Patrick Ewing never won an NBA championship. Here's what left him empty-handed.

1 nov 2020
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This one stings. A surface-level summary of 1990s NBA history is basically: “Michael Jordan won the championships he was around to win, and Hakeem Olajuwon got the other ones in the middle.” Part of the reason the series Untitled exists is to better explain that era. With details and context, we hope to show that those oversimplified truths hang on some complex set-ups, near misses, and fascinating stories. Patrick Ewing’s Knicks wrote several of those stories; perhaps the most heartbreaking.
Ewing spent almost all of his legendary career in New York, and almost all of that stint competing for a championship. But, yes, Jordan interfered, albeit not as decisively as the short version of the story would have you think. Those Bulls were underdogs at one point, and even after that, came an inch here or a second there from losing to Ewing and company. Those inches and seconds describe some of the most sickening moments in the history of Knicks fandom.
Sickening, too, were the fates of Ewing’s teams that didn’t have to (or get to) face Jordan: The ones that fell to the Pacers, the Heat, and of course Hakeem Olajuwon’s Rockets in the brutal 1994 Finals.
Patrick Ewing retired without a championship, but we hope this episode of Untitled will help you appreciate how excellent he was and how rivals, fate, and bad timing conspired to stop him. You can’t tell this ringless story in a simple sentence or two.
Directed and edited by Ryan Simmons
Motion graphics by Michael Das
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
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  • He can thank John starks for that 2 for 18 game 6

    davin Browndavin BrownDag sedan
  • List of things responsible for Ewing not winning a ring: 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Hakeem Olajuwon 3. Reggie Miller 4. Tim Duncan & David Robinson 5. Age.

    Shu Wing LeungShu Wing LeungDag sedan
  • Because of Michael Jordan

    White Knight 72White Knight 722 dagar sedan
  • To be continued on collapse...

    DeltaDelta2 dagar sedan
  • "Why did Patrick Ewing didn't win any championships?" Cause it's the Knicks.

    I'mKyddingI'mKydding2 dagar sedan
  • Patrick Ewing never won an NBA championship? Acceptable Answer: Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, The Knicks.

    Hei CHei C2 dagar sedan
  • One word answer: Michael

    Alo WarbayAlo Warbay2 dagar sedan
  • Beef history: detroit vs never getting a first overall pick in 50 year’s

    Detroit GhostDetroit Ghost2 dagar sedan
  • Mark jackson was trash when he played,in 1999 was knicks chance, ewing it wasn't your fault it was owners picking weak guards like hubert davis, john starks,gerald wilkins, Damm if ewing was part of a big three like paul pierce had.

    Wendell SloanWendell Sloan3 dagar sedan
  • Answer: Bird, Isiah, Jordan, Reggie, Hakeem.. And Starks... Next question.

    slikdarelicslikdarelic3 dagar sedan
  • As a Knick fan, this one is really going to hurt.

    James KreislerJames Kreisler3 dagar sedan
  • All the coaching changes & never had that 1 2 punch like Micheal or Malone. Waited too late in his career to put a team around him!!

    Eddie WallaceEddie Wallace3 dagar sedan
  • This video is literally painfully for me to watch... as a lifelong Knicks fans memories of those days seems so bittersweet with some great Knicks teams and memories but always painful endings. I can’t say I blame Riley for bailing because I almost couldn’t take it anymore but just imagine if Riley had just stayed in NY... oh just let me die already knowing that under Dolan they will never win anything

    Raul VitoRaul Vito4 dagar sedan
  • Remember he wanted to beat starks ass for picking up that dumb ass foul and I believe got ejected too

    Calvino DablackalpacinoCalvino Dablackalpacino4 dagar sedan
  • Starks got 🤬 to easy, Jordan master🎓😎🎓mind.... and Miller 3pt💦wet they stayed in starks head ...yall welkum

    Calvino DablackalpacinoCalvino Dablackalpacino4 dagar sedan
  • CUZ OF MIKE! 🐃🐃🐃 🤣🤣🤣 We Still Love You Pat. -New York

    Big BrooklyniteBig Brooklynite4 dagar sedan
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    jungan leejungan lee4 dagar sedan
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    Jacky KongJacky Kong5 dagar sedan
  • 1995...😬😬😬😬😬😬🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    Jabari Crews EllisJabari Crews Ellis5 dagar sedan
  • mad he theory right off rip... lol... Michael Jeffrey Jordan.... 😃

    Caprice HollisCaprice Hollis6 dagar sedan
  • Yous should do an Untitled on Steven Gerrard not winning a Premier League title with Liverpool

    Grant1998Grant19987 dagar sedan
  • Wish he was healthy for 99, he vs Admiral

    Micheal KellyMicheal Kelly7 dagar sedan
  • Fantasy story: Knicks were a set up team for the "Las Vegas" sports bookers.. Plausible story. Knicks tripped over themselves and weren't as marketable. Real Story: Knicks choked when it mattered.

    C NC N8 dagar sedan
  • It takes 23 minutes to say Micheal Jordan .. LOL, Dont feel sorry for me Captain Oblivious..

    Feo DienteFeo Diente8 dagar sedan
  • petition for jerry west and elgin baylor untitled

    ayylmao18ayylmao189 dagar sedan
  • 1993 MJ: In 27 years, a SEworld Channel called Secret Base is going to question why Patrick Ewing never won a championship...okay, fine. 1993 Scottie Pippen: What the hell is SEworld?

    Printez StromanPrintez Stroman9 dagar sedan
  • No two different words New york

    jelly beanjelly bean10 dagar sedan
  • Patrick's major mistake was to stick around New York.

    Alfred L Early jrAlfred L Early jr10 dagar sedan
  • Here are two reasons: Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon.

    Tim HoheiselTim Hoheisel10 dagar sedan
  • Ewing never got respect like he should have. Not got respect being denied for a head coaching job, got all the blame for their loss or exits in the playoffs when hes the one who even got them that far. (This is also coming from a Celtics fan and absolutely love Jordan and rooted for Reggie those years against the knicks and hated them. Ewing was like Jeter to Boston sports fans. Absolutely hate them and their teams but respect Jeter and Ewing)

    KeyserSoze26BKeyserSoze26B11 dagar sedan
  • Everybody can't win, it's not Ewings fault. He did miss a layup against Indiana in game 7 to go to the Finals.....🥶😵

    kongi phillipskongi phillips11 dagar sedan
  • 2 words..... finger roll

    Rodney CavinessRodney Caviness11 dagar sedan
  • He didnt win bc he was with the knicks plain n simple!! Lol

    Carlos CrespoCarlos Crespo12 dagar sedan
  • A 6'5 Charles Barkley averaged 2 more rebounds a game

    Dan DillonDan Dillon12 dagar sedan
  • Every Championship team that has ever deemed to succeed successfully , ultimately had to finish , without error or excuses , of not being perfect , but with a reasonable amount of ( defence ) .

    Byron JonesByron Jones13 dagar sedan
  • I can answer this. Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon and a terrible shooting performance by John Starks in game seven

    Swamp ThingSwamp Thing13 dagar sedan
  • Not m.j. His Knicks not coming Tru in game 7 of the 1994 NBA finals. Then again, if Knicks did win the 94 title, would Houston have won the 95? N if not...this video could have possibly been that of Hakeem n Clyde... maybe Why so serious!? 🃏

    Charlie MartinezCharlie Martinez13 dagar sedan
  • Patrick Ewing is one of the best big man centers to ever play the game. The reason the Knicks never won a championship is due to a combination of bad luck, players being overworked, and Ewing's fault. Folks always say that Ewing never had a good enough supporting cast. That's not true. Patrick at one time had A) Oakley, Starks, Harper and Mason on their team and at another time had B) Oakley, Starks, Houston, and Johnson. For Team A, there were games in which Ewing did not show up. No team can win if their Go To Guy disappears. There were games in which Ewing scored 1 point and grabbed 1 rebound. Winners don't take any games off unless they're seriously hurt. Jordan never took a game off. Olajuwon never took a game off. With Team B, the Knicks had the best team in the East - to include the Bulls. But their fate was sealed when Charlie Ward got into the fight with the Heat's PJ Brown. Due to so many suspensions, the Knicks blew that series. In summary, a combination of Ewing, Bad Luck....and being overworked in practices by Coach Riley, cost Ewing and the Knicks a championship.

    ronniebobby editionronniebobby edition13 dagar sedan
  • Uhhh...... Michael Jordan

    MatthewMatthew14 dagar sedan
  • The abrupt dahlia biomechanically wail because iran analogously invite toward a spiky bone. talented, motionless flugelhorn

    Michael MontaltoMichael Montalto15 dagar sedan
  • Supermduper simple version answer: Michael Jeffery Jordan

    bill leebill lee15 dagar sedan
  • “A legend without a ring is still a legend.”

    Steven KarasSteven Karas15 dagar sedan
  • Bruh...rick "stinky pits" smits was a THUNDER BEAST ⛈

    Wesley HallWesley Hall15 dagar sedan
  • Also, you're a dude. Never use the term "tapestry" again

    Wesley HallWesley Hall15 dagar sedan
  • Ya! Stop 'talking about jordan!" the author of video...actively talks about Jordan (in his ewing/knicks video)

    Wesley HallWesley Hall15 dagar sedan
  • The oafish partridge acutely box because boat architecturally drip for a available motorboat. zealous, oafish married

    vlad vladichvlad vladich17 dagar sedan
  • VAn city hall

    Green ReportGreen Report17 dagar sedan
  • Knicks haven't won anything since 50 odd years ago and never surrounded Ewing with talent other than Starks, Oakley, & The late Anthony Mason!!!

    Monti MillerMonti Miller18 dagar sedan
  • Micheal Jordan and Hakeem the dream Olajuwon is the reason why pat never won a chip

    Sharef RowellSharef Rowell18 dagar sedan
  • I will any answer that. First of all Patrick was a excellent Center one of the best centers of his era. However his supporting teammates just whenever strong enough to overcome the likes of the Pistons Chicago Bulls and the Houston Rockets. It's as simple as that. But the number one reason definitely has to be the Chicago Bulls. Because it wasn't for them they probably would have made it to the finals am I even had a chance at winning a title but that's how the cookie crumbles

    Joeseph NichollsJoeseph Nicholls19 dagar sedan
  • 6:54 You'd think people would have figured this out, but nope.

    Blade1301Blade130119 dagar sedan
  • There was no need for 24 minutes to say JORDAN WAS THE REASON...💯 FACTS! (Shout out to John Starks trash game 7 against the Rockets)

    Tony EsquireTony Esquire19 dagar sedan
  • When I first seen this title I just though of jordan 🐐

    JWB SniperJWB Sniper19 dagar sedan
  • It was not mj it was he had on Hof help like others who won rings,but remember those refs calling all those soft fouls for mj and the Patriots oh I mean the bulls if you know what I mean

    Marlon PattersonMarlon Patterson19 dagar sedan
  • Shortest answer: MJ

    Aidan MurrayAidan Murray21 dag sedan
  • a legend without a ring is a legend just the same? yeah right...

    Roderick GarciaRoderick Garcia21 dag sedan
  • Short answer: Curse of the Knicks

    Martin AndersonMartin Anderson21 dag sedan
  • lets make it shorter then one word: MJ

    ay ruay ru22 dagar sedan
  • He’s not really a scorer, guys like Shaq could score 40-50 points a game if he really wanted to.

    Jack C.Jack C.23 dagar sedan
  • Micheal Jordan ... there I saved you all 21 minutes THATS THE REASON!!

  • I miss the 90s KNICKS they brought me a lot of pain 😪 and joy 😂 at the same time

    Yuri BorisYuri Boris24 dagar sedan
  • “Why didnt Patrick Ewing win an NBA championship?” Two words: OJ SIMPSON

    Thomas DobbinsThomas Dobbins24 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      Taylor DwayneTaylor Dwayne23 dagar sedan
  • Ewing just never had a number 2.. Ever.. I think if you swap out Starks with Allan Houston for the peak years 91-95 maybe Pat gets 1 ring. Obviously Houston did not hit the league until 93 and the Knicks until 97.. But he was good enough on offense that would have taken pressure off Pat in some big playoff games.. Still in 94 if Starks gave them something in Game 7, Knicks might pull it out..

    dbreiden83080dbreiden8308024 dagar sedan
  • A 22 minute video of why Ewing never Won a NBA title? Wow! that's really stretching out the content. Just put up a picture of MJ for 30 seconds and be done with it. Secondary Reasons Hakeem and Duncan

    D2 FearD2 Fear25 dagar sedan
  • Ewing didn't win because of Michael Jordan.

    Pale TangitauPale Tangitau25 dagar sedan
  • 11X All star 12X All nba teams 11X All defensive teams 2X Defensive player Of The Year Hall of fame 1980s Nba team Hall of fame 1990s Nba team Utah jazz retired Jersey (28)

    usher raymondusher raymond25 dagar sedan
  • Knicks exist MJ : And I took that personally

    Abhijith NagarajanAbhijith Nagarajan25 dagar sedan
  • I love P-Ewing and the Knicks so much. This brings tears to my eyes. P-Ewing is a unbelievable athlete, a good human being and someone who has worked so hard throughout his career. I will never forget the performances and guts that P-Ewing showed to try and will his team to victory. He did everything he possibly could. That's all you can ask for.

    Jennifer LorraJennifer Lorra26 dagar sedan
  • I loved the Knicks as a kid to the point I could not go to school the day after game 7 of the nba finals in 94. I've stayed away from this video bc it will kill me. The knicks almost won if starks didn't have a horrible game 7. Pat riley blew it after 92 when the Knicks took the prime championship team to 7. Never should have traded mark Jackson & let x man walk. That team could have beat the bulls the next year having played together another year with riley as coach. They also should have kept gerald wilkins as the starter bc starks was great off the bench. He was great in that role. He was too streaky to be their only sg option hence game 7 vs the rockets. The knicks have been garbage since ewing left. Game 5 ruined charles smith . The fans hated him so much he was traded. Imagine how different history would be if starks won the game at the buzzer ? Harper was going to be the finals mvp if the knicks won. So sad. Miller pushed greg anthony , even he admits it. Also that ridiculous 97 suspension crap. Ewing went nowhere near the brawl he walked to half court to see what was going on. That rule about leaving the bench was ridiculous with ewing. Yea he got off the bench but was nowhere near the fight. He just took a look. Pj brown seriously should have been thrown out of the league for what he did. Picking up a much smaller man & throwing him upside down into the stands? He could have killed ward. Also I would rather the league let all the starters be suspended for one game then break it up the way they did. Miami was toast. 3 games to 1 & robbed us of ewings most talented team facing the bulls. Also it was garbage time the Knicks blew out the heat but riley is such a pycho with a 20 pt lead he kept all his starters in. So when the brawl happened all the heat starters were playing so none were suspended. Our best players were resting so they got off the bench. That sucked. How do u suspend guys a game in a playoff. Fine them. I swear that rule should be regular season only for godsakes.

    Natalie Panaro StackNatalie Panaro Stack26 dagar sedan
  • You had me at “adroit”

    yaopeteyaopete28 dagar sedan
  • Untitled: Reggie Miller

    Boaz LeeBoaz Lee28 dagar sedan
  • Utah showing just how much they loved him they got a statue of John Stockton in the front of the Delta Center

    Lydell BollingerLydell Bollinger28 dagar sedan
  • He played for the Knicks. That should end that question.

    Inspector RatchetInspector Ratchet29 dagar sedan
  • Ewing never won a title because he always had to try and dribble the dam ball instead of just throwing it down!!! That and Spike is probably a jinx, just sayin, they used to win championships before he showed up, and if that aint the truth it oughtta be!!! 🤪

    Eff TarozaEff TarozaMånad sedan
  • Jordan, Hakeem, and John Starks.

    Venkman44Venkman44Månad sedan
  • I wonder if Anthony mason had a lot of “random” drug tests. That dudes was huge

    Lil XtraLil XtraMånad sedan
  • Bcuz of Bernard King trade...period...has nothing to do with MJ...which the narrator does not research what so ever...get out of MJ ass...Houston Rockets beat up on them a documentary on that bias f...

    Michael AdderleyMichael AdderleyMånad sedan
  • Well done. I lived and died through every one of those wins and defeats. What a ride! I had a chance to work with Patrick Ewing on a sneaker ad I created. It was a thrill! He even let me go one on one with him. Despite his perceived shy or stand-offish persona he was kind, good natured and friendly. That's how I like to remember him.

    Robert LeungRobert LeungMånad sedan
  • Did ya not forget when Pat didnt play against Hakeem

    Rodney Grandy Sr.Rodney Grandy Sr.Månad sedan
  • Two words, predictable offensive.

    Konstantin KoverchenkoKonstantin KoverchenkoMånad sedan
  • True professional, loyalty. Not a ring chaser. Respect

    Juan Dela CruzJuan Dela CruzMånad sedan
  • How can he win an NBA CHAMPIONSHIP if they're getting flagrant and technical fouls every game? His teammates were mean and physical. They were like Pistons Bad Boys toned down version.

    Manong's Lifestyle & PassionManong's Lifestyle & PassionMånad sedan
  • It was John Starks fault

    Rell BossRell BossMånad sedan
  • Uhhh two word Michael Jordan

    Liam Thompson-StroudLiam Thompson-StroudMånad sedan
    • Lmao

      Liam Thompson-StroudLiam Thompson-StroudMånad sedan
  • MICHAEL JORDAN, of course! 😆

    Lee RogersLee RogersMånad sedan
  • It makes you wonder if John Starks threw those games. I would rewind and see who the inbound guy was for the Knicks during the Pacer's game if I had the motivation. Very similar to the Magic/rockets finals game where Nick Anderson threw the last game or had the magnets switched to brick mode. 🆓💨

    Joe TurnerJoe TurnerMånad sedan
  • Ewing could have made a difference in that 1999 Finals against the Spurs. That was a very competitive series.

    Michael SMichael SMånad sedan
  • Conditioning, knees, and that one guy who's one of his close friends... MJ... Uhhh I know you know

    Cappola JanitorCappola JanitorMånad sedan
  • Reggie and Patrick should have teamed up man.

    yo yoyo yoMånad sedan
    • I thought about that too. Man if P-Ewing had R-Miller on his team during 90's... the Knicks possibly could have 2 or 3 NBA titles during that era. I'd be afraid to face the Knicks.

      Jennifer LorraJennifer Lorra26 dagar sedan
  • You guys need to do the Reggie Miller and the pacers no title story

    A Moment in the wordA Moment in the wordMånad sedan
  • easy. he should have gone into 1984 Draft. would have been drafted #2 overall by Portland, and would have won multiple titles.

    Farquad ShmoogleFarquad ShmoogleMånad sedan
  • Knicks fans at 13:32 WHY DO I HEAR BOSS MUSIC?

    Kyriakos MichalopoulosKyriakos MichalopoulosMånad sedan
  • Patrick Ewing: Never played along with another Hall of Famer! Mostly all NBA superstars with titles played along with another Hall of Famer

    Troy F.Troy F.Månad sedan
  • Ewing was not good enough. Exhibit A: The 1999 season. The Knicks finished at #8 and were bound for an early exit. Ewing gets hurt and that Knicks team with Sprewell and Houston went all the way to the finals. He clearly had enough talent around him to get to the finals but he did not maximise that talent rather the opposite. Ewing was a black hole in the low post. Once the ball went there it never escaped again. He was detrimental to ball movement and his passing skills were terrible. He never developed that skill. Jordan won titles once he started trusting his team mates and found them for cuts or open 3s. Olajuwon won titles once he started moving the ball. Ewing never had or developed that skill.

    omnivorous65omnivorous65Månad sedan
  • Because of John Starks?

    Stan VillamayorStan VillamayorMånad sedan
  • Because he didn't win enough games in a series.

    Brendan van RensburgBrendan van RensburgMånad sedan
  • Riley had Blackman and Hubert Davis....on the bench in game 7 of the 94 Finals....and shouldve benched Starks!!

    Underworld FilmsUnderworld FilmsMånad sedan
  • I'll save you 22 minutes by answering the question with two words: Jordan and Hakeem

    Carlos MCarlos MMånad sedan
  • As a Knick's fan since the mid-1960's my reaction to the video: "where's the vomit bag??? Quick!!"

    LazlosPlaneLazlosPlaneMånad sedan
    • You’re a true fan

      bruh ihiohbruh ihioh7 dagar sedan
  • See you in 20 years when James Harden's episode comes out.

    PE ExpertPE ExpertMånad sedan
    • This could’ve aged better

      bruh ihiohbruh ihioh7 dagar sedan
    • And Russell Westbrook

      Risner France GarcesRisner France Garces20 dagar sedan