Andy Dalton's last-second chance to be the hero of Buffalo needs a deep rewind | Bengals-Ravens 2017

20 dec 2020
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Over the last few months, I can't think of a video y'all have asked for more than this. Week 17 of the 2017 NFL season, Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens, less than a minute to play. The Bengals are down three and are facing a 4th-and-12 that could either be the snap that ends their disappointing season, or it could spark something special - both a positive moment for Cincinnati to head into the New Year on, and an even more positive moment for the city of Buffalo.
The Bills are holding their breath down in Miami. Their game is over and they need the Bengals to win here in order to make the playoffs. That might not sound like too huge of a deal to some, but for Bills fans, it's the closest they have been to the postseason in nearly two decades. While the odds of that happening are still not amazing, they're made a little trickier by the Ravens. They've got a bit more to play for than the Bengals - make this stop and they're heading to the postseason themselves.
While it's just a single snap, there's a lot more going on that's about to get overshadowed. So, it's time to rewind.
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  • Thank you to everyone who requested this video over the last few years, now we can go back to accidentally dunking on Buffalo sports. We'll have more new videos during the holidays and a special piece dropping once we hit 1 million subscribers, so keep an eye out for that and see y'all soon

    Secret BaseSecret Base2 månader sedan
    • Barton vs Winona st is seriously the greatest sports story of all time from Winona st impossible winning streak to the story and play of the way undersized Anthony Atkinson to the the final minute of the game nothing tops it and yet no one even knows it exist, secret base should do something about that!

      MidWestDrewMidWestDrewMånad sedan
    • Could you please do the 2003 Vikings-Cardinals Week 17 game where the Cardinals knock the Vikings out of the playoffs with Josh McCown’s game-winning touchdown to Nate Poole, giving the NFC North title to the Packers? The touchdown would make Poole a legend in Green Bay, handing him a key to the city and inviting him to the Packers Wild Card Game vs. the Seahawks.

      westholmes2001westholmes20012 månader sedan
    • You guys snapped the streak. You made this video and the bengals won in ptimetime. If God willing we make the playoffs ever again please make a video about the bengals again.

      Calvin WareCalvin Ware2 månader sedan
    • Hey bengals fan here please make videos about them before every day they play.

      Calvin WareCalvin Ware2 månader sedan
    • Then dunk on the Bills 10 times and then we finally get something good IF we win a playoff game in 2020. Wait, there’s no Buffalo basketball team? No, not the Bulls, they’re in the NCAA

      Ly TranLy Tran2 månader sedan
  • Something about Andy dalton on 4th and long vs the ravens makes him unbeatable

    Alexander HarrisAlexander HarrisDag sedan
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    Robert LinaresRobert Linares2 dagar sedan
  • In 2020 there a playoff team Baltimore in the playoffs 🤣🤣

    Mega KSABSSMega KSABSS2 dagar sedan
  • I am from Buffalo but moved to Maryland. I was driving Uber to help make ends meet but had Buffalo as my hometown in that App. I was driving that day and was listening to this game figuring I would make some good money. I listened to this play, celebrated, turned off the app and went home.

    Thomas BorawskiThomas Borawski7 dagar sedan
  • I’m glad I was out to dinner while this game was played, because I would have destroyed my TV by throwing the remote.

    Matt HooperMatt Hooper12 dagar sedan
  • Do rewinder on josh mccown knocking the vikings out of the playoffs

    乃卂尺ㄖ几ᗪ乇卂ㄩ乃卂尺ㄖ几ᗪ乇卂ㄩ14 dagar sedan
  • 8:02 saying “Flacco threw a pick” is like blaming Patrick Beverly for the Clippers’ playoff loss. It was a great pass that the receiver bobbled.

    Michael WellingtonMichael Wellington19 dagar sedan
  • Marvin Lewis, one of the best regular season coaches

    Lord Drakkon 7367Lord Drakkon 736722 dagar sedan
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    Grayson HichkadGrayson Hichkad25 dagar sedan
  • Tbh, the narration in this particular video is very flaccid and boring to listen to

    John KensingtonJohn Kensington26 dagar sedan
  • You guys should make a rewind of Luis Suarezs handball stop at the 2010 world cup

    johnblah1234johnblah123428 dagar sedan
  • How bout some deep rewind Chiefs playoff games from 2019 season please🙏

    DrMario PepperDrMario Pepper29 dagar sedan
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    jung leejung lee29 dagar sedan
  • 2012 jacoby jones catch against the broncos needs a rewind

    Tyler EEppersonTyler EEppersonMånad sedan
  • Please do a reminder for Scott Norwood’s field goal in super bowl 25

    James RiveraJames RiveraMånad sedan
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    Tre HamiltonTre HamiltonMånad sedan
  • You should do an episode on the '96 Olympics Women's Gymnastics Team Finals!!!

    David BaruffiDavid BaruffiMånad sedan
  • Bills fans are just some of the most entertaining, likeable fans in any league. Great to see them in the AFC Championship and everybody in the world wishes them best of luck.

    Alex SmithAlex SmithMånad sedan
  • Can you guys do a vid on 49ers/Seahawks week 17 2019? The clinch by an inch game? HUGE implications in that game

    High Voltage MediaHigh Voltage MediaMånad sedan
  • Sometimes sports make me happy. Other times I’m a Vikings fan. Still love this story tho. So glad you guys did a reminder on it. Does that mean it’s about time for a Minneapolis miracle episode?

    Rich AffinitoRich AffinitoMånad sedan
  • “inconsistent until it matters most” as a rams fan this hits different

    zach mzach mMånad sedan
  • As a bengals fan, I remember how crazy that was. It’s been a rough couple years but with burrow things are looking up.

    AirmailrumbleAirmailrumbleMånad sedan
  • This was prolly one of the greatest things to witness as a Bills fan. I was so nervous watching the game and it being 4th & 12. Andy Dalton will always have a special place in all of Bills Mafia!

    Agent BeamstarAgent BeamstarMånad sedan
  • New yoek only football team 😂😂😂😂 FOH Buffalo's basically in Canada

    Jay 14Jay 14Månad sedan
  • They should make one of these (after some time has passed) for the Giants/Washington thing that just happened where the Eagles determined who would go to the playoffs in the NFC East.

    GiantstxGiantstxMånad sedan
  • As a Raven's fan, why am I watching this? Why put myself through this pain again? Thank god for Lamar man, I don't have to spend every game wondering how we're gonna blow the game.

    Clay DClay DMånad sedan
  • As a bills fan, this was the best new years eve of my life

    Superslash 13Superslash 13Månad sedan
  • This felt like a collapse video tbh

    Hayden GirardotHayden GirardotMånad sedan
  • Anyone watching this in 2021 after Philly's disgraceful tank job to hand "the Football Team" a Division Title? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    archipirattaarchipirattaMånad sedan
  • The year before, the Antonio Brown goal line play happened, oh well, the next year we got CJ Mosley’s pick against the Browns (By the way you should do episodes on those)

    Evan AtwoodEvan AtwoodMånad sedan
  • Pain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain painPain pain pain pain pain

    Evan AtwoodEvan AtwoodMånad sedan
  • Such a contrast to what happened with the Eagles this year...

    Nicholas MedichNicholas MedichMånad sedan
  • "the only team in New York" XD

    - monstermayhem436 -- monstermayhem436 -Månad sedan
  • Do the Miracle at the New Meadowlands

    Will CapuanoWill CapuanoMånad sedan
  • "Long time since they won the Superbowl" by that time it had only been 5 years for the Ravens.

    CambinoCambinoMånad sedan
  • Understand

    Zaire HammondsZaire HammondsMånad sedan
  • For the next rewinder, could you do Seahawks vs Vikings, NFC Wild Card Round, Blair Walsh's choke

    Arden XuArden XuMånad sedan
  • bruh you don’t need to make us ravens fans more worried about this weekend

    Corey AbrahamsCorey AbrahamsMånad sedan
    • Because of this specific game I don’t want to watch next weeks game

      Peyton’s HairlinePeyton’s HairlineMånad sedan
  • I get a feeling you'll be doing a collapse video about the Patriots in a few years.

    Thomas SmithThomas SmithMånad sedan
  • Buffalo fans can be some of the coolest people, it's those Eagle fans that are concerning lol

    B. WeatherspoonB. WeatherspoonMånad sedan
  • In a critical game, Week 17, 2017 Season against the Bengals, Joe Flacco threw an interception. He had a chance to block the intercepting player, but, instead, slid down as the TD was scored. Lost the game. In the Divisional Round of the 2019 Season, against the Titans, Lamar Jackson threw an interception, and was so committed to stopping the dude, he FACEMASKED him, making him probably the only QB the whole season to facemask anybody. That's dedication.

    cvramencvramenMånad sedan
  • i was at a new years party at riverworks when this game was on........the entire place went insane and we all celebrated together. brought a city closer

    A CatInAtuxA CatInAtuxMånad sedan
  • Y’all knew that you might be able to make a part two of this this year didnt you

    Carl WheezerCarl WheezerMånad sedan
  • As a Baltimoron, this is offensive.

    Spath ShootsSpath ShootsMånad sedan
  • Can you do how the 49ers dynasty fell apart?

    Turtle GuyTurtle GuyMånad sedan
  • This win and the reaction of the bills’ fan base will always be one of my favorite stories in all of sports

    Ethan AmrineEthan AmrineMånad sedan
  • You should do the 2010 jets-patriots divisional round matchup in New England. Probably the biggest win I’ve experienced as a jets fan in my life

    Ryan MantioneRyan MantioneMånad sedan
  • Liked you until the Only NY football crack. 👎🏻

    James CarlinJames CarlinMånad sedan
  • This game made being a mariners fan even more painful.

    patrickdabspatrickdabs2 månader sedan
  • This day was a win for the NFL. The Ravens become who they are now, Andy Dalton’s foundation receives an absurd amount of $$, and Bills Mafia finally receives what they always wanted.

    Matthew BaksaMatthew Baksa2 månader sedan
  • 2010 golden goal rewind ?

    Xavier A-LXavier A-L2 månader sedan
  • hey secret base guys, i love this series and i think it would be amazing if you could do an episode of rewinder about spurs vs ajax in the 2019 champions league semi final. im a lifelong spurs fan and its one of the most incredible moments in my life. even if you don't, thanks a ton for the amazing content you guys make 💛

    ZoeZoe2 månader sedan
  • The Chicago Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup win needs a rewind

    Tommy SheehanTommy Sheehan2 månader sedan
  • do a terry rozier eric bledsoe beef video! funniest beef ever!

    iBrendankiBrendank2 månader sedan
  • Do a rewind for the 2012 ravens Broncos jacoby Jones Hail Mary catch

    Matthew GregstonMatthew Gregston2 månader sedan
  • do a scorigami update!!!!!

    Joey DelukeJoey Deluke2 månader sedan
  • Its silly that *the Mariners* are gonna take the Bills’ reins as the team with the longest playoff drought

    Ly TranLy Tran2 månader sedan
  • I hope you guys do a rewinder on the double doink or Philly Special some day! Also would love on on the Panthers v. Patriots Super Bowl.

    N DN D2 månader sedan
  • AS a Steelers fan, my favorite non-Steeler NFL moment of 2017

    Anonymous UserAnonymous User2 månader sedan
  • That Baltimore team was gonna be a problem in the playoffs because they were in fire and Alex Collins was ballin for the first and last time of his career lol 😂 one of the biggest one year wonder running backs ever. January Joe could also have come into play, I always said he was another playoff run away from being considered hall of fame level

    Austin ReedAustin Reed2 månader sedan
  • 2018 Minnesota Miracle rewind??

    Josey WilsonJosey Wilson2 månader sedan
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    Iris DunnIris Dunn2 månader sedan
  • More soccer rewinds like Liverpool’s comeback Roma comeback Barca comeback

    Nathan BeaubrunNathan Beaubrun2 månader sedan
  • 12:45 and beyond. One of the greatest moments in Bills history and we returned the favor and donated half of our income in Wester NY to Andy Dalton's charity.

    Robert FrostRobert Frost2 månader sedan
  • You guys should do a Rewinder soon on the '96 Olympics, the Women's Gymnastics Team Finals!

    David BaruffiDavid Baruffi2 månader sedan
  • If the bills become a dynasty this will be a legitimate documented catalyst.

    FlyFish MangeFlyFish Mange2 månader sedan
  • I really love these videos but man you guys do not let us soak up the moment, the final clip always cuts off way too soon.

    benjaminrei13benjaminrei132 månader sedan
  • This ranks as one of the top wholesome moments in football history. The deluge of $17 donations by Buffalo to Andy Dalton's foundation is just the sweetest thing. You'd never expect Bills fans to ever care about a Cincinnati quarterback, but we're all glad it played out that way. Bills fans rock.

    TheNumberQuelveTheNumberQuelve2 månader sedan
  • So where are my cookies?

    Nathan KongNathan Kong2 månader sedan
  • This is why I watch sports

    Jake DapperJake Dapper2 månader sedan
  • THE EAGLES WERE 13-3 4:46

    Kellan CountsKellan Counts2 månader sedan
  • This play always hurts me a little inside as a ravens fan, this and the Steelers game also make me hate playing AFC North Foes in week 17.

    BlueFlame_BotanBlueFlame_Botan2 månader sedan
  • Here before 700k

    austin reedaustin reed2 månader sedan
  • Anyone notice the 6-0 final score at the beginning? 😂 I guess the NFCE has always had bad football

    Fierce ShadowXDFierce ShadowXD2 månader sedan
  • hope they get to one mill soon I am binging the rewinder series

    Cody FoxworthyCody Foxworthy2 månader sedan
  • Honestly also, would’ve been cool if bills mafia signed Dalton instead of the cowboys last offseason. Couldve been a great mentor to Josh Allen

    Connor The DestroyerConnor The Destroyer2 månader sedan
  • If I can point out just FYI because I know this isn’t a major sport necessarily. But I live in Winnipeg MB Canada. Here our Canadian football league team is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. They couldn’t win a grey cup (basically Canadian version of the super bowl )for 29 years until last November. I’m only 23. I feel for bills fans for SURE. Nothing like waiting your whole freakin life to have a real shot. Nothing like waiting 17 years for a team to even make a wild card game... damn. Love ya buffalo! Just not your Sabers😜

    Connor The DestroyerConnor The Destroyer2 månader sedan
  • Philly Special Rewinder!

    Henry WoodHenry Wood2 månader sedan
  • "joe flaco threw a pick" more like his wide receiver decided he didn't want to have the ball and was like merry christmas.

    DrBainerDrBainer2 månader sedan
  • I was laughing at the Ravens and cheering for the bills because it was getting old that the Pat's were using them as the whipping boy

    Slammer One ActualSlammer One Actual2 månader sedan
  • Love this video as a Bills fan, but the narrator seems bored out of his skull

    James CalderoneJames Calderone2 månader sedan
  • I love the Bills. Yet I’m a Jets fan. So this makes Jets sense 😂

    Luis RojasLuis Rojas2 månader sedan
  • I swear this is playing out again

    MarloSoBalJrMarloSoBalJr2 månader sedan
  • I know you guys don’t do NASCAR but Dale Jr’s 2001 Pepsi 400 win is worthy of a Rewind

    Lancaster RespondingLancaster Responding2 månader sedan
  • i will never forget watching this game.

    Nickolas SchweitzerNickolas Schweitzer2 månader sedan
  • When’s a new hockey video gonna come out ?

    EV ManEV Man2 månader sedan
  • When the Eagles trade Carson Wentz you should do a deep rewind ending with Howie Roseman telling the press.

    The WasteThe Waste2 månader sedan
  • ur next basketball vid should be the 2008-09 denver nuggets ppl need to know how talented they were

    jay teejay tee2 månader sedan
  • So what happened in the last few seconds of the game?

    Ro VyasRo Vyas2 månader sedan
  • I’ve always wanted to know how Marvin Lewis kept his job as long as he did!

    cWitDaTreescWitDaTrees2 månader sedan
  • IMO Flacco was always outside top 10 while Dalton was always in between 12 and 10. They are subjects of their teams wanting superhero QBs instead of working to build everything around them. For Dalton, his issues came from coaching. Lewis in my eyes is just another Jason Garrett, he can build a team but lead them to mediocrity while the QB does everything he can to keep the team up while making the coach look better than he is. Flacco's problem was just the pieces on offense. The offense has always been pass heavy and it can lead to a one dimensional game. The Ravens mostly had trouble finding a consistent runningback and most of the time Flacco had to control the ball by passing it. Even for weapons he has had some good WR cores and some less than stellar ones so one dimensional plus a weak WR core can screw over a QB. The Ravens always built a good defense but even with Lamar they struggle to give him all he needs. They did find Lamar a good RB and TE but the WR core is not the best, its not bad by any means but no secondary is afraid of Brown or Snead

    Spooky FoolSpooky Fool2 månader sedan
  • Hey why not do a rewind of the Washington Nationals first world series championship?

    Ian YoungIan Young2 månader sedan
  • I was at the pre season game between the bengals and the bills. That moment was incredible when dalton walked on the field. An entire stadium of bills fans gave dalton a standing ovation. The energy was so incredible that he goes on to burn our defense on the very first play. Lol

    Seth BrumbaughSeth Brumbaugh2 månader sedan
  • Stuff like this is why I respect Bills fans, despite being a patriots fan.

    Marc BruncoMarc Brunco2 månader sedan
  • Just want to say as a Bengals fan, I have the highest level of respect for Bills fans especially after donating to Andy's charity after that game. It was awesome to be able to put you guys into the playoffs even though we were out of them ourselves. I just hope that our win against the Steelers two days ago can clinch you guys the #1 seed in the AFC or at the very least a #2 spot. Love you all over there in Buffalo, merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

    HowdeeTMMHowdeeTMM2 månader sedan
  • the narrator's cadence is hard to listen to sometimes but good video

    Duncan RolinsonDuncan Rolinson2 månader sedan
  • RIP Pancho Billa

    ReagansmashReagansmash2 månader sedan
  • Such a brutal way to miss the playoffs...

    Anthony HutchinsAnthony Hutchins2 månader sedan
  • As a Bengals fan, a part of me will always love the Bills for this. What Bills fans did for Dalton's foundation was nothing short of amazing.

    WildcatsMikeWildcatsMike2 månader sedan