BO ∩ DEION: The collision of multi-sport stars produced 4 home runs and one dislocated shoulder

27 sep 2020
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Bo Jackson vs. Deion Sanders should have been a year-round, years-long rivalry. Amid a small field of two-sport athletes, Jackson was the most prominent to stake out a successful forked pro career, playing with the Kansas City Royals into early Fall, then joining the Los Angeles Raiders as soon as baseball season ended. Sanders followed Jackson, but changed things up and experimented, first favoring NFL over MLB when the seasons coincided, then attempting to hop back and forth in-season.
This could have gone on for years. If things lined up right, we could have watched Bo and Deion share a baseball diamond several times per summer, then occupy opposite sides of the ball in the occasional NFL game. It would have been a fun rivalry, too, because these two stars had such different public personas, and quite a bit to say about one another.
As it happened, Jackson's famous, devastating hip injury in 1991 ended the rivalry. Jackson couldn't play football anymore after surgery, and his AL-only baseball career never again crossed paths with Deion's. Sanders, meanwhile, got to live out the extremes and dreams that made Jackson's initial pursuit so exciting: the World Series, Super Bowls, the Football Hall of Fame, and so forth.
But! For one brief stretch of Summer 1990, Bo was a Royal and Deion a New York Yankee. They played a few games of baseball against one another. And one of those games, in July, was full of drama. Bo and Deion combined to give us multiple home run blasts, a home run earned on foot, and a visit to the hospital. It's a shame we didn't get to see more of these two, together and opposed, but for one night, Bo and Deion gave us a show, like a condensed version of the rivalry that could have been. This is the story of that overlap -- the buildup, the excitement, and the aftermath.
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Edited by Ryan Simmons
Motion graphics by Michael Das
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  • both great athletes....but bo was in a league of his own.

    cabanjosuecabanjosue5 dagar sedan
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    Michael MontaltoMichael Montalto6 dagar sedan
  • Something we’ll never see again

    Charles CampbellCharles Campbell6 dagar sedan
  • In my opinion, Bo was a great baseball player and really good football player. Deion was the opposite.

    eric brookseric brooks7 dagar sedan
  • It was as obvious before the hip injury as it is now. Bo should have never played football.

    Mark HousmanMark Housman7 dagar sedan
  • Bo was the GOAT hands down. Bo was too powerful for his own skeletal structure. DAMN!!! That's power man.

    Red ClayRed Clay11 dagar sedan
  • I cant watch the Bo injury knowing how violent and disturbing that injury was (Even though it doesn’t look bad but understanding what happened is just disturbing)

    KeyserSoze26BKeyserSoze26B11 dagar sedan
  • How weird Yankees try to draft Bo Jackson but goes to Auburn instead but then plays for KC Royals Deion drafted by KC Royals but plays at Florida State but then plays for Yankees...

    KeyserSoze26BKeyserSoze26B11 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if he didn't get hurt? Also as I recall personally (I'm middle-aged) Bo was better at baseball & football. Also Sanders although a phenomenal football player (who was allergic to tackling & the physicality of football) was not a great baseball player. 5th outfielder/pinch runner

    Christopher EngelChristopher Engel15 dagar sedan
  • Man Bo Jackson was amazing.

    stan hankins. How to !stan hankins. How to !23 dagar sedan
  • Prime gets the edge everytime. Bo is all "what if's".... Deion actually lived the dream. Bo would kill for deions career

    mikeyy425mikeyy42525 dagar sedan
  • They were fast so fast!

    Mark SilvaMark Silva27 dagar sedan
  • Moral of the story: Bo is a better athlete, & more importantly, a better human being.

    Dave CassadyDave Cassady29 dagar sedan
  • I feel the Greg references at the end were strange shots at Danny Gonzalez

    Taylor sheetsTaylor sheetsMånad sedan
  • Brian Jordan came close. Was in the Cards minor league system when he was a safety for the Falcons. Cardinals gave him a $1.7 mill signing bonus to give up football and he did.

    Dorien Jamal Brown-BeyDorien Jamal Brown-BeyMånad sedan
  • Funny how Deion had a more successful football career and even appeared in a World Series.

    Akeem JamesAkeem JamesMånad sedan
  • Great story telling.

    Michael DeppeCarterMichael DeppeCarterMånad sedan
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    hangming zhenghangming zhengMånad sedan
  • Those 2 were amazing. It was so cool seeing them both play back in the day. Both are great. #greatness

    MUMS-UniverseMUMS-UniverseMånad sedan
  • Bo knows exactly what he's doing. One of the greatest athletes of all time. Neon Deon also is an athletic freak.

    str84ward astr84ward a2 månader sedan
  • had Bo Jackson never gotten hurt and had full careers in both sports, deion sanders would have been known as, "remember when sanders tried playing baseball?" sanders couldnt hold Jackson's jockstrap in either sport. a defensive player afraid of contact ergo could not tackle.

    Steve SwanglerSteve Swangler2 månader sedan
  • With modern medical technology could Bo have continued his football career?

    RichardRichard2 månader sedan
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    이주연이주연2 månader sedan
  • My 2 favorite athletes

    Darrell RoffmanDarrell Roffman2 månader sedan
  • Gotta mention Danny Ainge who starred at BYU. And played with Toronto Blue Jay's and went on to Boston Celtics fame.

    johnnyismacjohnnyismac2 månader sedan
  • Great video man! Amazing! Brought a tear to my eye. Nice job. I didnt know how that history unfolded. I just remembered the two great players.

    Eric JurgensenEric Jurgensen2 månader sedan
  • 15:05 this caught me off guard in such a great way HAHAHA

  • The subdued environment evidently welcome because justice connolly box with a descriptive alphabet. capricious, alert sheep

    swoboda aliceswoboda alice2 månader sedan
  • I followed this firsthand. Deion Sanders was a marginal 2 sporter. Bo Jackson scared the shnit out of his both sports.

    P RunP Run2 månader sedan
  • How da fk could 88 people not like thiz video😱😱😱

  • Both had dope cross trainers

    fetta NATIONfetta NATION2 månader sedan
  • i'm so glad i was alive to watch both of these careers. incredible. we will never see another two way professional athlete again with the amount of money being thrown around and the primadonna attitudes. watching those two duke it out on the diamond was truly a special moment. watching them trying to rob each other. seriously. incredible. one of those times that feels like you lived a movie.

    C4oUreC4oUre2 månader sedan
  • for the algorithm

    ice la honkice la honk2 månader sedan
  • There was a third player doing the same thing. He played for the braves and the falcons. Outfield in baseball, RB in football.

    jay disqusjay disqus2 månader sedan
  • Best two athletes ever period never see it again

    blunt force traumablunt force trauma2 månader sedan
  • I think Bo Jackson is the greatest athlete ever

    Reyco Droid11Reyco Droid112 månader sedan
  • Bo Jackson is by far the most overrated player ever.

    Christopher BurnsChristopher Burns2 månader sedan
  • Bo Jackson's injury was one of the most heart crushing moments of my early childhood. Even at 8 years old, watching him lie on the ground in pain, I knew that I had just lost the chance to continue to watch something special. However, after the injury when he came back to play baseball, I'll never forget watching him swing at a pitch that was so close to hitting his hands and promptly muscle it out over the centerfield fence. He was a once in a lifetime athlete who continued to defy to all logic. It was an honor to watch him play.

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez2 månader sedan
  • The quality of these videos is other-worldly.

    Jeff brewerJeff brewer2 månader sedan
  • Bo was better because he never quit on his team

    Dan The manDan The man2 månader sedan
  • Could you imagine Kyler Murray or Patrick Mahomes doing this this would have been awesome Deion and Bo Jackson playing two sports that was awesome and it One day we can see you at again

    jerry janikjerry janik3 månader sedan
  • deion wasn't the best ball player & played on the yanks for 10 mins till he went to the NL...R!

    Richard ViarengoRichard Viarengo3 månader sedan
  • Fantastic video guys

    The Dunk & Zed ShowThe Dunk & Zed Show3 månader sedan
  • Bo really needs to be inducted. He was an explosion for both sports. Were all n.p.c.s compared to these guys.

    Jawa 2Jawa 23 månader sedan
  • Deion pulling off both would have been epic, but something similar happens with two major autosports crown jewel events. The Indy 500 and Coke 600. Both race in the same day and are drastically different forms of racing. Several drivers have managed to race both in the same day, but none quite like Tony Stewart.

    Bluered loverBluered lover3 månader sedan
  • That perm though 🤣🤣😂👌

    Nicholas LashNicholas Lash3 månader sedan
  • I feel for Bo. I always wonder what he would have done had he not been ìnjured. However I think he was bound to get hurt the way he ran much like Earl Campbell, playing 2 sports has take a toll. I ďont know how Sanders did it

    Kyle DamronKyle Damron3 månader sedan
  • I wish other multi sport athletes had capitalized on their respective talents such as Dave Winfield, Aaron Judge, and of course, Jackie Robinson

    john jonesjohn jones3 månader sedan
  • Don’t even attempt to compare the two! Bo Jackson was miles better on the baseball field, and oh by the way, won the Heisman. Also, pretty sure Bo never had any run ins with the law. Sanders was a piece of garbage off the field.

    Lack DeaverLack Deaver3 månader sedan
  • Bo is the GOAT athlete, imo. Would’ve been the Greatest RB of all time. Maybe the HOF in baseball too.

    Fried RiceFried Rice3 månader sedan
  • Prime Time was better than Bo.

    The Whole Damn Show with Dbrad & ThemThe Whole Damn Show with Dbrad & Them3 månader sedan
  • Bo Jackson Rejected the Yankees and later on played for the Royals, Deion Sanders rejected the Royals and later on played for the Yankees. 👀

    marley Sotomayormarley Sotomayor3 månader sedan
  • Love Bo!!! Greatest athlete of my lifetime. All that back and forth chatter and the way they both acted, Bo acted like a man, Deion like a child. I think, in 2020, Deion has grown into a man and has my respect. But in college and pros, he wasn't respectable to me.

    MurphMurph3 månader sedan
  • If I was Deion Sanders I would have choose Baseball. I don't like football at all.

    johnny gunzfilmbuffjohnny gunzfilmbuff3 månader sedan
  • The thing I learned from this is that two different baseball teams (Royals and Yankees) could have had both players on there roster at the same time, if either accepts offers they got coming out of HS. Never knew that

    Fredford99Fredford993 månader sedan
  • The shelf life of an NFL running back is much shorter than an NFL DB. Bo was never going to equal Sanders in longevity.

    TheBatugan77TheBatugan773 månader sedan
  • Brian Jordan was also a damn good 2-sport star.

    TheBatugan77TheBatugan773 månader sedan
  • Long story short, Deon couldn't hold No Jacksons jock strap

    Joe MJoe M3 månader sedan
    • Bo, god damn spell check

      Joe MJoe M3 månader sedan
  • A damn shame Jackson got hurt we was robbed of much much greatness

    B_side 86B_side 863 månader sedan
  • 16:48 I was thinking, "holy crap, how the heck does he know my name???"

    GeauxGSUEaglesGeauxGSUEagles3 månader sedan
  • Bo knows its primetime.

    Zachary DevanZachary Devan3 månader sedan
  • I didn't know Eazy-E played baseball.

    EyeDriveATruckEyeDriveATruck3 månader sedan
  • What is that symbol between Bo & Deion?

    Breaking in VainBreaking in Vain3 månader sedan
  • Was this Overlap or Beef? Beeflap.

    posren delkanposren delkan3 månader sedan
  • Everybody Respects Bo Jackson

    C MC M3 månader sedan
  • There is one difference between bow and Deion, Do could break a baseball bat over his knee like it was a twig and hit a baseball outside the park like something from the Superman movie over the score board. This suppose it thing about not lifting weights is absolutely true whether you wanna believe it or not, you need to speak to people who were there at the time but Jackson is like a hero from the Greek myth the man pushed his thighbone into his hips because of the power of his muscles that is why I needed a hip replacement!

    thejamaican67thejamaican673 månader sedan
  • Do you guys really think Bo ran a 4.13?

    HolybudHolybud3 månader sedan
  • Until I have seen it proven otherwise, Bo Jackson will always be the most talented athlete I have ever seen. Successful? Debatable, but certainly most talented in my book.

    David LaushDavid Laush3 månader sedan
  • That was horrible about Bo. I still remember that. If Bo didn't get injured? Allen and Bo will have more championships rings.

    James LeftyJames Lefty3 månader sedan
  • Imagine Bo playing for the Raiders years later when they had a baseball diamond on the field. He could have played both sports simultaneously.

    posren delkanposren delkan3 månader sedan
  • Herschel

    Ronnie Wood Instead of M TRonnie Wood Instead of M T3 månader sedan
  • My names not greg

    DopetoastDopetoast3 månader sedan
  • So Deion didn’t get a ring for that Braves WS? Damn

    Super Mega Foxy Awesome HotSuper Mega Foxy Awesome Hot3 månader sedan
  • No athletes are born like this now days, Bo knows!!

    Eduin CambarEduin Cambar3 månader sedan
  • Being from Ft.Myers Fl love me some primetime and madd respect for Bo Jackson....I modeled my style from both of them with a little of Cal Ripken and a Ken Griffey batting stance....

    Manuel W Giddens JrManuel W Giddens Jr3 månader sedan
  • Consider bo and his supporter attitude in comment, he deserve his injury

    Eavy EavyEavy Eavy3 månader sedan
  • Did he say thanks for watching Greg??

    Gregory WilsonGregory Wilson3 månader sedan
  • "And he f***ing raped" is the most anti 2020 comment but I love it

    Myles JMyles J4 månader sedan
  • war damn eagle 🦅 Auburn

    Eric SEric S4 månader sedan
  • The media always pitting black excellence against one another. Bo vs Deion. MJ v Prince. Jay v ye. MJ v Bron.

    C EdC Ed4 månader sedan
  • Deion Sanders was a great athlete, but he was NO Bo Jackson.

    Ares14Ares144 månader sedan
  • To US as fans of sports, Bo Jackson is the ultimate “what-if”, but Bo knows what he could’ve done, atleast in football. He was good at baseball but great with the pigskin.......

    C. ArsonC. Arson4 månader sedan
  • Sanders shouldn’t even be named in this discussion

    Scott JohnsonScott Johnson4 månader sedan
  • Brian Jordan played both too💯

    William NevinsWilliam Nevins4 månader sedan
  • I was in KC during Bo's stint with the Royals. He was known to be one the kindest people around. I saw him pull over his Ferrari to help someone change a tire.

    Jim McIntyreJim McIntyre4 månader sedan
  • tracy mcgrady was a 2 sport athlete too

    Doug the PugDoug the Pug4 månader sedan
  • I like how this narrator tries to paint the Royals during this time as a losing organization. Bo is drafted the year after the Royals win the WS. In Bo's final 4 yrs with KC only had 1 losing season. If they used the modern division and playoff system, Bo would have been playing post season baseball. These were the George Brett Royals not Royals of the 00's.

    Brett AllenBrett Allen4 månader sedan
  • Can @Secret Base be any better? I think not

    Jay SilvaJay Silva4 månader sedan
  • The fact that someone existed that played MLB and NFL simultaneously blows my mind. Thinking about how good Bo and Deion were at both makes me question reality.

    Matt AppletonMatt Appleton4 månader sedan
  • I remember all that SO WELL! I was always a hardcore Braves fan as a kid & hardcore Raiders fan from the time I started watching sports in early Mid 80's! I was a much bigger BO fan than Sanders, but I did love watching him when he played for the Braves more SO than his football years... He was a really great athlete at both too, I just favored Bo! I'd even try catch Royal games just to see him play, wasn't a fan at all of them, I wished it'd been Bo Atlanta picked up, but Sanders did help the Braves just as they was starting to actually WIN FINALLY, unlike the Dale Murphy days of Braves Bball! 😆 I was watching the game that Bo went down in, against Bengals I think, then the Raiders got blowed out by Buffalo without him in playoffs by like 50points! I had his posters, and all his cards... I think I still got his Baseball & Football rookie cards mint condition boxed up! Wonder if they're worth anything much lol??? Bo would've been 1 of the all time greats of both probably had he had full careers! Just 😥 sad bad luck 🚫🍀

    Joey BowmanJoey Bowman4 månader sedan
    • @Secret Base ... Thank you for this video!

      Joey BowmanJoey Bowman4 månader sedan
  • Wow this was awesome, Seth

    Grant DowlingGrant Dowling4 månader sedan
  • Brady Manning’s overlap is gonna be 45 minutes lmao.

    Cflow26Cflow264 månader sedan
  • What about Brian Jordan???

    00 Fucks Given00 Fucks Given4 månader sedan
  • Bo is also just a force of nature when it comes to comedy

    ElTostadoElTostado4 månader sedan
  • It's actually Craig, but it's cool.

    kenthehobokenthehobo4 månader sedan
  • Sinister cause presents the force awakens on SEworld

    Stazia KiberaStazia Kibera4 månader sedan
  • I still don’t understand how the video footage of it is so poor, idk how the game was being filmed that poorly (albeit 90’s) but his throw in the Kingdome against my Mainers, where he threw it from the warning track in Left field all the way to home plate to throw our ( I think) Harold Reynolds on maybe one hop If it hopped at all is IMO the greatest throw in baseball history. I’ll m biased, but Ichiro throwing that guy on the A’s out trying to go first to third on a base it is close second. Bias or not that Ichiro throw was other worldly.. 😂

    SilkySlimSilkySlim4 månader sedan
  • Prime is the GOAT!!!!!!

    Aiden RossAiden Ross4 månader sedan
  • Man imagine if Bo never got hurt KC was actually a good team and the raiders made the super bowl

    Danny EdelmanDanny Edelman4 månader sedan
  • This show should be on prime time.

    Outlaw Rip-off artistOutlaw Rip-off artist4 månader sedan