Chris Webber’s ongoing beef with Jalen Rose has kept Michigan’s legendary “Fab Five” from reuniting

6 apr 2019
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Chris Webber and Jalen Rose were recruiting rivals growing up in Detroit, but that didn't stop them from being close friends. They were so close, in fact, that Rose followed Webber to the University of Michigan, joining a legendary 1991 recruiting class that came to be known as "The Fab Five." Those five guys revolutionized college basketball and won a whole lot of games, but lost both their trips to the NCAA Final. The second of those losses came after Webber's infamous timeout call. And all those wins? They've been vacated because of a sprawling scandal that included a booster, a gambling ring, and payouts to a number of Wolverines players, including Webber.
So the "Fab Five" legacy is complicated, in large part because of Webber's mistakes. And that fact has fueled decades of beef between the former best friends. Webber has come across as sensitive and standoffish about his past, while Rose has perhaps been too aggressive in pushing Webber to apologize for his past. This beef between them has showed in TV programs, documentaries, and books, and it's only gotten worse.
This episode of Beef History tells the tale of a friendship turned feud, with the hope that airing things out might help put the "Fab Five" and their legacy back where they ought to be: together, and prominent in Michigan history.
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Shot and edited by Ryan Simmons
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  • I stand behind C Web 🔒

    Stephen EubanksStephen Eubanks4 timmar sedan
  • Why was Chris Webber punished for accepting money? Bullshit. He’s a product of the system, the dollars are presented to him because the system allows for boosters and coaches to concoct their own gambling rings in college basketball. Why punish the kid for doing the obviously most logical decision?

    Automatic 93Automatic 93Dag sedan
  • Do micheal Jordan vs Isiah Thomas

    Dominic DuncanDominic DuncanDag sedan
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    alfie hoodalfie hood2 dagar sedan
  • Why was Reggie Miller sitting there like "this dude lying his ass off" 🤣

    Mr Anonymous1113Mr Anonymous11132 dagar sedan
  • Chris Webber is so overated, he ain't no hall of famer ! He's famous for calling a time-out in college, plus he traveled on that same play. In Sacramento he couldn't beat Shaq & Kobe ! and as a commentator he talks too much, over analysing the play ! 7-rings Robert Horry should be voted in before Webber !

    Chief XXChief XX2 dagar sedan
  • There's something about Jalen Rose that I don't trust.

    Ronni BerosiniRonni Berosini3 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward to C-Webb’s book and doc about Fab5 to drop

    phil robbphil robb4 dagar sedan
  • Webber, legitimately, not realizing there were no timeouts left in that game against the Tar Heels, would be like Einstein forgetting a property in his "theory of relativity"?... It wouldn't happen! As decorated a player Webber was for leading to, and during his time a Michigan, it's impossible a play of his caliber and basketball IQ, would not be aware of that detail, in that moment!? WEBBER THREW THE GAME, AND JUMPED TO THE NBA, BECAUSE A BOOSTER PAID HIM TO... Rose has never stated it publically; BUT, I'VE SAYING THAT SHIZ FOR YEARS, 'CAUSE I WITNESSED IT!

    Stephen BrooksStephen Brooks4 dagar sedan
  • My neighbor(hott ass chick)was there the night of the accident she said there were hookers coke and money. She's went on to marry one of Canada's richest men

    James DoenutJames Doenut4 dagar sedan
  • It just seems like Jalen Rose wants to live on his college legacy forever while Chris is okay with leaving it in the past

    FunnyGuy10009FunnyGuy100094 dagar sedan
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    Sadman HabibSadman Habib5 dagar sedan
  • Jalen can't seem to keep Chris' name out his mouth...for like 20 years.

    Bobby WellsBobby Wells5 dagar sedan
  • Duke's championships are flawed. Michigan, UNLV and Kentucky. Look at those last plays and decide for yourself. Then, research what happened after those games. UNLV (Larry Johnson) investigation, Tark left. Michigan ( Webber) Kentucky Pitino leaves a championship team, (bolts to the NBA) didn't guard the inbound and everybody knew who the ball was going to. Ball sailed in the air and nobody went after the ball and Laettner shoots at the free throw line. While Kentucky players watched. Laettner stomped a Kentucky player in the chest and wasn't tossed.

    Jack LordJack Lord5 dagar sedan
  • Awesome piece !!!

    Marc LoweryMarc Lowery6 dagar sedan
  • I think they talking now I could be wrong

    Cooper CoopCooper Coop6 dagar sedan
  • hey what ever happened to Jimmy KIng and Ray Jackson?

    jimmy Longjimmy Long6 dagar sedan
  • Chris webber was PAID to lose that game on purpose... That's why he called timeout

  • So what does Rose need an apology for...The time out?....the coach losing his job?...for Chris taking money and not admitting it?...for not coming back to Michigan the next year?......the time out, he can let that go!...It's the coach's job to monitor the players and they all were wild, he can let that go!...they all took money including Jalen, he can let that go!...leaving and going pro, that was a business decision, he can let that go!...Jalen has made a career and a bunch of money off of Chris Webber's name time to let it go and offer CWeb an apology for keeping it going for so long!

    MairDarthMairDarth6 dagar sedan
  • I loved the fab five when I was younger and still do 2 til dis day

    Brandon SherrellBrandon Sherrell7 dagar sedan
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    Bose GauravBose Gaurav8 dagar sedan
  • @ 13:24 C Webb is mimicking Jalens voice

    R RR R8 dagar sedan
  • Stfu and BOUNCE YO BALL your all knuckledraggers

    Trump2024 thank you for your supportTrump2024 thank you for your support8 dagar sedan
  • Just Dumb!

    Stacks A MillionStacks A Million8 dagar sedan
  • Great video

    Po LanPo Lan9 dagar sedan
  • NCAA full of bullshit anyway

    Gawd SZNGawd SZN9 dagar sedan
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    King kongKing kong9 dagar sedan
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    Wang RowanWang Rowan9 dagar sedan
  • Chris has a pretty good Jalen Rose impression not gonna lie

    Mitch O'BrienMitch O'Brien9 dagar sedan
  • chris needs to apologize for making a mistake in a basketball game ? come on man ,

    Barron IngramBarron Ingram10 dagar sedan
  • Do a LeBron versus Skip Bayless lol

    David WDavid W10 dagar sedan
  • Webb did what he had to do for his family. No shame in the scandal.

    Roxx The '96erRoxx The '96er10 dagar sedan
  • Rose is 💩

    Kory TangKory Tang10 dagar sedan
  • Jalen's Hairline is Fake now. I can't trust somebody who lies about their Hairline being Real

    SttuDio.PSttuDio.P10 dagar sedan
  • Jawan Howard, the only one with a nba championship smh

    Quinn ColeQuinn Cole11 dagar sedan

    Adarrin SmithAdarrin Smith11 dagar sedan
  • Don't know about this beef but what i do know is that Rose has the Dexter's laboratory DORK LOOK PERFECTED.

    Bojan PetrovićBojan Petrović12 dagar sedan
  • They went bald as kids & grew their hair out as adults. 🐐

    lowkeyIbeslowkeyIbes12 dagar sedan
  • The road code says people lie go defend themselves. Had he told the truth, who knows what would have happened to him. Lose his life? Banned from his work? Who knows. One thing though, James as a so called bro, should just end his friendship and say why. That's it. Now he just a bro that informs.

    GadGad13 dagar sedan
  • Michigan, the US Government, and Jalen have all gone overboard with the attention and care given. C-Webb hasn't enjoyed it. If only they/we could not talk about it for a few years, time could help and possibly heal it. But even more than that, Biden didn't win and Epstein didn't kill himself.

    Lizzy PotatoesLizzy Potatoes13 dagar sedan
    • You attempted to turn something into politics that has nothing to do with politics.

      Anthony GordonAnthony Gordon10 dagar sedan
  • Everything from 14:58 and on is garbage stupid wrong opinion. Who cares what your garbage stupid wrong opinion is?

    Lizzy PotatoesLizzy Potatoes13 dagar sedan
  • Reggie Miller literally turns into Wax-figure Reggie Miller at 13:24.

    Lizzy PotatoesLizzy Potatoes13 dagar sedan
  • Jalen Rose is a real GOOFIE

    Santana SauceSantana Sauce13 dagar sedan
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  • Both are losers.

    Sam FleischerSam Fleischer14 dagar sedan
  • Who's back after Chris is going to go on showtime basketball

  • It's a new day..move on. We bombed Japan and now we're allies..

    Clay Adams-ElClay Adams-El14 dagar sedan
  • Reggie Miller was buying none of Webber’s story

    Magneto RexMagneto Rex16 dagar sedan
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    Gary CullenGary Cullen16 dagar sedan
  • Seeing Webber broadcasting games (especially college games) is like a huge slap in the face to we fans. I don’t think that he should be talking about a game he clearly doesn’t understand. His comments even today are ridiculous and pretty much the same from game to game. Athletic prowess doesn’t show an understanding of the game but allowing him to talk about it makes him seem to be an idiot

    Devery ShepardsonDevery Shepardson17 dagar sedan
  • Webber got a full ride scholarship to one of the most expensive schools in country ...

    Ron ReissRon Reiss17 dagar sedan
    • It’s not like he was there for education

      KendrickKendrick5 dagar sedan
    • And......

      UNIQUE HILLUNIQUE HILL16 dagar sedan
  • Let's be real, Webber is low-key a shady dude. Brilliant, and a community leader, but he learned to be a backroom shadow by ed martin

    Micheal KellyMicheal Kelly18 dagar sedan
  • Like scandals Like that don't happen at EVERY OTHER SCHOOL

    Micheal KellyMicheal Kelly18 dagar sedan
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    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde18 dagar sedan
  • Its crazy cuz Chris Webber played on uncle drew and was the character who told drew to stop hiding from the truth.

    ZayManeTVZayManeTV20 dagar sedan
  • Why does c Webb need to apologize? He is the reason why they are in the finals...

    King Leung, RA, LEED APKing Leung, RA, LEED AP21 dag sedan
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    Matthew LawtonMatthew Lawton21 dag sedan
  • Say whatever you want one dude walked and called a timeout with no time outs left. I believe Webber throw the game either for money or gambling or something and guy taking money just makes me believe it even more. After the game he 😭 for ever well was the reason they lost the game but was it on purpose or not you all be the judge of that you know how I feel

    EazyEvan GamerEazyEvan Gamer21 dag sedan
    • youre an idiot

      RJ DayRJ Day10 dagar sedan
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    Rising TechRising Tech21 dag sedan
  • The only reason Jalen Rose ass is famous is because of Chris Webber and Juwaun Howard

    Vivian KincaidVivian Kincaid21 dag sedan
  • Rose sucked really and Webber had a great career. Rose is why Webber traveled and then the timeout was partly his fault and the guys on the bench. Rose was overrated at Michigan.

    Timothy BlevinsTimothy Blevins22 dagar sedan
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  • Actually athletes receive about 50k in scholarship but obviously not NBA money.

    E'raan LueE'raan Lue23 dagar sedan
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    Lovett LoisLovett Lois24 dagar sedan
  • As a 44 year old who watched these guys while I was in high school, knowing these two dont talk, is extremely disappointing. Weber appears to have been on the ta..nvm

    Fame Rothstein Sports Investing ShowFame Rothstein Sports Investing Show25 dagar sedan
  • I hate the NCAA and their decisions to vacate wins and personal records after scandals as punishment. Like I get taking money is against rules, but that doesn’t change what guys do on the court, and taking away records and wins especially is wrong vacating wins punishes people who did nothing wrong at all.

    Derek JuarezDerek Juarez25 dagar sedan
  • This feud was entirely Webber's fault. Not only did his actions get the Fab Five's career erased from the NCAA record books, but he also lied to a grand jury about it. That makes his infamous "timeout" was Mickey Mouse in comparison.

    Dion RDion R26 dagar sedan
  • Next Beef History: The Detroit Lions vs. Winning, circa 2008

    Hassan SimpkinsHassan Simpkins26 dagar sedan
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  • "You're not getting that interview Doug." Yeah, I'll talk about it, but on a show people listen to.

    Matthew ConnorsMatthew Connors28 dagar sedan
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  • Only person who can sit them down to hash it out is Tom Brady lol

    Abel AAbel A28 dagar sedan
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    Alexis ShouliAlexis Shouli28 dagar sedan
  • That team was legendary for never winning the big one... they are the “Charles Barkley” of the NCAA.

    Trajan NervaTrajan Nerva29 dagar sedan
    • It is amateur basketball. Going to two straight finals games was an accomplishment. Their biggest contribution was bringing style to the NCAA. Forcing coaches and programs to stop with the conservatism. I have a friend who graduated from Michigan. She always brags and thinks fondly of her school days at Michigan during the Fab Four reign. She graduated from a top tier academic university and had fun going to the games. She wouldn't trade those four years for any other college experience. Just came a tad short of winning a college championship. Not bad at all.

      Randall MadisonRandall Madison28 dagar sedan
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    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde29 dagar sedan
  • I'm with Weber on this oh, they were young nobody was clean rose didn't let it die period. Sometimes you just got to say that's between me and the other for guys to me Jalen Rose crossed that line over and over. I don't blame Chris Webber I would never apologize. I would blame the people who took advantage of young guys throwing money at them or in their path.. To me I think Jalen Rose needs to apologize 2 Chris Webber

    Stephen ConnellStephen ConnellMånad sedan
    • Ikr! However, had Webber known Ed Harris would RAT them out, he would have admitted to getting $$$ from him. I was more upset over Jalen Rose telling on himself, and he grew up around street dudes, NONE of them have anything to apologize for. That shyt is old news, NOBODY will EVER forget the FAB FIVE, by the same token, NOBODY can remember Duke or the Tar Heels whole roster. They should have never been in that position where Webber got trapped anyway, making him call time out! I felt sorry for him.

      Rick ImhotepRick Imhotep29 dagar sedan
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    Shota ToriumiShota ToriumiMånad sedan
  • Money ruined them.

    PNEP030308PNEP030308Månad sedan
  • Webber is a much better player and commentator

    Tyrique WashingtonTyrique WashingtonMånad sedan
  • Can you do a beef history video on Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler?

    Mr. MackMr. MackMånad sedan
  • Cause only a Clinton can get away with perjury

    Randy MorehouseRandy MorehouseMånad sedan
  • lol

    Renjolo BagunuRenjolo BagunuMånad sedan
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  • I think its clear Chris Webber just wants nothing to do with Jalen Rose

    Choppa LeeChoppa LeeMånad sedan
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    swoboda aliceswoboda aliceMånad sedan
  • I don't see the beef on CWebb side. All he trying to do is live his life.

    E BE BMånad sedan
  • I love Chris Webber as a baller but he's wrong for all this, Jalen and the fab 5 have given him ample opportunity to own up to this and make it all good but obviously he wants none of it.

    Tom KrupaTom KrupaMånad sedan
  • Webber gotta stop being a baby simple and plain

    goonzsquad1goonzsquad1Månad sedan
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    Rutledge DufortRutledge DufortMånad sedan
  • Chris is so bitter about it. Move on brother, get over it. You and jalen should be friends.

    Rg4127Rg4127Månad sedan
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    John SmithJohn SmithMånad sedan
  • 🤔 ouch!

    tnizzhtnizzhMånad sedan
  • F Jalen, I got Webbers back. Also F Doug Gottlieb that goober douchebag barney

    KeyserSoze26BKeyserSoze26BMånad sedan
  • I hate how they vacate everything like this. Like thats not going to change the numbers webber put up on the court. Could change what team he or players play for but doesnt do anything the numbers the players put up. If anything just put an asterisk next to it instead of vacating everything. Its stupid

    KeyserSoze26BKeyserSoze26BMånad sedan