One of the all-time greatest NFL teams didn't even make the playoffs | Dorktown

22 aug 2019
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Even the greatest teams are only a handful of disastrous plays away from missing the playoffs entirely. We’ll prove it. In fact, the 2010 San Diego Chargers already did.
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  • Would like to see a vid on all the field goal kickers that cost teams a big win.

    Timothy TimothyartsTimothy Timothyarts12 timmar sedan
  • Special teams are part of the game, like it or not. If those Chargers had special teams units that were so horrific that they made statistically the best offense AND defense in the league end up at 9-7, then they were not a great team at all, let alone one of the "all-time greatest teams." And it sounds like it was their own fault, for letting the leader of their special teams units leave. Neglecting special teams has a long history of undermining great teams and coaches. The 2010 Chargers are nothing new in that regard, even if a particularly obscene example of it.

    John CateJohn Cate2 dagar sedan
  • All this just means that they really weren't a great team....

    Brian JungenBrian Jungen2 dagar sedan
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    TrEaT3d6TrEaT3d63 dagar sedan
  • Wow thats crazy 😳😳😳it shows that all aspects of the game is important offense, defense, and SPECIAL TEAMS 👏🤝💯

    MalRulesAllMalRulesAll7 dagar sedan
  • bruh nice mixing you make my ears cry so many whistles when you talk

    lilwycleflilwyclef7 dagar sedan
  • AAron rodgers had over 100 for six straight years...

    Mitch BrownMitch Brown8 dagar sedan
  • The sound effect after "And this is how it all fell apart " is awesome.

    George NelsonGeorge Nelson8 dagar sedan
  • Hey Jon, Alex and all the guys working hard @ Secret Base!! ...can we have more DORKTOWN episodes?? Pretty, Pretty, Please ?

    Q BALLERQ BALLER10 dagar sedan
  • This was one of new englands reasons for success, special teams is always on belichicks mind! All facets of the game is important!

    Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm JacksonSir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson11 dagar sedan
    • 💯

      MalRulesAllMalRulesAll7 dagar sedan
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    isha gillisha gill12 dagar sedan
  • Brady had a passer rating over 100 from 2015-17

    Adam DickinsonAdam Dickinson12 dagar sedan
  • 2020 Colts had top defense and solid offense

    slibertas1996slibertas199613 dagar sedan
  • Scoring offense is what matters. Yards are great but points are what matter.

    Mike DebrockyMike Debrocky14 dagar sedan
  • Being a chargers fan since 1993 and it has eaten away at my soul.

    Tom MantleTom Mantle15 dagar sedan
    • What did you guys think of Ryan leaf after he was drafted

      Lilith Oblivion93Lilith Oblivion9312 dagar sedan
  • If the NFL ever wants me to take it seriously, they will have 82 game seasons and 4 rounds of best of 4 playoffs. 16 games? That might be an NFL season, but that should be the number of playoff wins to earn a championship like hockey, a real sport.

    bugalamanbugalaman15 dagar sedan
    • How would they have an 82 game season 🤔😑😂

      MalRulesAllMalRulesAll7 dagar sedan
  • This is why Phillip Rivers should never be in the HOF. Rivers is a good QB, but he isn't great and the HOF is for greatness. If Rivers were great he would have won at least one championship with the talent he had.

    William MoffettWilliam Moffett15 dagar sedan
  • I thought this was going to be about the 1967 Baltimore Colts who missed the playoffs despite having only one loss the entire season.

    Bill, an INTPBill, an INTP16 dagar sedan
  • So their defense didnt give yards because they didnt have to play?

    GankmeoffGankmeoff16 dagar sedan
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    Jenson CrippsJenson Cripps17 dagar sedan
  • Quit your whining. I was in Boston during the Brady era. We went to the Super Bowl 9 times but only won 6.

    Nightman ComethNightman Cometh18 dagar sedan
    • @Lilith Oblivion93 LOL. I was being sarcastic.

      Nightman ComethNightman Cometh12 dagar sedan
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    M Bot5M Bot519 dagar sedan
  • Phillip Rivers probably really likes this video or really hates it

    Mensa XMensa X19 dagar sedan
  • I remember that season, but it wasn't anything special... Practically all Charger teams through their entire history have been more or less the same, and I imagine other organizations feel the same way... - Annually and perpetually, one of the few most talented teams because the Chargers seem to draft well and identify talent. But, the Chargers also have never kept their talent, maybe because they feel they have someone at least as talented in the wings or can be obtained for cheaper. That ignores the problem that no matter how talented the newcomer is, there is a transition and adjustment period. The league is almost always filled with ex-Chargers who go on to successful years after leaving the Chargers, very few are cut and can't find a home elsewhere and shine. - The Chargers are always flawed. Often differently from year to year. It's not usually the coaches' faults as they're usually pretty talented, too but for whatever reason players don't always perform as expected... A star performer won't deliver in the clutch. A reliable player suddenly fails at the worst moment. The video highlights lack of blocking and tackling at the beginning of the season, and the team obviously fixed that to finish strong.... But true to Chargers' history too little, too late. - Special Teams usually has been a strength of Chargers teams which makes this one season so surprising. Every year, usually the Chargers are at the top of the special teams rankings. Until the current era, Chargers teams had always been exciting and one of the favorites for good TV ratings. The Chargers have usually been at the forefront of offensive strategy from the minds of sid coleman, don coryell, and on the arms of quarterbacks like fouts and rivers, complemented by hall of fame receivers and runners since the 1960's. But, every team is marked with a tragic flaw.

    Tony SuTony Su20 dagar sedan
  • Love y’all’s videos guys! Keep it up!

    Adam MadisonAdam Madison21 dag sedan
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    Jeongyeon ImJeongyeon Im21 dag sedan
  • Problem with dorks games are not won on paper so how can a team be the best ever but never mke playoffs. Ur a dork stay out of sports. Not even close to best team ever no superbowl clown

    Shawn RobertsShawn Roberts21 dag sedan
  • I always thought Jon Bois should be pronounced "Buah," as in Patrick Roy.

    David ChoDavid Cho21 dag sedan
  • This is basically the equivalent of a basketball team that is dominant on all areas of the floor but have a 30% FT rate

    Dom SkilletDom Skillet22 dagar sedan
  • Fumble Dimension: What if the 2010 Chargers kicked the ball out of bounds on every kickoff?

    TherecreepTherecreep22 dagar sedan
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    Vault SpplyVault Spply22 dagar sedan
  • Brodie Croyal....geez what subway did they grab that guy out of to start at QB!?

    zew 1zew 122 dagar sedan
  • Fitting how you so casually disregard and trash special teams yet this video is proof of why it matters and matters alot

    Dee CeeDee Cee23 dagar sedan
  • As a Raiders fan it is the Broncos I am most worried about. Although I do hope the chargers get a Superbowl soon. That would give everyone in the AFC west a championship and a combined nine rings for the AFC west.

    Hugh ManateeHugh Manatee23 dagar sedan
  • As an alabama and kc fan, that croyle stat is hella painful

    AJ LongAJ Long24 dagar sedan
  • This video is the epitome of the "Yards equals good" fallacy. You can gain tons of yards when you are losing in garbage time, and you can give up fewer yards of your opponent always has great field position. Matthew Stafford has always put up huge numbers... Were the Lions any good?

    Obi Wan ShinobiObi Wan Shinobi24 dagar sedan
  • Soooo this is such misleading BS and why “statistics” can be interpreted a billion ways!! They said they had the #1 best offense in the league that year then explain to me in their 7 loses their offense scored 14, 20, 27, 17, 20, 13, 20????? Besides the 27 that offense is garbage! Especially if your special teams is giving up quick punt returns for TDs punt blocks and etc. Which means you have more time to score! It all depends on what your going by saying “best offense” “best defense” and they are going by “yards” which is such a BS misleading statistic to rate offense/defense. I could say statistics show, out of all humans, usually the bigger your hands are the better you can read. You know why thats accurate? Because babies and little kids cant read or read well. See how misleading statistics can be unless you actually know what your talking about

    KeyserSoze26BKeyserSoze26B25 dagar sedan
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    Wyatt CrawfordWyatt Crawford25 dagar sedan
  • I’d agree with getting rid of special teams, except that I had so much fun watching Devin Hester his first few years with the Chicago Bears. Great video.

    David CannekDavid Cannek26 dagar sedan
  • Why would anyone measure offense by yards instead of points? The point of offense is points. Duh.

    William SheltonWilliam Shelton26 dagar sedan
  • Hard time buying Special Teams is the whole story here. They had the 1 rank on offense and defense yet their point differential was low enough that ST cost them games. Wonder if there is something going on in the league that year which helps explain it.

    Geoff McGeeGeoff McGee26 dagar sedan
  • The 42000:1 comment is bs. Blocking for the punter and rushing the punter aren't random. Actually, no part of special teams is random. The Chargers were so bad on ST's that the squandered their offensive and defensive dominance. That's not bad luck. It's bad coaching and poor roster depth.

    Randy WiechmanRandy Wiechman26 dagar sedan
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    Mike TangMike Tang26 dagar sedan
  • From Whittier so I loved the drive down and I never seen them win even at tiny stadium. So basically, it's my fault. Jesus, remember David Boston!!! Add 20 pounds for 2 Moe sets. PROTEIN

    nico Bnico B26 dagar sedan
  • So thats why they were first in Def. The Opposing O only had to move 30 yards to score.

    Lucifer MorningstarLucifer Morningstar29 dagar sedan
  • A seemingly forgotten footnote of the Chargers' 2010 special teams ineptitude - the usage of a second-round draft pick in 2011 on Jonas Mouton.

    Arun MoraceArun Morace29 dagar sedan
  • Rodgers has 6 seasons in a row what are u talking about

    Football ThoughtsFootball ThoughtsMånad sedan
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    Chris LauChris LauMånad sedan
  • Don't feel bad for Phillip Rivers. He is a complete jerk who acts like everything is someone else's fault. He also is rich.

    jane doejane doeMånad sedan
  • You keep saying top team in offense and defense... But you mean by yards. Yards don't go on the scoreboard. They we not the best team in scoring offense or defensive points allowed do they didn't win. The problem was they didn't score enough.

    jane doejane doeMånad sedan
  • As a Raiders fan I remember that game we blocked 2 punts for 9 points. Unreal. This video makes me smile!

    George NelsonGeorge NelsonMånad sedan
  • Lmao the Chargers literally always choke. Good for Rivers for getting out, hopefully he gets SB win now that he's left that accursed team.

    FulcrumthebraveFulcrumthebraveMånad sedan
  • This video is both heartbreaking and vindicating.

    Chris BChris BMånad sedan
  • I feel like there’s been a bunch of recent seasons where the chargers lose a ton of close games

    Evan SullivanEvan SullivanMånad sedan
  • Haven’t watched the vid yet. But as a chargers fan I already know this is gonna be Pain...

    Antonio de LugoAntonio de LugoMånad sedan
  • The same season, Seahawks won the division at 7-9. Had a 28th ranked offense and a 27th ranked defense. Also the point differential was -97

    Nick BarrieNick BarrieMånad sedan
  • "we have mahones on the chiefs" like fine wine

    Alex BoulayAlex BoulayMånad sedan
  • Welp.... Rivers retired.... I'll miss his untimely picks he gave to my broncos defense 😭

    Brendan LeachBrendan LeachMånad sedan
  • Being a Chargers fan ain't easy 🙃

    Dako RichyDako RichyMånad sedan
  • This video makes me sad now that Phillip Rivers has retired.

    Nash PotterNash PotterMånad sedan
  • 1986 Kansas City Chiefs Special Teams might have something to say about not being important, especially Albert Lewis

    Eron Bridge TocgadEron Bridge TocgadMånad sedan
  • 66% of their wins were blowouts

    the tfthe tfMånad sedan
  • Mahomes just joined that statistic at 1:18

    JacobJacobMånad sedan
  • Give chiefs that D and they will win the super bowl every year 😂

    CW VolcanoCW VolcanoMånad sedan
  • I'm seeing the title, but I'm hearing evidence that this "all-time greatest" team was pretty meh. Colossally inept in one segment of the game.

    Eks calyburEks calyburMånad sedan
  • Makes me appreciate Philip Rivers even more. Deserved a ring, truly. Life goes on and I'm happy with Herbert, but god damn

    Middle Aged GiraffeMiddle Aged GiraffeMånad sedan
  • Nice video. But, Go Bucs!!!

    YouCanCallMeLizzyYouCanCallMeLizzyMånad sedan
  • 16:00 maybe thats why Bill Belichick was good

    Gridcast StudiosGridcast StudiosMånad sedan
  • Most chargers video ever

    Michael O'MalleyMichael O'MalleyMånad sedan
  • It is so stupid that #1 offense and defense are measured by yards and not points. They were #2 in offense, 77 points (that's 4.8 per game) behind the Patriots, and #10 defense in points (Patriots were #8). One of the best teams of all time? They were a talented team, but they weren't even the best team that regular season statistically. The Patriots were.

    ShmeebsShmeebsMånad sedan
    • Ik right like what’s the whole point of yards if u don’t come away with points

      Michael MejiaMichael MejiaMånad sedan
  • Chargers in a nutshell...

    Randall JohnsonRandall JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Greatest team that didn’t make the playoffs 😂 cause that makes any sense... the entire purpose of the video is a bad joke.

    James BrownJames BrownMånad sedan
  • These Chargers lost to a Seahawks team that made the playoffs at 7-9.

    HylianJayAppearsHylianJayAppearsMånad sedan
  • RIP to Vincent Jackson, this team shouldve got a ring for him and a lot of other players

    Cooper HutsonCooper HutsonMånad sedan
  • RIP Vincent Jackson 🕊🙏🏾

    Marcus WilsonMarcus WilsonMånad sedan
  • Did they use Prezi? 💀

    James LammJames LammMånad sedan
  • A year and a half later, Old Man Rivers has retired after a lone season in Indianapolis, ending a 17-year career without a single Super Bowl appearance. I feel bad for him, honestly. Even though he had a couple great players around him (including the late Vincent Jackson, may he rest in peace), the Chargers could never quite pull together a good enough team, save for this 2010 squad... and then the special teams unit blew it all to hell. Damn shame.

    hi i'm emilyhi i'm emilyMånad sedan
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    효주이효주이Månad sedan
  • The 2000 Bills were like this too

    JR YJR YMånad sedan
  • This is embarrassing for the Chargers, but in 6 of 7 losses they had 20 or less. The offense was number 1 in the league but must have been horrible in the red zone in those games.

    Kurt SKurt SMånad sedan
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    Jamal JamaJamal JamaMånad sedan
  • breaks me to watch 😣 my chargers just need a good coach 😓

    Frank ElizaldeFrank ElizaldeMånad sedan
  • RIP Vincent Jackson

    Barry MacockinerBarry MacockinerMånad sedan
  • painful memories

    SteVenSD420420SteVenSD420420Månad sedan
  • Youd think if this number 1 rated offense was so good they wouldnt be consistently losing these games by 1 score for it then to be blamed on 1 or 2 special teams plays. Not saying what is presented in this video is wrong but i hate the metric of judging how good an offense is just based off of yards. Take the cowboys this year for the first 5 weeks when dak was playing. That team had so many yards of offense especially in the pass game but the offense truly was not that good they were getting blown out in games and just started getting loads of yards when the game was lost. I dont think this chargers offense was truly the best in the league if they couldnt get it done when it mattered

    Futner JFutner JMånad sedan
  • Honestly after reevaluating this video, I don't feel sorry for the 2010 chargers AT ALL... 1. They made the beyond boneheaded decision to keep Nate kaeding, the choke artist who had cost the chargers many games since 2004... 2. If they were such a great team, then please tell me why they not only struggled, but completely FAILED to beat the abysmal 2010 raiders even once?? 3.For such an 'AMAZING' offense, they sure as hell lacked any consistency to score when it's needed most. The jury is starting to fall apart ,on the 2010 chargers being sympathetic.

    Elijah ECHICAGOBEARS BoydElijah ECHICAGOBEARS BoydMånad sedan
  • Why dose this video remind of a 9/11 video explaining what happened

    Eric VierraEric VierraMånad sedan
  • Lmao took a little shot at the Saints but it’s hella true

    Gabe SmithGabe SmithMånad sedan
  • R.I.P Vincent Jackson

    J KJ KMånad sedan
  • As a Chargers fan this is nothing new. We loose multiple close games every year in the most bs way usually do to special teams or an untimely missed fg or even pat kick.

    King WilsonKing WilsonMånad sedan
  • Rip VJ

    PantsPantsMånad sedan
  • So now that RIvers is retired, you gotta do an Untitled on him, right?

    erpmarioerpmarioMånad sedan
  • This blew my freaking mind!! Great video guys!!!

    Timothy MichaelTimothy MichaelMånad sedan
  • This was the season that made me hate the chargers. Rivers really proved he was a massive crybaby this season.. And ever since you can see him turn into a sad sack on the sidelines after a game turns against him. He was good at gaining yards and bad at winning games his entire career

    defeodationdefeodationMånad sedan
  • Those poor bolts.

    Moves BoozeMoves BoozeMånad sedan
  • Rip to Vincent Jackson

    Trevor AsherTrevor AsherMånad sedan
  • What is the team that ranked 3rd in offense and 6th in defense, and missed the playoffs?

    Matija KovačićMatija KovačićMånad sedan
    • 2002 broncos

      Secret BaseSecret BaseMånad sedan
  • Vincent Jackson RIP

    Tim NelsonTim NelsonMånad sedan
  • RIP Vincent Jackson

    Dominic64 TBLightningDominic64 TBLightningMånad sedan