goes with ANY last name or nick name.

    stan hankins. How to !stan hankins. How to !2 månader sedan
  • This one of the most nonsensical, yet it is utterly fascinating documentaries ever made. The history of Bob???????

  • I’ve just realized I’ve been oozing Big Bob Hamelin Energy my whole life and now it makes complete sense why nobody respects me.

    scaryatricscaryatric2 månader sedan
  • Bob Cyclone...You mean Glass Joe

    vic creed333vic creed3332 månader sedan
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    Agatha IllaAgatha Illa2 månader sedan
  • Poor Bob

    John KistlerJohn Kistler2 månader sedan
  • 20:19 is the greatest clip on SEworld

    NationNation2 månader sedan
  • most boring presentation I have ever seen,

    jason treadwayjason treadway2 månader sedan
  • Black dudes aren’t named bob. This whole video is a lie.

    Billy MechBilly Mech2 månader sedan
  • Bob Hamelin

    Conquistador76Conquistador762 månader sedan
  • I see your problem. You aren't including professional bowling. There's got to be like a million Bob's in those leagues...

    Kevin LashleeKevin Lashlee2 månader sedan
  • I know Bob he’s my uncle

    AazamAazam2 månader sedan
  • Do the "old" basketball players get to take all the "modern" steroids that the current guys do? If so I think they'd have a fair shot of at least being in the league, if not necessarily dominating it.

    Shaun McIsaacShaun McIsaac2 månader sedan
  • We need more Bobs, and much more quirky-as-Hell sports analysis. This was too much fun.

    Kit ThorntonKit Thornton2 månader sedan
  • $15 in 1951 is almost $150 in 2021 money. Not an insignificant theft

    Emerald AlyEmerald Aly2 månader sedan
  • 20:12 hit different during a pandemic

    Hunter IvoryHunter Ivory2 månader sedan
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    Nori MarshallNori Marshall2 månader sedan
  • 37:40 is that deathnote music in the background?

    DJCosmicDJCosmic2 månader sedan
  • Homie looks like General Sam

    ReimaReima3 månader sedan
  • Convinced I just got trolled.

    Harry HasselhoffHarry Hasselhoff3 månader sedan
  • I thought the worst card is the checklist checklist

    divino999divino9993 månader sedan
  • After seeing the Football Manager fumble dimension video, I can forgive you for forgetting Sir Bobby Robson and Bob Paisley

    bradmarepublicbradmarepublic3 månader sedan
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    J JJ J3 månader sedan
  • First time seeing this but I'm already interested. Jon Bois is probably the only person to make me interested about a documentary all about Bobs.

    B LovettB Lovett3 månader sedan
  • Just bought 4 Bob Hamelin cards. All of them was over $80. Most expensive youtube video I've ever watched

    Dreaded RaiderDreaded Raider3 månader sedan
  • This is such a ridiculous, yet creative topic for a video. It is as well done as I could imagine something with this topic to be created.

    DrogonDrogon3 månader sedan
  • *Lol I got a Bob Marley add when clicking on this video*

    BaldyBaldy3 månader sedan
  • Almost at 1 Million SB Subscribers at the END of 2020! A great start for 2021?!

    TysonTyson3 månader sedan
  • This has no damn right to be so compelling. I don't even like baseball or basketball. So why did I just sit here for nigh on an hour?

    SmokestackSmokestack3 månader sedan
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    Ali AAli A3 månader sedan
  • Oh wow, didn't knew the "NLB" was a thing. Yikes.

    Carlos AcevedoCarlos Acevedo3 månader sedan
  • Bob Hamelin kinda reminded me of George Costanza lol

    Steve StevensteversonSteve Stevensteverson3 månader sedan
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    Jeff brewerJeff brewer3 månader sedan
  • It's like Stranger Things but better

    Shy Guy Mercedes BenzShy Guy Mercedes Benz3 månader sedan
  • I watched the basket ball game from 1930... I now have cancer.

    Successful UsernameSuccessful Username3 månader sedan

    PelchLukePelchLuke3 månader sedan
  • Trying to hang your jacket on a waterfall. Dammit Jon Bois, your way with words is the weirdest beautiful thing

    Harley PetersonHarley Peterson3 månader sedan