Chris Paul's last-ditch, stigma-shattering moment against the Spurs deserves a deep rewind

22 nov 2020
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“Chris Paul can’t win big games,” is a sentiment that haunted Chris Paul from his time as a baby-faced Hornet all the way until his robustly-bearded Clipper years. His inability to lead the Clippers to a conference finals allowed the critics to go off, and keep going off.
And while the opening round of the playoffs doesn’t, on its own, grant access to the conference finals, the 2015 Clippers-Spurs series provided Paul with a chance to prove that those critics wrong.
A seeding system that has since been scrapped gave us perhaps the best opening round ever. The Spurs and Clippers were separated by just one game. It was a series of veterans with a proven track record (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili) vs. young guns getting desperate to win together (Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan). It was old knees (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili) vs. young knees (Griffin, Paul, Jordan). It was the confident reigning champs Spurs vs. the “we have good regular seasons” Clippers.
And what do you know, the series went down to game seven. The final moments of game seven, in fact. It was time for Chris Paul to win a big game, or cement his legacy of coming up short.
Let’s rewind.
Written and produced by: Clara Morris
Directed and Edited by: Joe Ali

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  • Hope y'all are ready to feel some chills. We've got some HIGHLY requested videos in the works, but what else have y'all been craving?

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    • It might not be long ago enough, but Mike Hughes’ kick six in the UCF vs USF 2017 game

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    • I would love to see a deep rewind of the 2002 world cup final with Oliver Kahn fumbling the ball after Rivaldo's shot and Ronaldo opening the score for the Brazilian 5th title... There's so much highs and lows in one single moment.. Oliver Kahn historic run as a goalkeeper being named the best world cup player, the underappreciated Rivaldo being once again the unsung hero and Ronaldo going from the risk of retirement after his serious knee injuries to the top of the world and the redemption after the 1998 world cup fiasco in the final against France.

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  • can someone explain why the commissioner of the nba had to approve the chris paul trade?

    AngadAngad4 timmar sedan
  • The descriptive viola singly bore because camera symptomatically sneeze against a ratty euphonium. ill, cool chord

    Phuong NguyenPhuong Nguyen10 timmar sedan
  • Please do a deep rewind of the Shot Raptors-Philadelphia!!

    Mateus Melo FerreiraMateus Melo Ferreira4 dagar sedan
  • The Chris Paul untitled will be excellent

    Lil XtraLil Xtra5 dagar sedan
  • Duncan had 5 rings at this point

    Max MachomaMax Machoma7 dagar sedan
  • Btw the Clippers lost to the spurs. Manu hit a buzzer beater

    Giant GamingGiant Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • I just know Secret Base HATES the Suprs hahaha there is not a single good rewinder for the Spurs. And there will probably be a collapse someday.

    André GaudioAndré Gaudio19 dagar sedan
  • He is still overrated

    ChillMoebeatzChillMoebeatz22 dagar sedan
  • This lady sounds like bart Simpson

    PyroPyro23 dagar sedan
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    Jordan LawsonJordan Lawson29 dagar sedan
  • Damn this voice is annoying. Only the main guy makes these videos good

    Sean ReillySean ReillyMånad sedan
  • C'mon are you guys hating on the Spurs? 0.4 then this? Why not make a video about Tim Duncan's uncredited quadruple double or how he never won a DPOY award despite anchoring majority of the best defensive teams of all time. You also didn't state the fact that a 39 year old Duncan was dominating both DJ and Blake this series. Also this wasn't as significant as other events in NBA History. Why can't you make videos on if TD didn't get injured in 2000 then The Lakers might not have a championship or when from 2003-2007, Spurs should have won 5 if not for a 0.4 shot or a Manu foul on Dirk in game 7. Haters!

    Gino delos ReyesGino delos ReyesMånad sedan
  • I don't know if it's fair to call this shot "stigma-shattering" considering they would go on to blow a 3-1 lead against the Rockets in the next round, meaning they still never made it past the 2nd round lol.

    JG124JG124Månad sedan
  • If u think the Spurs hack a DJ was bad, watch DJ and Dwight Howard in a free throw shooting contest in the second round

    Vinnie ChanVinnie ChanMånad sedan
  • He makes the shot

    Junior _Junior _Månad sedan
  • Or do it on dame's buzzer beater against the thunder

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  • So this channel used to be sb nation right

    Icelemon 3sniper5Icelemon 3sniper5Månad sedan
  • I remember this game it was the same night as that Floyd and pac man fight

    SCAMPs2XSCAMPs2XMånad sedan
  • did blake injure himself there?

    backnine39backnine39Månad sedan
  • They need to find a new female to read these. The one they have reading doesn’t intrigue the ears.

    Alejandro GutierrezAlejandro Gutierrez2 månader sedan
  • The underlying problem: Doc Rivers

    mcmcmcmc2 månader sedan
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  • Well it’s time for the Flippers to move back to San Diego

    Kyle JohnsonKyle Johnson2 månader sedan
  • If only the NBA wasn't owned by China

    ZanthorZanthor2 månader sedan
  • This Kawhi guy seems promising

    Matthew SawczynMatthew Sawczyn2 månader sedan
  • We just gonna ignore seeing Blake Griffin going for a dunk and hitting the ground immediately after that buzzer 🤣

    wilderacwilderac2 månader sedan
  • Do a rewinder on the Danny green shot

    Naruto FanNaruto Fan2 månader sedan
  • Shoutout to Blake for almost breaking his neck with that putback attempt

    TropikkkanaTropikkkana2 månader sedan
  • I kinda think the embrace of Duncan afterwards was even more memorable. Even though I dislike the Clippers, seeing CP3s emotions come out in that moment was something heartwarming

    MrQ000000MrQ0000002 månader sedan
  • Well done Claire (sp?). ESPN quality

    Dan WilliamsDan Williams2 månader sedan
  • Imagine if Chris Paul missed and Blake griffin got a series winning putback 😂

    Yvng FlameYvng Flame2 månader sedan
  • this wasn't a moment in history. the clips still never won a second round. the next series they blew a 3-1 lead. they even did the same thing this year.

    Candy BoyCandy Boy2 månader sedan
  • The discreet use strangely float because control comparatively form between a adventurous nancy. eatable, permissible pastry

    Jesia AvaJesia Ava2 månader sedan
  • This was one of the better rewinds I've seen in a while. PS Clara's voice is giving me Bart Simpson vibes "EAT MY SHORTS"

    Juan FranciscoJuan Francisco2 månader sedan
  • @kasb_daramad_vageei You can sea!

    MelikaMelika2 månader sedan
  • clara morris' voice is annoying

    Stephen SorianoStephen Soriano2 månader sedan
  • Is this being narrated by a little boy? Serious question.

    Bobby BBobby B2 månader sedan
  • Biggest choker in modern NBA history. Something about CP3 that rubs folks the wrong way

    dr2001dre123dr2001dre1232 månader sedan
  • I believe Blake was out the rest of the playoffs after trying to do that nonexistent putback.

    Tales From The Trip!Tales From The Trip!2 månader sedan
  • Why do you guys hate my Spurs? Every rewinder with them, ends with them taking an L lol

    lbl4444lbl44442 månader sedan
  • Jesus #1 no cap all fax We have to have joy in any circumstance and of course faith in the lord. Verse: " Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12 12 God bless Website: BibleGateway

    Xzander GravesXzander Graves2 månader sedan
  • Seeing Aaron Baynes and not seeing a big deal about him made me concerned for a second

    Finny SportsFinny Sports2 månader sedan
  • I love this Video but garbage ending...

    Alejandro ReyesAlejandro Reyes2 månader sedan
  • After Paul hit the shot the Spurs called their final timeout to draw up a play. As they were inbounding the buzzer mysteriously went off resulting in them showing their play without a timeout to draw up another one. The only tome I’ve seen that happen in an NBA game in crunch time.

    Hella YellaHella Yella2 månader sedan
  • You did amazing with the whole setup!

    III DCP3 IIIIII DCP3 III2 månader sedan
  • Division winners no longer determine seed FWIW

    Nathan WalkerNathan Walker2 månader sedan
  • Freaking awesome video my favourite player

    Kaden HofmannKaden Hofmann2 månader sedan
  • I remember this was the night of Mayweather vs Pacquiao and my friends and I went to pick up the pizza where they were actually showing this game... good thing pizza was delayed cus we stuck around for the few minutes and went crazy when CP3 hit this layup the Pizza Hut employees were probably thinking wtf is wrong with these kids but that was an unforgettable sports night

    PorviPorvi2 månader sedan
  • And then we blew a 3-1 lead to Josh Smith and the Houston Rockets good times :(

    Jacob MartinJacob Martin2 månader sedan
  • "Everyone was glad he was alive" dont do my mans danny green like that 😂😂

    Jacob MartinJacob Martin2 månader sedan
  • I always thought this was a woman's voice but apparently just a small Mexican man 👨 Edit: sorry "height challenged hispanic male" Edit edit: my bad "vertically challenged latinx person of color"

    Ricardo FuentesRicardo Fuentes2 månader sedan
  • That was only five seasons ago? It feels like forever ago, especially now with Kawhi Leonard now on the Clippers and Lob City completely gone (CP3 traded, Blake traded, DJ leaving in FA).

    hbdragon88hbdragon882 månader sedan
  • Why is Boris drinking a beer at 3;38

    Andrew BillingsAndrew Billings2 månader sedan
  • Probably the greatest first round series in NBA playoff history!

    Bryce LovettBryce Lovett2 månader sedan
  • I mean they still didn’t prove themselves, they lost the next series in sad fashion

    KB FilmsKB Films2 månader sedan
  • You REALLY need to do a deep rewind on Maradona's Hand of God goal....

    Michael LeeMichael Lee3 månader sedan
  • You could do Fresno State winning the 2008 College World Series and Miracle on Ice as well.

    Darius WilliamsDarius Williams3 månader sedan
  • MLB: 2004 ALCS (Red Sox vs. Yankees, Game 4, 5, or 7) 2004 NLCS (Astros vs. Cardinals, Game 5 or 6) 2004 NLDS (Astros vs. Braves, Game 4) 2006 ALCS (A's vs. Tigers, Game 4) 2007 Colorado Rockies NL Pennant run 2008 Tampa Bay Rays AL Pennant run 2015 ALDS (Rangers vs. Blue Jays, Game 5)

    Darius WilliamsDarius Williams3 månader sedan
  • NBA: 1995 ECSF (Pacers vs. Knicks, Game 1 or 7) 1997 WCF (Rockets vs. Jazz, Game 6) 1998 ECF (Pacers vs. Bulls, Game 4) Memorial Day Miracle 2002 WCF (Lakers vs. Kings, Game 4 or 5) 2006 ECQF (Wizards vs. Cavaliers, Game 5 or 6) 2006 WCQF (Lakers vs. Suns, Game 4) **2007 ECF (Cavaliers vs. Pistons, Game 5) 2009 ECF (Magic vs. Cavaliers, Game 2) *2011 Finals (Mavericks vs. Heat, Game 2)

    Darius WilliamsDarius Williams3 månader sedan
  • College basketball: Gonzaga vs. Florida, 1999 West Regional Semifinal George Mason vs. Connecticut, 2006 Washington D.C. Regional Final Kentucky vs. Duke, 1992 East Regional Final 1993 National Championship Game 2008 National Championship Game Gonzaga vs. UCLA, 2006 Oakland Regional Semifinal

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  • NFL: '98 NFC Championship Game (ATL vs. MIN, Gary Anderson's miss) '02 NFC Championship Game (TB vs. PHI, Ronde Barber's pick six to close out Veterans Stadium) '04 AFC Divisional (NYJ vs. PIT, Doug Brien misses 2 GW FGs) '06 AFC Championship Game (NE vs. IND, Colts finally beat Patriots in playoffs) River City Relay followed by missed XP (NO vs. JAC, week 16, 2003) Bottlegate (JAC vs. CLE, week 15, 2001) Minneapolis Miracle

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  • Annoying ass voice

    Fernando SalgadoFernando Salgado3 månader sedan
  • Hey guys, check out this video!!

    Christina AbrahamChristina Abraham3 månader sedan
  • I love these videos a lot but I hate that they end the second whatever the video's about happens. Would love to see a bit more of the final play/the reactions, whatever. But great work as always!

    Chip TamplinChip Tamplin3 månader sedan
  • Hmm, so hitting one game winner in the first round makes up for all the other choke jobs? Well, for the Clippers it's really all you can hope for.

    TheKjbleuTheKjbleu3 månader sedan
  • Man sadly clippers choked and lose to the rockets next series after this one

    Ricky GunawanRicky Gunawan3 månader sedan
  • Do Maradona's Hand of God in tribute to him

    Wira PoriWira Pori3 månader sedan
  • Didn't Blake get injured off of that last rebound attempt?

    Gavino MontanoGavino Montano3 månader sedan
  • Back in the day Donald Sterling would have been a hippie

    Boxer McCoyBoxer McCoy3 månader sedan
  • G

    Whotfyoulookinat GAMINGWhotfyoulookinat GAMING3 månader sedan
  • I just wanna be the 1000th comment

    Max TepperMax Tepper3 månader sedan
  • CP3 is too good to win a title. It might sound crazy but he's a monster but he's short. Short players need a balanced team to lead. If it wasn't so blatantly obvious that he was the best player on his teams he'd probably have had a chance to win it all

    Gen4JohnGen4John3 månader sedan
  • And then they blow a 3-1 lead the next round lol

    Grant GreenGrant Green3 månader sedan
  • C'mon Secret Base, give us Spurs fans some non-painful content! .4, T-Mac's comeback, game 6 and now this. It hurts guys, give us at least the Ginobili block on Harden, the Horry shot in game 5 of the 2005 finals, Duncan's clutch takeover in overtime of game 6 in the 14 WCF, I'll even take the Horry hip check in 2007! Just give us something!

    Alex SundinAlex Sundin3 månader sedan
  • This was better then the Mayweather fight

    KinGAdil019KinGAdil0193 månader sedan
  • Amazing video.

    Jarvis13Jarvis133 månader sedan
  • 7:03 "Everyone is glad that he was alive". I see what you did there, you're not slick 😭😭😭

    OEThe11OEThe113 månader sedan
  • If the Spurs won that series. Golden state might have lose WCF Vs the Spurs and probably have back to back champion.

    Odan.fledOdan.fled3 månader sedan
  • I saw this live

    G2KPOATG2KPOAT3 månader sedan
  • I want the other narrator

    Nate PhanNate Phan3 månader sedan
  • I fcking hate remembering those fcking injuries!

    norest wickednorest wicked3 månader sedan
  • This was an amazing video! This was an amazing series!

    Jim KrauseJim Krause3 månader sedan
  • I hope I am not the only one who cries watching a basketball video.

    Jim KrauseJim Krause3 månader sedan
  • "A fistful of rings, thumbs don't count." Am I wrong, or did the Spurs in fact win a fifth ring sometime in the late 90s?

    J.T. EliotJ.T. Eliot3 månader sedan
  • This is what its like as a spur fan, either going to finals or getting upset

    Isaac MedinaIsaac Medina3 månader sedan
  • "GOOD HE GOT IT" *Breaking news, Clippers star Blake Griffin has died after trying to secure a basket and then falling to the ground.

    bruhbruh3 månader sedan
  • CP3 committed an offensive foul to get that game-winning basket over Duncan, but as they say, if the refs don't call it, it's not a foul.

    DerkuiDerkuiDerkuiDerkui3 månader sedan
  • Blake griffin Clippers GOAT 🐐

    Skippz 1904Skippz 19043 månader sedan
  • Your voice sounds sped up lmao

    FlyhighphillyFlyhighphilly3 månader sedan
  • do a video about matadona's "god hand"

    cesar apontecesar aponte3 månader sedan
  • This is too political. Saying Donald Sterling is super racist is bullshit. He's moderately racist.

    Great SisyphusGreat Sisyphus3 månader sedan
  • Beef history: Chris Paul vs all of his former teammates.

    The MediatorThe Mediator3 månader sedan
  • Have y’all made one for Ron artest’s 3 against the Celtics? If not we need one on that

    Nathaniel PeriasamyNathaniel Periasamy3 månader sedan
  • Idea for vídeo: since Maradona recently past away, make a rewinder of his goal against England in 86

    Fran PreitiFran Preiti3 månader sedan
  • Cp3 is a loser though. And he kissed a tone of games in the olayoffs through injuries

    Λεωνίδας ΧρόνηςΛεωνίδας Χρόνης3 månader sedan
  • Moral of the story: play Chris Paul when he's hurt

    Jordan SabourinJordan Sabourin3 månader sedan
  • Obvious that this woman doesn’t like Chris Paul

    sammy facersammy facer3 månader sedan