STEFFI ∩ SERENA: The future queen of tennis battled a retiring legend long before taking her crown

11 okt 2020
89 937 visningar

Steffi Graf and Serena Williams each owned an era of tennis. They're not really considered contemporaries, more like distinct steps in the evolution of the women's game. But! For a brief window in 1999, these two crossed paths. Serena was a teenage phenom on the verge of breaking out as a star. Steffi was approaching retirement, near ready to wrap up her storied career because of injuries and fatigue.
At two tournaments two months apart, they faced off, and it was fascinating. At an Australian Open tune-up in January '99, Serena tested her game and pushed her limits against a baseline striker whose game she'd long emulated. At Indian Wells in March of that year, the much younger player gave her role model a very different battle.
The overlap between Steffi Graf and Serena Williams is a great lens through which to perceive these important junctures in their careers, so let's dive in.
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Directed by Jiazhen Zhang
Motion graphics by Michael Das
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  • Hingis vs Graf in French open 1999, is a must do video. It´s a classic in tennis with a lot of history in that game!

    David Marques LealDavid Marques Leal24 dagar sedan
  • man this makes me miss wimbledon

    Ben DolanBen Dolan25 dagar sedan
  • Jesus I may have Serena Williams more than any other athlete

    Boss Lax316Boss Lax316Månad sedan
  • Is it weird that a video about tennis made me tear up at the end? This story is so moving, about one player passing the torch to another, with a great spirit of sorority.

    Alon Nissan-CohenAlon Nissan-CohenMånad sedan
    • Bruh tennis is amazing tf you on

      anish dasanish dasMånad sedan
  • I wanna see an overlap for Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby

    Cameron R.Cameron R.Månad sedan
  • petty and gordon, please

    w4desterw4desterMånad sedan
  • This is one of the best videos Secret Base (or SB Nation) has ever produced, and it's a damn shame than the view count isn't ten times higher. Brilliant from start to finish.

    kicking222kicking2222 månader sedan
  • This is an interesting series. Nice story too. I'm thinking Secret Base has to give viewers the overlap story of Kobe and MJ And if it's not been mentioned or thought of, here's me suggesting that this make the series.

    MiKe FergusonMiKe Ferguson2 månader sedan
  • I wouldn't mind this be a rewinder instead of an overlap. Amazing vidro nonetheless

    Miguel GemotraMiguel Gemotra3 månader sedan
  • do Graf's Golden Slam...i feel like its not given enough credit as a sporting achievement

    Ryd ScheerRyd Scheer3 månader sedan
  • For a brief period of time Lebron James and Lonzo Ball played on the same team.

    Luke WeberLuke Weber3 månader sedan
  • How about beef history: Williams vs Hingis?

    Nicki2000coolhiNicki2000coolhi3 månader sedan
  • look closley its 2 dudes there all dudes thats just the tip of the iceberg. in fact you dont even have to look closly just look.

    gene thedancinmachinegene thedancinmachine3 månader sedan
  • The only Overlap i can think of... Bird and Jordan

    Adam ScottAdam Scott3 månader sedan
  • Serena Williams just proved that Reptilians are real “10ft and green” why did she say that?

    BandzXGrizzlyBandzXGrizzly3 månader sedan
  • Hmmm I would say Serena's game drew more from Monica Seles than from Steffi. I always said that their 1999 Indian Wells match was basically Steffi vs a 17 year old Monica incarnate.

    C oC o3 månader sedan
  • America should have LeBron knock up Serena, like china did with Yao Ming's parents. To create a super human athlete, and send them to every Olympics to win every gold medal possible.

    Salmon SalivaSalmon Saliva3 månader sedan
  • Steffi was about to win this match, the analisis is a bit biased, it only accounts for Serena´s stats but Steffi didn´t play so weil in both matches either and she was far from her prime, besides, both matches were really close, both could have gone either way, true though that Serena at her young age was already good

    Fran StarFran Star3 månader sedan
  • Got damnit that was outstanding

    Diaab muhammadDiaab muhammad3 månader sedan
  • I don’t recall Steffi Graf throwing tantrums and then cheating and lying about it. Or ruining a major final because she has a daughter and she does what’s right for her(while again, getting coaching mid-game).

    Marc McNallMarc McNall4 månader sedan
  • My female goat athlete , Serena 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    LiveLikeMattyJLiveLikeMattyJ4 månader sedan
  • Didn't she also get beat by a lower than top 200 male tennis player?

    Stalin's MoustacheStalin's Moustache4 månader sedan
  • loving these videos and the commentary.

    Daniel Christian MauroDaniel Christian Mauro4 månader sedan
  • Hello SB nation. I'm a fan of yours from India and your SEworld series on baseball, basketball and football is the reason I have an interest in these games. But being an Indian, it is disappointing to me that there are no cricket videos such as rewind or beefs. And seeing as your channel is going through a revamp please consider this request. So if and when you decide to make a video on cricket here are a few suggestions: Rewinds 1. The 1983 cricket world cup final 2. The 2007 t20 world cup final 3. The 2011 cricket world cup final 4. The 1999 cricket world cup semifinals 5. The 2019 cricket world cup final 6. The famous Edens Gardens test. Beefs: 1. The India Pakistan rivalry 2. The ashes rivalry 3. The india Australia rivalry. 4. Prasad vs miandad 5. 1980s west indies vs the entire white cricketing world. Also for weird rules: 1. The mankad rule. 2. The bowl out 3. The call back. And many, many more examples. It would please a lot of your fans from India to have their game represented in your stage. Thanking you Yours sincerely Vidish K

    Vidish KarkeraVidish Karkera4 månader sedan
  • Wud have been great rivalry if Steffi graph had played until 2010..she would have dominated serena

    SRIRAM ACSRIRAM AC4 månader sedan
    • @UCscZzgnbhgPTME09rFPeeAA they have 1-1 h2h i guess..steffi wasn't on her prime

      SRIRAM ACSRIRAM AC2 månader sedan
  • Amazing!!!

    Michael WallerMichael Waller4 månader sedan
  • serena still needs a French to match Steffi's GOAT career slam x 4

    sghoundsghound4 månader sedan
  • I really wish y'all would do an overlap of the Williams' Sisters

    Terrell SpeedTerrell Speed4 månader sedan
  • This new series is fantastic. Also, love the TENNIS content!!

    Vincent Carolan-FosterVincent Carolan-Foster4 månader sedan
  • You guys should do McEnroe vs Borg 1980 Wimbledon

    Ethan PorterEthan Porter4 månader sedan
  • Jeez Serena was so ferocious when she was just a baby! You can utterly feel her power from her strokes and style! Definitely game changer for so many years! I hope she wins one more grand slam before she retires.

    D WinD Win4 månader sedan
    • @Ilya Kuryakin hopefully yes

      Maximilian JensMaximilian Jens3 månader sedan
  • Graf played the best women’s tennis I’ve seen until Justine Henin

    ItsMinarmyItsMinarmy4 månader sedan
  • Serena Williams, hiii 🤣🤣🤣

    Thompson CharumaThompson Charuma4 månader sedan
  • Graf's 1988 Grand Slam was actually a Golden Slam. She also won the Olympic Gold that year. Nobody's ever done that on the men or women's circuit, show how rare it is.

    mrmacrossmrmacross4 månader sedan
  • Serena Willimas young and old look like two different people

    MemoTeaMemoTea4 månader sedan
  • Do Mario lemieux

    Martin Jr GuilbertMartin Jr Guilbert4 månader sedan
  • More Serena vids pls ! 🥰

    r3dharl0wr3dharl0w4 månader sedan
  • You guys should do Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky. I'm pretty sure they had an overlap in an all star game

    Dooder 242Dooder 2424 månader sedan
  • Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane

    Yelly FellyYelly Felly4 månader sedan
  • PLEASE make more tennis videos. Tennis history is so overlooked

    Liam DunLiam Dun4 månader sedan
  • Must be great to idolize someone and then eventually beat them, and have your hero laud your performance.

    steven cookesteven cooke4 månader sedan
  • I remember watching the first match when Williams lost to Graf with my grandfather, a former low-level pro, and he stated then that with the correct discipline Serena could easily go down as the greatest ladies Tennis player ever, because of her power and feet at such a young age...he predicted the future...Serena is the greatest EVER for her to make such adjustments in a 60-day span was unreal.

    Charles CrimesCharles Crimes4 månader sedan
    • @RICKY BOBBY Yep did you know nobody has beaten Serena more times than Venus? And Venus stopped being a top 5 player YEARS ago and she STILL has more career wins against her sister than ANYBODY ELSE.

      ralx225bralx225b2 månader sedan
    • @ralx225b Venus was definitely a beast before those injuries slowed her down

      RICKY BOBBYRICKY BOBBY2 månader sedan
    • I personally believe if Venus didn't suffer from her physical disorder that she would have been the best of all-time but yes because of Venus going down Serena really had nobody in her era good enough to consistently beat her.

      ralx225bralx225b3 månader sedan
  • I would love to see some NASCAR beef, or Overlap. The recent additions to the channel have been outstanding.

    Harvey WigginsHarvey Wiggins4 månader sedan
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    Cardola GandhiCardola Gandhi4 månader sedan
  • I appreciate you guys talking about so-called "minor" sports. But I'm wondering, what made Donovan McNabb finish his career untitled?

    msolec2000msolec20004 månader sedan
    • How is tennis a minor sport? The two highest paid athletes in the world (male and female) are tennis players and tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world.

      Regulus ArcturusRegulus Arcturus4 månader sedan
  • That thumbnail looks like two dudes. Just sayin...

    ripperduckripperduck4 månader sedan
  • I like the video, but man, do you over-dramatise regular rally shots just cause they are followed by an unforced error. "She annihilates a backhand cross court" = She plays a decent attacking backhand that her opponent can reach easily but messes up on and puts in the net.

    Nabend1402Nabend14024 månader sedan
  • Overlap is a good series. I approve.

    JoshuaJoshua4 månader sedan
  • you guys need to double the basketball content those are your best vids...idc what it is

    Drunk Raider gamerDrunk Raider gamer4 månader sedan
  • Can you do a league of their own rewinder

    Louie LyonsLouie Lyons4 månader sedan
  • Roy Keane and Bryan Robson overlaping for one season at Manchester United?

    simon catonsimon caton4 månader sedan
  • Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya was a great overlap for MMA

    marcus ayersmarcus ayers4 månader sedan
  • This was beautifully written and well done.

    Shelby JohnsonShelby Johnson4 månader sedan
  • I’m sure these take a bit to make but Can we get these more then 1 every 2 weeks. I love them no matter what sport they are

    Myles MedinaMyles Medina4 månader sedan
  • INCREDIBLE WORK! The real sports fans appreciate y'all

    MikeTrilliamsMikeTrilliams4 månader sedan
  • Switch on again in 20 years when the same video comes out with the name Steffi swapped with Serena and the name Serena swapped with Naomi.

    Gigs 98Gigs 984 månader sedan
  • Until watching this video, I never quite understood why so many tennis rallies seemed like two players hitting it directly at each other.

    qfmarsh64qfmarsh644 månader sedan
  • This might be a longshot, but I would be overjoyed to see even a single Secret Base video on Australian Rules Football. There's 150 years of history, including some delightfully weird stuff in the early days (and latter), inter-generational beef, some tragically untitled heroes, and it produces the best sports footage in the world with furious tackling & collisions, long sprints into goal and the famous speccy catches leaping off of other players' backs. Other than one video about the interchange rules (which barely touched on the game itself) I've never seen it mentioned here, and it seems like a goldmine for videos like this where you step outside the US major league sports. Cheers for all the content.

    prodigaIProdigyprodigaIProdigy4 månader sedan
    • You can get that when I get my rewinder on japan beating the springboks at the 2015 rugby World Cup.

      RugbyRyan’s ReviewsRugbyRyan’s Reviews4 månader sedan
  • So well done, Seth. You did both players justice.

    Grant DowlingGrant Dowling4 månader sedan
  • An Overlap with Marshall Faulk and Peyton Manning would be the best since both won NFL MVP AND at least a Superbowl. They were some of the best offensive ballers the game has ever seen.

    Terry AltherrTerry Altherr4 månader sedan
  • Serena is still going strong and is not going anywhere anytime soon - Our genetics are incredible

    D-jay ShawnD-jay Shawn4 månader sedan
  • A fun one might be Michael Schumacher ∩ Ayrton Senna

    CynonCynon4 månader sedan
  • I like the title’s use of the union symbol. Very creative!

    Ninja ElectivireNinja Electivire4 månader sedan
  • I want Ali and Tyson

    Jonathan TinsleyJonathan Tinsley4 månader sedan
  • Great new series

    Faris AnsorFaris Ansor4 månader sedan
  • Great video guys! loving the new work.

    Will TindallWill Tindall4 månader sedan
  • loved it. Cringed haaard at 'roland garros' pronounciation.

    gotterdammerunggotterdammerung4 månader sedan
  • Please please pretty secret base please do something on NBA SG Eddie Jones!!!!! Like WTF?!!! He preceded Kobe and D Wade and then just disappeared. But he was really good still. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Brandon WilliamsBrandon Williams4 månader sedan
  • Williams won her first US Open in 1999, not 2000.

    Hermes BouzaHermes Bouza4 månader sedan
  • Serena Williams is 100% using PEDs. It's bizarre that everyone wants to overlook doping in tennis. Women used to retire at 25, burned out. She's pushing 40 and still going strong. Locking herself in the changing rooms? The outburst where she was going to shove a ball down someone's throat? McEnroe admitted he was on steroids and gave us the BS claim he didn't know what he was taking. YEAH RIGHT. Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer AGAIN all pushing 40 and going strong. All three are doping. Nobody plays 5 setters at 40 for 12 months on end. Again, men's players were retiring by their early 30s...these guys "magically" just keep getting better.

    nayr497nayr4974 månader sedan
    • @r3dharl0w How does it feel to make a BS claim and get asked to provide ANY evidence to support your claim? Does it make ya, like want to leave and go away?

      nayr497nayr4974 månader sedan
    • @r3dharl0w Wait, you make a BS claim about "most tested" and have no evidence, and therefore you're finished? Hmm, that seems so unlikely. I was expecting a robust engagement with numerous credible articles with concrete data in them. There is a record of testing, so provide it. Otherwise, your claim is, once again, total BS with nothing to support it. You actually have NO CLUE how many times she was tested vs. Nadal. Vs Federer. Vs McEnroe. Vs Lendl. Vs Graf. We know you're just making BS up, so thanks.

      nayr497nayr4974 månader sedan
    • @nayr497 the proof you so desperately seek will come up if you searchhhhh !! but you won’t so I’m finished here lol

      r3dharl0wr3dharl0w4 månader sedan
    • @r3dharl0w You definitely wouldn't "search up" the frequency of PED testing on a professional athlete in an English class, but good try. Ah, so you have no proof and simply say it's ME who needs to provide the data to support your BS claim. NOT how it goes when you make an absurd claim with no credible support. You made the stupid claim, YOU need to support your claim. Or's just BS blowin' in the breeze.

      nayr497nayr4974 månader sedan
    • @nayr497 search it up😫 this isn’t English class, ion gotta write a whole research paper for you lmao

      r3dharl0wr3dharl0w4 månader sedan
  • You’re my favorite Seth! I hope to this day you still eat snacks off your tummy like an otter.

    Tryh4rd nLTryh4rd nL4 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo and Mbappe overlapped yesterday!

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  • Hey Secret Base do the untitled version of Reggie Miller

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  • Hamilton - Schumacher overlap would be fun to do since they're tied with F1 GP wins but Hamilton has 2 or 3 good years left in him plus the 5 more races this season with no game-changing rule changes in sight.

    paolylopaolylo4 månader sedan
    • True, but Schumi was a mere back-marker when Senna was World Champion. The overlap was a full 3 seasons from when Williams were beating McLaren until Senna joined Williams as Schumi became the best driver in F1 driving a Benetton-Ford, a few races before Senna's crash at Imola. If the overlap is that long, then we might as well talk about the three seasons Schumi came out of retirement driving for the team that would eventually give Hamilton 5 more World Championships. Senna ∩ Schumacher ∩ Hamilton

      paolylopaolylo4 månader sedan
    • Senna schumi is better because Hamilton never went against Ferrari schumi

      Jonathan SobczakJonathan Sobczak4 månader sedan
    • Hamilton ∩ Schumacher, or Schumacher ∩ Senna

      CynonCynon4 månader sedan
    • This one is good.

      gray lategray late4 månader sedan
  • This legit has one of the most wholesome endings of any sports SEworld video I’ve ever seen.

    Sebastian MelendezSebastian Melendez4 månader sedan
  • They are so weak compared to men

    untilweevenuntilweeven4 månader sedan
  • Secret Base could do an Overlap of either: De La Hoya vs Mayweather or De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao. Either one works.

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  • Why did they change the name of the channel I have no problem with just want to know why they changed it

    Goat NazGoat Naz4 månader sedan
  • Soon we'll talk about how the final stretch of Serena's career overlapped with probably the most talented generation of players women's tennis has ever seen, from Kvitova and Halep to Swiatek, Kenin and Gauff.

    CheapAbyssCheapAbyss4 månader sedan
    • maybe in like 5-10 years

      Karmic ObsessionKarmic Obsession23 dagar sedan
  • We need an Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre overlap

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  • Next one should be Deion Sanders and Randy Moss

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  • If Bianca Andreescu continues to have a good/great career we will be seeing an overlap of her and Serena in like 10 years or so

  • You guys need to do a moment in time for George foreman

    Jawa 2Jawa 24 månader sedan
  • I love Serena, but Germany is my homeland and Graf was such a huge figure in my childhood, there’s nothing that can top Steffi’s golden slam. And being a 4x grand slam winner. Unbelievable.

    Worldwide WyattWorldwide Wyatt4 månader sedan
  • Yesss more tennis content please!

    Calvin StaropoliCalvin Staropoli4 månader sedan
  • Overlap NFL edition: Joe Montana & Steve Young

    Gerald RallaceGerald Rallace4 månader sedan
  • Probably the two best women's tennis players of all time

    Anant 1Anant 14 månader sedan
  • You guys are so good at making content. Seth is my favorite tho.

    Jaromir JagrJaromir Jagr4 månader sedan
  • I'm really liking this series. Keep it up Secret Base.

    Michael TatumMichael Tatum4 månader sedan
  • Too bad Serena took the spotlight from the passing of the torch of Osaka. The greatest yet worse poor sport player in history.

    sharkl11sharkl114 månader sedan
  • Got weirdly emotional at this. Not at all a Tennis fan. Only people I know are the Venus sisters. But just something about an actual child getting to not only compete against their idol but eventually beat them and then end up having an even bigger legacy than they did is something just really damn powerful. Even to have your role model stumble in words at how good you are and eventually become your biggest fan as they are far into retirement. Idk... there is just something very powerful about that.

    Tyra Too OPTyra Too OP4 månader sedan
  • Rewinder on Scott Sattler’s tackle against the Roosters in the 2003 NRL Grand Final would be cool to see

    Dante PetrinDante Petrin4 månader sedan
  • Okay, I really appreciate the work and it's an amazing video but... I've never seen someone butcher(not even try is more accurate) the pronunciation of Roland Garros this bad in my entire life... and I've listened to all kinds of languages say that name.

    Mauricio Betim Paes LemeMauricio Betim Paes Leme4 månader sedan
  • Is it weird that SB makes me forget that I wasn't born upper class and therefore don't follow tennis? And yes, before you get all "woke" on me about the Williams sisters, they were upper class down to every single pore. Check their background. 99% of you were born under *way* less privileged circumstances than them. Don't forget that. White, black, brown, doesn't matter. *Almost all of us* were born without the options and resources they had. It's not about race. It's about class. NEVER, EVER FORGET THAT GOING FORWARD. Being able to discern that fact is going to make all the difference in your life soon. Very, very soon.

    Benjamin VoegeleBenjamin Voegele4 månader sedan
    • @ELL IS - it's weird that you're bragging about being dismissive and unwilling to even read something to understand a point. I guess it's very 2020 for you to think that makes you the smart one lol

      Benjamin VoegeleBenjamin Voegele4 månader sedan
    • everything after your first sentence was completely unnecessary. seeing “upper class” in your comment would just make me think you’re talking about tennis as a whole, not serena.

      ELL ISELL IS4 månader sedan
  • Serena is a garbage can person. Change my mind.

    Jarrod WadeJarrod Wade4 månader sedan
  • FINALLY a tennis video from you guys! You should totally do a video on the dominance of the Big 3 in men’s tennis

    McleodSniperMcleodSniper4 månader sedan
  • Amazing upload for great story, thanks SB guys!

    Hieuby_DoobyHieuby_Dooby4 månader sedan
  • Too bad Serena can’t be as strong as Steffi was at the end of her career.

    graftonreedgraftonreed4 månader sedan
  • How Secret Base Didn’t Break My Heart

    Bobby AdlerBobby Adler4 månader sedan
  • What's with the channel name change?

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