Troy State 253, DeVry 141 | Pretty Good, Episode 12

13 mar 2017
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In 1992, Troy State and DeVry (yup, that DeVry, the one from the commercials) were scheduled to play a game of basketball. What they actually played was part relay race, part word problem that resulted in the highest-scoring men's basketball game ever.
Oh, and the score on record is totally wrong.
Special thanks to Kristian Anttila for permission to use the song “Världens sista låt”:
And special thanks to Peytona for permission to use the song “Zarf”:
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    Bhaskara AnBhaskara An2 dagar sedan
  • The Eggs are delicious.

    Charlie PalmerCharlie Palmer3 dagar sedan
  • Everything is in fractals

    Ale DustyAle Dusty4 dagar sedan
    • I also can't tell if DevRy exists or not

      Ale DustyAle Dusty4 dagar sedan
  • Jon bois’ content will hold up for years to come and I’m proud to say that I was able to watch it the day it came out

    Ethan MooreEthan Moore6 dagar sedan
  • I've watched this video many times because I always love a story that is pretty good, yet I never manage to comment on this. I feel that it's somehow poetic that even after the scoring error, the combined score for both teams is 399 points - just shy of 400, a full 10 points a minute. There are some things that not even the cooperation of both contenders can't achieve.

    osaka199osaka19912 dagar sedan
  • Wonder what the spread was coming into the game.

    CatnamedMittensCatnamedMittens13 dagar sedan
  • Holy crap.. man.. thanks for the panic attack inducing intro... Jesus.

    Gaming With This GuyGaming With This Guy16 dagar sedan
  • I like how this video comes with a free acid trip at the start.

    Michael WallMichael Wall22 dagar sedan
  • I have watched this now five times. Once a year since its creation. Thanks for this, Jon.

    Kipp PaulsenKipp Paulsen23 dagar sedan
  • My favorite part of this video is the beers in the beginning are La Croix

    PeePee PooPooPeePee PooPoo26 dagar sedan
  • Why couldn’t they’ve been drinking LaCroix?

    Justin SiebelJustin Siebel28 dagar sedan
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    Jake RussellJake Russell29 dagar sedan
  • i enjoy the YTP aspect of the intro

    Andrew TholeAndrew Thole29 dagar sedan
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    walter Bedingfieldwalter BedingfieldMånad sedan
  • god this video is such a masterpiece

    Ethan RojekEthan RojekMånad sedan
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    Eunice ReevesEunice ReevesMånad sedan
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    Angel RomanaAngel RomanaMånad sedan
  • As a brief update, for the Wikipedia article about this game, it looks like there is now section titled “2017 video analysis”: “On March 13, 2017, SB Nation's Jon Bois published a video in which he argued that the correct final score of the game should have been Troy State 253, DeVry 141. Relying on a single continuous recording of the game posted to SEworld, Bois counted all made baskets and arrived at 253 points for Troy State. He identified two potential scorer's errors: a Troy State dunk that went in after the horn had errantly blown that resulted in a return of the ball to Troy State, and an attempted three-point basket that ended with the ball lodged between the backboard and rim.[8]” At least they formally noted his argument.

    51Dutchman51DutchmanMånad sedan
  • Why are your office chairs just overturned laundry baskets?

    qfmarsh64qfmarsh64Månad sedan
  • my favorite video on the internet

    Z BrawlsZ BrawlsMånad sedan
  • Devry lost by over 100 points still scored almost 150 and was excited to be part of history. This is one of the coolest things to ever happen in sports and does not get talked about nearly enough

    Jayson71Jayson71Månad sedan
  • I dont even like basketball, but the sheer ambition of both teams combined with the intense amount of research and effort that went into this makes this one of my favourite videos ever.

    Ryan QuinnRyan QuinnMånad sedan
  • I think this one might be Jon's best work.

    Natasi EnasnieNatasi EnasnieMånad sedan
  • Damn those refs must have been in shape

    NathanNathanMånad sedan
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    Aubrey CarrAubrey CarrMånad sedan
  • This is my 3rd or 4th time watching this. It still gives me goosebumps.

    Chikin TownChikin TownMånad sedan
  • I am a troy student and I had a couple classes in the gym this took place in ( Sartain Hall) which was demolished a couple years back to make room for a new fitness center. May or may not have lifted a seat before they closed it off in commemoration.

    Steven FowlerSteven FowlerMånad sedan
  • This is incredible, thank you to everyone involved!

    Jordan RogersJordan RogersMånad sedan
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    Aubrey CarrAubrey CarrMånad sedan
  • I wish John were still making these shows.

    Ferdinand CesaranoFerdinand CesaranoMånad sedan
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    C Larice TayagC Larice TayagMånad sedan
  • It's nice that he doesn't denigrate the scorers for messing up the official score but rather commends them for getting so close in the fastest 40 minutes in sports history.

    David ThomasDavid ThomasMånad sedan
  • I could watch the final 4 minutes of this video 15 times an hour every hour for the rest of my life

    Zak CancioZak CancioMånad sedan
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    Eunice ReevesEunice ReevesMånad sedan
  • I love that Jon can dig deep into sports and show how amazing it really is to people don’t really get it

    Waco PacoWaco PacoMånad sedan
  • This is art

    Thineus ThaddeusThineus ThaddeusMånad sedan
  • Those chapter transitions depress and give me anxiety for some reason.

    PsirosPsiros2 månader sedan
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    walter Bedingfieldwalter Bedingfield2 månader sedan
  • Anyone else watch this video at 1.75x speed?!?! I think it made it more awesome

    JJmulletJJmullet2 månader sedan
  • That intro is a masterpiece in itself. It previews the descent into madness.

    Sonny GoSonny Go2 månader sedan
  • I know this video is 3 years old and not the main point of the essay but those are some of the most rancid scrambled eggs I’ve seen

    MikponMikpon2 månader sedan
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    Evan OukEvan Ouk3 månader sedan
  • I tried watching this video when it came out, but I was so hungover, the intro made me nauseas and I had to turn it off. I made it back.

    Natalie SmithNatalie Smith3 månader sedan
    • Good job

      insert name hereinsert name here2 månader sedan
  • Most stressful intro

    Jeff FietsJeff Fiets3 månader sedan
  • this is like basketball wrestling

    retsknubretsknub3 månader sedan
  • Bruh 12:37 gives me chills every time I watch this..and I’ve seen this video like 253 times..or 258 times I’m not sure

    Tony HakimTony Hakim3 månader sedan
  • Once Troy scored 200 points they entered the fumble dimension

    Steven ChartoffSteven Chartoff3 månader sedan
  • This is like Ready Player One but...good

    Rusty RalstonRusty Ralston3 månader sedan
  • My god that Intro was horribly annoying

    Chris GoodChris Good3 månader sedan
  • Aka the ball brothers except without the ball brothers

    Noah ISGNoah ISG3 månader sedan
  • hey @Secret Base We're you on acid when you made the first few minutes of this thing??

    TerryTerry3 månader sedan
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    Simon WangSimon Wang3 månader sedan
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    Vexlation -RAWX-Vexlation -RAWX-3 månader sedan
  • Why do Jon's videos scare me

    Adam NovakAdam Novak3 månader sedan
  • This video felt like what I imagine an acid trip is like

    Avery SheltonAvery Shelton3 månader sedan
  • I find myself returning to this video from time to time to marvel at the most broken achievement possibly all of sports.

    TarentinoTarentino3 månader sedan
  • John’s method of storytelling echoes the madness he must undergo to decipher sportsball’s gravest-kept secrets and I love it sooooooo much.

    JBPuffinJBPuffin3 månader sedan
  • Meh

    kahimsakahimsa4 månader sedan
  • I just realized how dumb the scorekeepers were. They literally could’ve just put a 1 instead of a 2 and no one would’ve forgotten they were in the 200s.

    Jack LuebbersJack Luebbers4 månader sedan
  • Those were the most runny scrambled eggs I have ever seen in my life.

    mstyhpsmntnsmstyhpsmntns4 månader sedan
  • This should've been titled "The First Dab"

    pacersnrams781pacersnrams7814 månader sedan
  • Who’s here after Illinois State put up 177 vs Greenville?

    The left upright at soldier fieldThe left upright at soldier field4 månader sedan
  • This game reminded me of some post I saw that said "if the teams worked together they could score so many more points"

    Phant0mPhant0m4 månader sedan
  • Anyone here after seeing Samford and their first game with the style of offense?

    TugoTugo4 månader sedan
  • Here after Samford scored 174 points in their 2020 season opener

    Clayton HurdleClayton Hurdle4 månader sedan
  • I prefer to believe Jon's score is correct. It's too painful to think that this game finished 1 point shy of a combined 400.

    DeanDean4 månader sedan
  • NOOO not this song aghh

    badman jonesbadman jones4 månader sedan
  • Tracy McGrady: Am I a joke to you?

    Ethan BarnesEthan Barnes4 månader sedan
  • dang, I don't even like basketball and this is one of the most engaging and interesting video essays I've ever seen. This is art.

    Patricia PandacoonPatricia Pandacoon5 månader sedan
  • Oh Jon, did you think I would believe those Lacroix cans were beer? You beautiful bastard

    Will StandishWill Standish5 månader sedan
  • Jon I just want you to know, the edit history on the Wikipedia page for this game still rages on.

    ObjectivelyToddObjectivelyTodd5 månader sedan
  • I remember thinking did they mean Team 1 41 Team 2 53

    The Ben DoverThe Ben Dover5 månader sedan
  • For a referee’s perspective on this game, read that old article on Referee magazine website. It was awesome, and was I surprised that Jon already did a video on it.

    Real Data FansReal Data Fans5 månader sedan
  • Genius.

    Sea HorseSea Horse5 månader sedan
  • I like how he can stretch a 5 min vid into 32 mins, and yet it's still funny and interesting.

    Ding's Burner's BurnerDing's Burner's Burner5 månader sedan
  • 20:49 came and left the same day

    Kevin MoynihanKevin Moynihan5 månader sedan
    • RIP to the twins

      Kevin MoynihanKevin Moynihan5 månader sedan
  • Runny ass eggs lmfao gross

    EthanEthan5 månader sedan
  • Quite an achievement... and at the same time a great illustration why I consider basketball the most ridiculous, tedious and shitty team sport ever invented. If you can score more than a hundred times in 40 minutes, then scoring is way to easy! Make the rim smaller, allow goaltending, allow more contact. Do SOMETHING to make scoring less frequent and boring.

    Nabend1402Nabend14025 månader sedan
    • The idea is scoring more than your opponent, not preventing all scoring. Not every sport needs to be soccer with 1-0 games.

      Samuel StensgaardSamuel Stensgaard3 månader sedan
  • Chaos. Reigns.

    ehtikhetehtikhet5 månader sedan
  • Closed captioning was somehow on when I clicked on this; the ways that this machine interprets "DeVry" is fascinating and beautiful

    Charles DavisCharles Davis5 månader sedan
  • Jon, I see that latest 20020 update, you ain't slick!

    JovianJovian5 månader sedan
  • Thank you, 20020, for reminding me to go back to this video.

    Farhan SuyitnoFarhan Suyitno5 månader sedan
  • This is seriously one of the greatest SEworld videos on the platform thanks to the SEworld god Jon Bois

    White WolfWhite Wolf5 månader sedan
  • This is a shame, its good content and research, but those crappy transitions just ruins it

    COB 7COB 75 månader sedan
  • 12:37 is creepy af

    Adam NovakAdam Novak5 månader sedan
  • 5 points per minute... that’s a point every 12 seconds

    Moses EmbreyMoses Embrey6 månader sedan
  • other interesting things about this game clayton jones who played all 40 minutes for DeVry had 16 points and 19 turnovers with 6 assists there were only 3 free throws shot all game all of them by one player Tim fayson presumably on a 3 point foul troy state player Andy Davis only scored 2 points attempting 1 shot while playing 19 minutes with 12 rebounds and 8 assists the second lowest scorer got 12 points on 10 attempts

    cragle111cragle1116 månader sedan
  • Devry do be serious about success

    GamerMoment03GamerMoment036 månader sedan
  • I don’t know how to say your name so in my head it’s boys.

    Matt VMatt V6 månader sedan
  • Can the nba all star game try this

    A RA R6 månader sedan
  • Ahh yes devry's basketball ball team...not to be confused with their basketball puck team

    A RA R6 månader sedan
  • The ending of this video is so beautiful and poetic. I rewatch all these Pretty Good and Chart Party episodes every few months or so and marvel at how much thought, research, creativity, and knowledge go into each and every one. It's so so wonderfully done, truly a work of art in my opinion.

    Zak CancioZak Cancio6 månader sedan
  • 1:03 my career.... it’s lookin good.... devry was the right choice 😂

    Bros PerfectBros Perfect6 månader sedan
  • the intro was a bit too much. DeVry we are serious about making you insane

    Jeremy BoucherJeremy Boucher6 månader sedan
  • the most unreal thing is that Georgia tech had once scored 222-0, but basketball with less scoring somehow passed the 222 mark.

    ThatSaltyKidThatSaltyKid6 månader sedan
    • @Slimey yeah and also I don't think they even have video proof of the 222-0 game.

      ThatSaltyKidThatSaltyKid4 månader sedan
    • Foreshadowing to a video that was released before this one

      SlimeySlimey4 månader sedan
  • Can there be a Pulitzer Prize for a youtube video?

    Soren RasSoren Ras6 månader sedan
  • there is something really somber about this piece. probably my favorite thing jon has done. i have come back to it so many times. anyway thanks jon

    cat chiropractorcat chiropractor6 månader sedan
  • No matter how many times I watch this video over the years that intro always gives me chills.

    TheZestyCrocodileTheZestyCrocodile6 månader sedan
  • This must have been the single most fun team to play on.

    Joseph HanicakJoseph Hanicak6 månader sedan
  • "On March 13, 2017, SB Nation's Jon Bois published a video in which he argued that the correct final score of the game should have been Troy State 253, DeVry 141. Relying on a single continuous recording of the game posted to SEworld, Bois counted all made baskets and arrived at 253 points for Troy State. He identified two potential scorer's errors: a Troy State dunk that went in after the horn had errantly blown that resulted in a return of the ball to Troy State, and an attempted three-point basket that ended with the ball lodged between the backboard and rim.[8]" this is from the wiki

    Nathaniel SniderNathaniel Snider7 månader sedan