How the Thunder failed to win a title after drafting three MVPs in a row

10 aug 2019
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The Oklahoma City Thunder had Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden on the same team under the age of 24. They made a run to the 2012 NBA Finals before losing to LeBron James and the Miami Heat. From there, it was all downhill for OKC.
Written and produced by Mike Imhoff
Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
Graphics and edit support by Mike Das
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  • The thunder didn't know what they had If they did they would have built a team around them

    Donovan Sales Sr.Donovan Sales Sr.6 timmar sedan
  • “It was the weather real windy” - Paul George inside a stadium

    O GO GDag sedan
  • I honestly think we could go won a chip if we had a better coach that didn’t just call iso plays and rely on that for the whole season

    YoungSleepDeprivedYoungSleepDeprived2 dagar sedan
  • That squad deserved way better management

    Raul CasasRaul Casas3 dagar sedan
  • Moral of the story Styles clash

    Relek GRelek G3 dagar sedan
  • Westbrick is the last one to get a ring (Harden might win this year) I really hope he gets a ring, he deserves it

    Derp TortoiseDerp Tortoise3 dagar sedan
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    Jon GuerreroJon Guerrero4 dagar sedan
  • 😪😪😪

    OSOOSO5 dagar sedan
  • Retitle this: let’s hurt thunder fans (me) with some bad memories

    Random and idiotic vlogsRandom and idiotic vlogs5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine draft 3 future MVP players just to start trading them later after ONE final lost. Wow... what a job for the general manager

    Puxuan ZhouPuxuan Zhou5 dagar sedan
  • Lmaoo at the Aaron Hernandez cameo @7:21

    TJ LlinasTJ Llinas6 dagar sedan
  • That's what a small market organization does to a team

    DatsDats6 dagar sedan
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    George CornforthGeorge Cornforth7 dagar sedan
  • It's crazy that even after losing 3 MVPs that this team was still very competent with SGA, CP3, Dennis the Menace, Danilo and Steven Adams. Goes to show how teams can multiply their assets by drafting well.

    Tunde KachingweTunde Kachingwe7 dagar sedan
  • This is a tough one as Russ' fan. I really wanted him to win a ring before he retire.

    Kian LomerioKian Lomerio7 dagar sedan
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    Son Nguyen DinhSon Nguyen Dinh8 dagar sedan
  • Fact: this team stays in Seattle they win 2 if not 3 tittles....

    J JJ J9 dagar sedan
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    Ciera HeairldCiera Heairld12 dagar sedan
  • This video is so well done.

    Sive MtshakazanaSive Mtshakazana12 dagar sedan
  • So a team that betrays their home city for cash and then betrays one of their star players for cash loses. Why is there sad music playing?

    James ChenJames Chen12 dagar sedan
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    Matthew ZielinskiMatthew Zielinski13 dagar sedan
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    Mamie BurrisMamie Burris13 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like Patrick Beverly needs to watch his back if he visits OKC.

    LAGoodfellaLAGoodfella15 dagar sedan
  • Damn this hurt my heart. I loved this team from start to finish when Westbrook was dealt. KD did us dirty man.

    Kenneth McNallyKenneth McNally16 dagar sedan
  • Two words... King lebron

    pretty surepretty sure17 dagar sedan
  • 5 million dollars. Only 5 from securing a decade long hegemony of unprecedented basketball from MVPs and a perfect supporting cast.

  • That the breaker with New Orleans was thanks to an Anthony Davis buzzer beating 3

    Micheal KellyMicheal Kelly18 dagar sedan
  • Spoil of riches. Now they've got 14 1st rnd picks and potential same story

    Micheal KellyMicheal Kelly18 dagar sedan

    Renjolo BagunuRenjolo Bagunu19 dagar sedan
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    Rich ardRich ard24 dagar sedan
  • Good! Bring back the SuperSonics!!!

    Marye the queneMarye the quene25 dagar sedan
  • Well, hm, I feel bad for ending franchise

    Damian LillardDamian Lillard29 dagar sedan
  • Not a real team. These asshats were and in my eyes will be the sonics. #seattledrafteddurant. #bennettsbuzzcutsucksass.

    Tom LevickTom Levick29 dagar sedan
    • If you say so, just remember the rest of the NBA fan base know better. And you're not a real team. Keep deluding youself the history and heritage of the sonics is yours.

      Tom LevickTom Levick8 dagar sedan
    • Well we are a real team The sonics, however, are not

      Shaan KeoleShaan Keole8 dagar sedan
  • Not paying James Harden 16 mill a year is up there as one of the worst front office blunders of all time

    NorthsideNorthsideMånad sedan
  • Wow who else is still in disbelief that a 35 year old Chris Paul lead a worse team farther then a prime Westbrook and MVP candidate PG

    The Blazing BlazikenThe Blazing BlazikenMånad sedan
  • 0:48 “Stop! Stop putting Seattle in the same conversation with OKC! They’re two different teams!” -Notorious JVG

    Nathaniel RobinsonNathaniel RobinsonMånad sedan
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    Angel RomanaAngel RomanaMånad sedan
  • And they let all those guys walk!

    Bey11ktbBey11ktbMånad sedan
  • Don’t forget about trading Domantas Sabonis too early as well

    erockerr789erockerr789Månad sedan
  • Its called the curse of the Seattle Supersonics.

    BorillaBorillaMånad sedan
  • okc won both pg and Russ trades.

    R RR RMånad sedan
  • Ill never forget or forgive that dirty play by Beverly.

    BetterCallRaulBetterCallRaulMånad sedan
  • I wish people will stfu about the Aaron Hernandez picture we all saw it now stfu!

    Eric MadisonEric MadisonMånad sedan
  • I think we all have to admit even though OKC never won a chip, you have to applaud Sam Presti's brilliance considering he drafted KD, then Russ and Ibaka, and Then Harden. As well as being able to get such great deals for all of them and still managing to keep his team in contention. One of the best GMs in history imo.

    William StrommeWilliam StrommeMånad sedan
  • Later they’ll come back to OKC and win a championship. Hopefully...

    Lightning AveLightning AveMånad sedan
  • I'm here for my yearly pain

    Mansour HADDADMansour HADDADMånad sedan
  • Damn this video broke my 💔

    Nick Bradford Sr.Nick Bradford Sr.Månad sedan
    • @Antonio u must really HATE us for leaving nut ass Seattle and becoming the THUNDER 😂😂😂

      Nick Bradford Sr.Nick Bradford Sr.Månad sedan
    • Good

      AntonioAntonioMånad sedan
  • Does anyone know the music at the beginning of this video? Or a list of all songs in SB Nation videos?

    Max SchouweilerMax SchouweilerMånad sedan
  • 7:22 peep Aaron Hernandez in the bottom right

    JZLJZLMånad sedan
  • The Warriors came back from a 3-1 lead only to choke a 3-1 lead

    AnivationAnivationMånad sedan
  • OKC should have let Westbrook walk , not Harden. Westbrook has to be one of the worst Point guards ever. He would be a solid 2 guard but not a 1. It would be like teaming Allen Iverson with Michael Jordan.

    The Prodigal HeelThe Prodigal HeelMånad sedan
  • Starbucks sold my team and many kids dreams for growing up and playing for their own City Key Arena just needed a remodel which the city fans like us with money we're willing to pay for but a lot of politicians females did not want that in our city anymore now look at Seattle Key Arena looks like a homeless Center instead of a place of entertainment years later

    Mike ResseMike ResseMånad sedan
  • I understand why Westbrook dislike Beverly

    Jermaine WJermaine WMånad sedan
  • Poor Brodie

    Jamal JenningsJamal JenningsMånad sedan
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    龚德飞龚德飞Månad sedan
  • This is exactly why Im personally hesitant of the Nets winning a ring

    Hareesh SugumarHareesh SugumarMånad sedan
    • yea im sure your prof pic has nothing to with it.

      AlexAlexMånad sedan
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    Dwyane WadeDwyane WadeMånad sedan
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    Anthony PhungAnthony PhungMånad sedan
  • Yo HOW TF this Super Okc and the Super Heat didn't beat that OLD AF Spurs team in 2014??? Tf

    ssandroAle gesBorssandroAle gesBorMånad sedan
  • What a lot of people tend to forget about Thunder GM Sam Presti's bad habit of refusing to pay superstars, actually goes back to the teams history in SEATTLE, remember when Sam refused to pay Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis? I do....

    David PetersDavid PetersMånad sedan
  • Update?

    Dakota RoundtreeDakota RoundtreeMånad sedan
  • Ahhh last time i watch this nov2019 my aunt i still alive 3 months later she died feb 4 and now its feb 25 2021 how time flies

    Zlatan EgohimovicZlatan EgohimovicMånad sedan
  • "But as is customary in the first round, the Rockets get eliminated" There fixed it for you

    AC PonceAC PonceMånad sedan
  • yowww

    Renjolo BagunuRenjolo BagunuMånad sedan
  • NBA is Business... Russ should trade instead of harden

    Dilawan Never AgainDilawan Never AgainMånad sedan
  • presti bouta draft a roster of mvps with all his picks

    brandonbrandonMånad sedan
  • don't worry okc fans yall got Shai Gorgeous-Alexander, Lu Dort and a bag of lottery picks

    Caleb MCaleb MMånad sedan
  • As a Sonics fan, screw the Thunder

    James BiedaJames BiedaMånad sedan
  • The OKC Blunder..A legacy of Failure.

    Dorian ArnoldDorian ArnoldMånad sedan
  • They failed to win a Championship or two , because with that kind of spreaded out 3 - way talent , O.K.C. , did not have Phil Jackson , and his coaching staff , on board.

    Byron JonesByron JonesMånad sedan
  • In a interview russel westbrook said he would never join a superteam and it isn't his style and that he is going to stay with okc then he went with harden c'mon man I don't mind you leaving the team but don't be a hypocrite

    runtruntMånad sedan
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    Danny CovellDanny CovellMånad sedan
  • Why okc lost that Miami series. Kd should demand the ball more with his hand. The team lack of support specially shooting, surrounded by 1-2 shooter will change the series even when Kd leave okc never traded for a shooter that could help the team. Westbrook take a backseat for Kd and okc should not play Kendrick Perkins in my opinions Becoz of the fast paced and small ball of Miami.............

    Aj ZhengAj ZhengMånad sedan
  • Kinda crazy they lost in 2014. They had a perfectly healthy team, except for Serge missing 2 crucial games. Maybe they would have beat the Spurs, and then Miami and Kevin Durant would have beat Lebron James the right way. That's actually a perfect example of "team" sport. They had Westbrook and Durant, but Serge who wasn't exactly considered the 3rd super star, but was a pivotal piece in their core lineup and was needed for them to win. Took MJ 7 seasons to win his first ring, Durant stayed for 9 seasons. Stupid Pat Beverly cost westbrook a season, and some weird foot injury cost Durant himself a season, so let's say he only had 7 seasons, in which he had 2 good shots at a ring, and well, he ran into Lebron James super team (at their finest) and a 73 win team. So, idk I guess what I'm saying is choosing to leave OKC and make up for his bad luck isn't the worst thing in the world.

    Gautam ShankarGautam ShankarMånad sedan
  • Imagine if Harden stayed on the team. I wonder if they would have gotten to another finals and even won a championship.

    DYNAM1CDYNAM1CMånad sedan
  • Seattle: *laughs* Also Seattle: *cries and sleeps*

    Hur1caneaaronHur1caneaaronMånad sedan
  • NBA management: How much advertising revenue did we lose letting a small market team into the finals?

    paulgilpinpaulgilpinMånad sedan
  • man russ is a hof

    Zawad KhanZawad KhanMånad sedan
  • Sam presti is still the goat

    Logan AdamsLogan AdamsMånad sedan
  • Maybe if they don't have westbrook they can win championship

    Jowy AbordeJowy AbordeMånad sedan
  • one answer : Russel westbrook his selfishness frustate many teammates

    ardin salimardin salimMånad sedan
  • When they had Durant, Westbrook, Harden, and Ibaka I thought wow the thunder know how to draft and build a great competitive team but that changed the day they traded Harden.

    Troy StreetTroy StreetMånad sedan
  • And now if the Nets win it all... Westbrook will be the only one without a title

    O EAOO EAOMånad sedan
  • And then the splash bro's came and dismantle everyone.

    Michael MomoMichael MomoMånad sedan
  • Why no Title? Because they traded Harden not Westbrook. The thunder should have traded Westbrook for several nice support cast, and Durant+Harden should win multiple championships. But the thunders (and many fans) just have a blind love for Westbrook somehow, and that became the downfall

    Cedric ChiuCedric ChiuMånad sedan
  • Scott Brooks might be one of the least effective coaches of all time.

    Emre BogazliyanliogluEmre BogazliyanliogluMånad sedan
  • The Crocodile star players 🐊

    Jefferson AcopiadoJefferson AcopiadoMånad sedan
  • Do a supersonics episode so Obvious

    Daniel PeruginiDaniel PeruginiMånad sedan
  • Failed making harden a bench player

    438 Nino438 NinoMånad sedan
  • Losing Harden is basically the reason, their bench was never the same. I mean look at the Nets offense now with 3 special offensive players. Even if you say harden back then wasn't as good now but you can say half at least and they lost that off the bench.

    Miles CortezMiles CortezMånad sedan
  • Westbrook is to blame

    Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. LuffyMånad sedan
  • And now, Westbrook is in Washington and Durant and Harden are in Brooklyn.

    TexanTubeTexanTubeMånad sedan
  • Don’t forget harden was nothing compared to what he is now when he played for okc

    Eclipse 999Eclipse 999Månad sedan
    • Wrong. Everybody knew he was starting point guard material on nearly every other team. He had to come off the bench because someone else wanted to play hero ball while sharing the court with a once in a generation scoring threat.

      Eks calyburEks calyburMånad sedan
  • Easy the answer is Russel Westbrook

    Uncle RuckusUncle RuckusMånad sedan
  • The instinctive prose routinely seal because poison italy warm from a like head. hideous high, angry bench

    bng ngbng ngMånad sedan
  • Imagine if Westbrook never got hurt

    Mark CarmonaMark Carmona2 månader sedan
  • Okc screwed this up majorly!

    J HJ H2 månader sedan