The History of the Seattle Mariners: Supercut Edition

24 sep 2020
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A note from Jon: Alex and I have decided to slap all six parts of The History of the Seattle Mariners into one big 3-hour-40 minute cut, and we're now listing it publicly so you can watch it on your TV. It's totally free to watch, of course, but if you really want to get rid of some dough, check out our Mariners poster that was inspired by this series! It's $12, and it's only available through the end of September:
The Seattle Mariners are eminently lovable, profoundly human, and outrageously weird. This is the story of the most fascinating sports team on Earth, as told by Secret Base’s Jon Bois and Alex Rubenstein.
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  • 1:13:07 You think I wouldn't notice McDowell giving off the bird? Nice try Alex and Jon

    Sheriff AllenSheriff Allen16 timmar sedan
  • Anyone know how many wins Felix would've had in some of those seasons if you superimposed him onto a better team?

    Matt MMatt MDag sedan
  • 2:32:20 Definetly not “Very nearly winning the MVP award over Barry Bonds”

    Matt MMatt MDag sedan
  • Round 3 let's gooooooo

    Salty Dbacks FanSalty Dbacks FanDag sedan
  • It's astonishing that this obscure franchise had multiple absolute legends Like, I'm German and know just about nothing about Baseball, yet 2 names I do know are Alex Rodriguez and (for some reason) Ichiro Suzuki

    Robin StoneRobin StoneDag sedan
  • I have watched, rewatched, and then recommended this to several people. Well done, sirs. Given what you did here, and what you've done in shorter form about the Marlins, I would really love to see a similar treatment for the history of the Mets. It would be amazing.

    Charles ScaringelloCharles ScaringelloDag sedan
  • Funny timing this just popped up on my feed. All I gotta say is that guy is a dumb ass. Go M's

    Derek EddinsDerek Eddins2 dagar sedan
    • Mariner fans are the most unluckiest fans of all of sports, idc who disagree with this statement. When a CEO publicity states that he rather be cheap, not have a talented roster, discourage foreign players, and screw over minor leaguers, that just shows how dysfunctional they truly are

      Sheriff AllenSheriff AllenDag sedan
  • Curious. Why no mention of the Mariners trade of Derek Lowe and Jason Veritek to the Red Sox for Heathcliff Slocumb?

    Sherman WallenSherman Wallen2 dagar sedan
  • I cry at Ken and Ichiros friendship. It’s like the Punisher and Amy Bendix.

    Oliver DennisOliver Dennis2 dagar sedan
  • I feel like if I watched this I’d become a Mariners fan

    TrafficTraffic3 dagar sedan
  • Drugs are hell of a drugs

    Next To NobodyNext To Nobody3 dagar sedan
  • Kevin Mather has made me not care about this team anymore

    Daniel SavitzDaniel Savitz3 dagar sedan
  • Why would you guys make a nearly 4 hour long movie about the worst team baseball has ever seen? As a Seattleite, I appreciate it.

    Corey FellowsCorey Fellows3 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on your documentary win!

    pizzajonapizzajona3 dagar sedan
  • "There are actual human beings on this Earth, born after October 2001, who have reached adulthood without ever having existed during a Mariners playoff run." Hi. I was born in February 2002 (I actually turned 19 today!). I am that person. Although, since my team is the Twins, I'm used to heartbreak, disappointment, and mediocrity.

    Gray KruseGray Kruse4 dagar sedan
  • This is the best sports docu series ever made. Im not even a Mariners fan but am so fascinated with the history of this team and horrors thanks to them. Well glad to watch this over and over again. The Browns and the qb debacle would be a great one to study in detail for sure, all the names and terrible play.

    ryan mccormackryan mccormack4 dagar sedan
  • Best sports doc I have ever seen. Well done y'all.

    Jordan ScottJordan Scott4 dagar sedan
  • It cannot be stated enough how incredible this doc was, hats off to both Jon and Alex for creating something worthy of the Seattle Mariners

    TheGaming BroTheGaming Bro4 dagar sedan
  • You should do the twins or timberwolves. We have more pain

    Rohan MittraRohan Mittra4 dagar sedan
  • Even their grounds keeping crew has a mythical aura. They were the most dangerous grounds keeping crew on earth at a point. Oversaw by the sod father Bob Christopherson. From his little office below the 3rd base stands he had ultimate control over the weather at safeco via a phone and the finest king 5 weather radar money could buy. Got to drop by safeco and tour groundskeeping with him before 17. Great guy

    The Flying CarlsonatorThe Flying Carlsonator5 dagar sedan
  • Ive never seen an entire single baseball Match but i love this video so much. Great.job as always guys. Oh btw anyone knows the seattle mariners intro song? Edit: seattle pilots*

    Ivan SokolIvan Sokol5 dagar sedan
  • Who knew this nearly 4 hour love letter to MLB's most distant outpost was exactly the documentary we needed to relearn how deeply engrained baseball fandom is in America. Just freaking brilliant!

    racerxfileracerxfile5 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see them make a series like this for the Chargers, they also have more than their fair share of oddities

    Mr. HooverMr. Hoover5 dagar sedan
  • 3:19:58 “I can hear the sirens of the baseball police getting closer” I lose it every single time. Without fail.

    Jonathan EstepJonathan Estep6 dagar sedan
  • Ngl Felix’s last game had me in tears

    Happier and with your mouth openHappier and with your mouth open7 dagar sedan
  • Brought to you by Nintendo

    HgyHgy7 dagar sedan
    • I am also a jammer on any base

      HgyHgy3 dagar sedan
    • You’re the 888th comment

      Stacie MohlerStacie Mohler6 dagar sedan
  • I have his Mother's Cookies rookiecard. And his HS card

    HgyHgy7 dagar sedan
    • @Hgy ok I said that because you just said his. there’s a lot of people talked about in this so I didn’t know who you were talking about

      Stacie MohlerStacie Mohler3 dagar sedan
    • 1pan hotel visit.

      HgyHgy3 dagar sedan
    • Not for sale. Dun Russell card aswell

      HgyHgy3 dagar sedan
    • Fully available.

      HgyHgy3 dagar sedan
    • Ken GJrs

      HgyHgy3 dagar sedan
  • I hope they can do one on the history of the Seattle Supersonics.

    MehariNation Sports PodcastMehariNation Sports Podcast7 dagar sedan
  • This was fantastic piece of art. Thank you for making me feel so much better about being a fan of team cursed to purgatory.

    Alec CashAlec Cash7 dagar sedan
  • did y'all do this supercut edition primarily to fix the two or three editing goofs

    ToNiToNi7 dagar sedan
  • I wish you guys would do this with every sports teams

    Lennie GanzaLennie Ganza7 dagar sedan
  • “The entire Seattle Mariners outfield was vomiting at the same time” _triumphant music plays_

    Happier and with your mouth openHappier and with your mouth open8 dagar sedan
  • This video really makes me want the Mariners to win a ws Giant’s fan btw

    Happier and with your mouth openHappier and with your mouth open8 dagar sedan
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    효주이효주이8 dagar sedan
  • This is the type of documentary that should be on ESPN. Great job.

  • I really hope y'all reissue that poster in the Secret Base store!

    jdixie2010jdixie20109 dagar sedan
    • Same

      Y4123Y41238 dagar sedan
  • You guys should sell a poster of the timeline. I'd buy one.

    Stephen ParkerStephen Parker9 dagar sedan
  • What?! No mention of the Detroit Pistons? No one knows they started as the Zollner Pistons in Ft Wayne. Probably because of the titles from the other professional basketball leagues before their move to Detroit and the NBA.

    Artimus BranesampleArtimus Branesample9 dagar sedan
  • So Ichiro is the Kimi Raikkonen of Baseball.

    Not That Person Thank-you Very MuchNot That Person Thank-you Very Much9 dagar sedan
  • Luckily for Mariner fans they likely won’t have to wait to long to get another great Mariner. With Kyle Lewis already in the big leagues as well as Jarred Kelenic and Julio Rodriguez on the way. The next era of Mariner baseball SEEMS to be in good hands.

    Ben SummersBen Summers9 dagar sedan
  • god of sports content

    pram salimpram salim10 dagar sedan
  • Do one about Cleveland plz

    The Living MiracleThe Living Miracle10 dagar sedan
  • Wooow.... I'd never heard of Ichiro and... Dang he's good

    Pole TookePole Tooke10 dagar sedan
  • As a podcasts-at-work kind of guy, this is gold. I'm on about a six-week rotation for listen-throughs.

    Eric JurgesonEric Jurgeson10 dagar sedan
  • @32:53 ish Something must be wrong with your video, it is consistently crashing my youtube app on several different devices

    Pole TookePole Tooke10 dagar sedan
  • "Freed from the oppression of being the Seattle Mariners for one night, they win 5-3" 😂😂😂 of course they did lmao

    Pole TookePole Tooke10 dagar sedan
  • This just won best documentary from SFCS!

    Tom BouwerTom Bouwer10 dagar sedan
  • I’ll bet you that Robert Szmodis was somebody’s alias

    FranandwoodFranandwood11 dagar sedan
  • this is a philosophical piece about the meaning of sport more so than a documentary on the history of a baseball franchise

    Richard NaujoksRichard Naujoks11 dagar sedan
  • This is story telling, worthy of the Seattle Mariners.

    Nathan Allen MeisenbachNathan Allen Meisenbach11 dagar sedan
  • This doc is so important to me as a lifelong M’s fan. I was almost 1 year old when they last went to the playoffs

    Aiden FerryAiden Ferry11 dagar sedan
  • Grew up going to M's games during the early 90's through the early 00's. Every major moment that happened in that kingdome I was there for. An amazing time and place

    evergreenriderevergreenrider13 dagar sedan
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    walter Bedingfieldwalter Bedingfield13 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I can’t hate the Mariners I even rooted for them to make the playoffs over the A’s in 2014.

    Angels fanAngels fan14 dagar sedan
  • This is basically a 3 1/2 hour long untitled.

    Twood311Twood31114 dagar sedan
  • To make 3 hours 10 seconds The Seattle Mariners are bad

    calzonecalzone14 dagar sedan
  • It still blows my mind that a team with Griffey Jr. , A Rod , Buhner, Edgar and even Tino for a few years , Vince Coleman was no slouch and The Ace Randy Johnson never Won and only made The ALCS 1x. Yeesh Definitely needed another Pitcher Really another SP and a CP. Then the 2001 M’s. 👀 LOADED Lou Piniella is the most overrated Manager of all time. He got 1 Championship out of A LOADED REDS TEAM and then he did nothing else with that squad. 89 they were in 1st or 2nd when they started having injuries, so he can have that season, but 91 that was a loaded squad again and especially with Pitching, Rijo & The Nasty Boys is the foundation of a Championship Staff That should have been contenders the next 4 years if not even mixed another Title in. Instead Lou was fist fighting with his players and making SportsCenter for that & getting tossed. What a Joke that Bum is. If you’ve ever met him , you know I’m right. He’s a J off. That Staff + Eric Davis , Paul O’Neil , Hal Morris , Barry Larkin and a lot of the same quality platoon players. They really messed up letting Mariano Duncan get away in 92. That Phillies team he went to made The World Series. Duncan was an underrated 2B who was on a lot of different Winning Teams. Lou did nothing with A Rod , Randy Johnson and Jr. Unbelievable

    ThA MAN C MAcKThA MAN C MAcK14 dagar sedan
  • Love the video. As a lifetime Mariners fan, I can appreciate the history. One small critique, Maury Wills is pronounced More Eee.

    Mr. Tom MorrowMr. Tom Morrow15 dagar sedan
  • As an A’s fan this makes me feel WAY better

    davissaedavissae15 dagar sedan
  • I've got your answer as to why Van Wagenen somehow ended up as the GM assuming the butt-end of his former client's deal & that is simply (& obviously), "Mets."

    Sean BushSean Bush16 dagar sedan
  • 52:33 seeing griffey swing that line drive so effortlessly just makes me feel fuzzy

    Grant SeamsterGrant Seamster16 dagar sedan
  • Only interesting thing about ⚾ is the story of baseball. The game sucks, and the athletes are all divas

    matthew 2779matthew 277917 dagar sedan
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    Stacey McSharryStacey McSharry19 dagar sedan
  • They didn't have a 144 game season that year did they?

    Mike DebrockyMike Debrocky19 dagar sedan
  • Ken Phelps.

    Mike DebrockyMike Debrocky19 dagar sedan
  • Great work. Love the detail of this video. Very entertaining. Thanks for your work.

    Mike DebrockyMike Debrocky19 dagar sedan
  • Baseball is not really boring.

    Mike DebrockyMike Debrocky19 dagar sedan
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    jungan leejungan lee20 dagar sedan
  • Mariners fans have been uplifted around the world by this video series. You've brought us out of the dark and provided a support system to buoy us out of depression and isolation, and spread the word of our weird gospel to the masses which almost validates the 45 years of incompetence and disappointment. You guys hit every mark you needed to, and as a diehard Mariners fan who works at Safeco Field just to be near the team, I can't thank you enough for taking an interest in our club. I am prepared to bawl my eyes out when we make the postseason, hopefully also when we win a chip sometime soon, and I hope y'all will join us in our fervor.

    TRNSFRTRNSFR20 dagar sedan
  • poopy toilets

    sebrrsebrr22 dagar sedan
  • My computer's not compliant with this video, can someone sum it up for me?

    Cody StoneCody Stone22 dagar sedan
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    Agatha IllaAgatha Illa22 dagar sedan
  • This or the Bob Emergency

    Michael CMichael C22 dagar sedan
    • This

      Donald MacIsaacDonald MacIsaac21 dag sedan
  • One of these but for Washington. Weird history, emergence of three franchises, history of failure and disappointment (First in war, last in the National League), happy ending. (I know this probably took like 6 months. Just a thought)

    Will HoldenWill Holden23 dagar sedan
  • the Cleveland Browns had number one pick Ernie Davis died before he even went on the field. The Cleveland Browns had round one pick, and leagues most dominant offensive lineman go blind from the referee hitting him in the eye with the flag. Then we were sold...johnny manziel.... You get it.... The Cleveland Browns are the most fascinating team in all sports. Not the mariners.

    Bobby MillerBobby Miller24 dagar sedan
  • Is because of this series that the Seattle Mariners are the team I'm rooting for in the MLB... And I don't even like baseball

    El Vertedero De CobbEl Vertedero De Cobb24 dagar sedan
  • I almost never cry at any movie or video. Edgar Martinez and the Hall of Fame made me tear up a little bit. Thanks Jon

    Holden NavarroHolden Navarro24 dagar sedan
  • Pain. Lots of pain.

    Ninja ObamaNinja Obama24 dagar sedan
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    Kayla MabeKayla Mabe24 dagar sedan
  • My dad and I always shared a connection through baseball, so Griffey's love of his dad and its expression through baseball and action makes me tear up every time. It's great he got to unabashedly tell the world how much he loved and respected his dad while getting into the HoF with him there. I don't love the M's because they win, I love them for all the reasons you said and more.

    John DavenportJohn Davenport24 dagar sedan
  • Can we get a movie about the 1995 season as a whole that is 100% factual and features the greatest call in sports history as the climax? God I need this.

    Robert WhittleRobert Whittle25 dagar sedan
  • Hey, is this available on the podcasts? I want to listen to this for my long drives!

    Ben SkellernBen Skellern25 dagar sedan
  • Oh...that was just the intro

    Caleb LiggansCaleb Liggans25 dagar sedan
  • this video should have at least 150k likes.

    Macade MarshallMacade Marshall25 dagar sedan
  • Now it’s time for the Kyle Lewis era!

    ShadyMcCoy14ShadyMcCoy1426 dagar sedan
  • Something so sad about how Junior's career ends😔

    jdixie2010jdixie201027 dagar sedan
  • SEworld autoplay's to this video like 3 times a day and I have 0 complaints. Thanks Jon

    Cristian ChanCristian Chan27 dagar sedan
  • Something they really should've added about the Adrian Beltre cup incident (around the 2:42:00 mark): That game was a scoreless tie through 13 and a half innings until Beltre scored the game-winning run in the bottom of the 14th on a walk-off hit by none other than Ken Griffey Jr.

    Silent FluencySilent Fluency28 dagar sedan
  • I I I watched all of this Again

    ReginaldReginald29 dagar sedan
  • who's here after the Mariners 2023 WS win?!

    Nick DNick DMånad sedan
    • Mariners get Back-to-Back in 25/26

      CRASHCRASH2 dagar sedan
    • Ok, we'll give you 23, but we have dibs on 24

      Nabre LabreNabre Labre10 dagar sedan
  • No hyperbole- this is the greatest sports documentary of all time

    Nicholas HumeNicholas HumeMånad sedan
  • 1:48:05 - 1:51:28 : Quite possibly one of the greatest sports monologues I’ve ever heard. Although I disagree, it’s so well written and the developed so beautifully that I can’t help but to appreciate it

    Mickey DMickey DMånad sedan
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    Raymond GallagherRaymond GallagherMånad sedan
  • do the history of the yankees!!!

    JL MediaJL MediaMånad sedan
  • I think all of those players and coaches just didn't like Seattle itself.

    SugaryCoyoteSugaryCoyoteMånad sedan
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    Agatha IllaAgatha IllaMånad sedan
  • they ought to make an anime out of this.

    Zeno StoikosZeno StoikosMånad sedan
  • Imagine being one of the 300 people who disliked this. Must be a sad life

    Ben LueckenBen LueckenMånad sedan
  • We just built different ig🥲

    Jonas HorlacherJonas HorlacherMånad sedan