You made us hit 3,000 batters | Fumble Dimension

25 jun 2020
495 392 visningar

We tried to do something nice for the Mariners. You didn't let us.
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    KofieKofie7 månader sedan
    • @Archie Trey shut up bot

      ghostofabutterflyghostofabutterfly5 dagar sedan
    • not sure if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

      Archie TreyArchie TreyMånad sedan
    • Oh you guys this video sucks! Come on fumble fans. This is garbage. Bring back more chart party! Reality. That show was absolute fire! And yes I know how hard it is to make an episode. It’s hours of data and computations just to make one chart. But it is gold.

      Ace GgkspadeAce Ggkspade3 månader sedan
    • No way the marinars are more lame than the expos, or Marlins. The Marlins can make playoffs and still their stands look like they have Covid no matter what year they are in. Do a segment that explains how they can afford a team with no fans. Or how the Oakland athletics budget historically was so low and they had great seasons. Or why is their budget low at all with their fan count?

      Ace GgkspadeAce Ggkspade3 månader sedan
  • Given that owner, I think the manager has a better chance of being tried for attempted murder than being fired at the All Star Break.

    Pacifico StudiosPacifico StudiosDag sedan
  • I'm a baseball fan, and this video has me laughing as hard as I can.

    Pacifico StudiosPacifico StudiosDag sedan
  • The fact that Billy Beane’s A’s won the World Series just makes this even better

    Sam CSam CDag sedan
  • “I like the idea of confirming with your manager and then immediately hitting a batter”

    hockeycrafter608hockeycrafter6082 dagar sedan
  • kofie in the fumble dimension

    ghostofabutterflyghostofabutterfly5 dagar sedan
  • Don't ask internet to do something serious cause you know..... you'll pay the price lol

    mckasssmckasss6 dagar sedan
  • As a steroid user, I dig the baseball joke.

    ꧁Ian Moone꧂꧁Ian Moone꧂6 dagar sedan
  • First time finding you guys! This is absolutely brilliant. I can't even explain how many amazing things were tossed in the idea blender for this...It's funny, goes vaguely sinister, and now half-way through I'm at peak existential dread. If this is how we treat A.I. in a simulation when we think we're operating in 'real life'...Imagine if we're actually A.I torturing more primitive A.I in a simulation within a simulation, and then realize that we can keep going farther and farther down that rabbit hole alone. And then realize that by having zero input into what commands these two are feeding into the simulation, it's essentially A.I. (internet hive mind) compelling these two to torture other A.I in a tedious way which, in itself, feels like a form of torture. Haha! This is so much more twisted than any episode of Black Mirror could hope to be! Kudos!

    Wes KingstonWes Kingston8 dagar sedan
  • For the love of God tell me you bought a whole ass acorn stair lift for this skit.

    Jarrett ShawJarrett Shaw9 dagar sedan
  • 41:22 the Seattle mariners have now entered partytime!

    James HJames H12 dagar sedan
  • I really hope that Jon ding-dong-ditched a Mariner's hat on Kofie's porch today. If not, there is still time Jon. Still time to do what you must.

    NGNG12 dagar sedan
  • It's so hard being a Mariners fan.

    Justin SarvelaJustin Sarvela14 dagar sedan
  • Kofie we honor your sacrifice

    Joe AliasJoe Alias14 dagar sedan
  • God kofies voice makes these videos unbearable. Nobody wants to watch an hour long documentary narrated by a guy with a lisp

    Instagram: Blizzy_s6Instagram: Blizzy_s618 dagar sedan
  • I think you guys should have discarded 1 in 3 of the inputs from that one dipshit spamming beanball over and over. He really screwed the whole scenario.

    REBL AssassinREBL Assassin18 dagar sedan
  • 20:36 the ump is paid off

    Cole RenderCole Render18 dagar sedan
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    Timothy RogersTimothy Rogers22 dagar sedan
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    Mike TangMike Tang22 dagar sedan
  • Hey. I think think there must be something very wrong with this simulation. The 2001 Orioles swept the Mariners. I really don't think that's very realistic.

    Ronald CammarataRonald Cammarata25 dagar sedan
  • My dad lived next door to the McLemores when Mark played for the Orioles. He was not particularly friendly, but Mrs McLemore was very nice. She even invited us into their house to see their new baby.

    Ronald CammarataRonald Cammarata25 dagar sedan
  • 7:00 Has this ever happened in an actual game? (If so what game?)

    TherecreepTherecreep26 dagar sedan
  • Get 20-25 other teams to do this and the Pirates might make the playoffs

    Jason GlasserJason Glasser26 dagar sedan
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    Katy LoraKaty Lora27 dagar sedan
  • “I played HS baseball and bunting wasn’t hard” ...didn’t go on to play college or professional 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 like your opinion is valid? Bunting DOES take timing, you absorb the ball as it hits the bat to strengthen the bunt or make it also have to direct it left or right correctly or it can ricochet into your knee, balls or face because of the bat angle. To undermine the bunt is to basically say you don’t know how to play a close baseball game 🤝💯

    James BrownJames Brown27 dagar sedan
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    Chris LauChris Lau27 dagar sedan
  • I need a tour of Kofies hat collection.

    Beau BrushBeau Brush29 dagar sedan
  • seattle sports fans are crazy man there are still people mad about the sonics moving to oklahoma city

    David CrosslerDavid Crossler29 dagar sedan
  • I also know what it’s like to suffer through sports I’m an iu fan

    Darbuckle11Darbuckle1129 dagar sedan
  • The music is amazing for this.

    CWolf20CWolf20Månad sedan
  • Bengals fan lol. I’m a Bills fan. And not by choice. Our sadness is another breed.

    Monk KilledababyMonk KilledababyMånad sedan
  • People keep asking me what I'm laughing at and they don't understand when I explain it. Most frequent response: Why? Or What?!

    anthony rockanthony rockMånad sedan
  • "Congrats to the Mariners on their FOURTH win of the season." > The date is September 11, 2001. Of course.

    The D-PadThe D-PadMånad sedan
  • Echo main...really?

    Steven BlancoSteven BlancoMånad sedan
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    Angel RomanaAngel RomanaMånad sedan
  • (suspensive music) made me laugh hysterically. I don't think that's even a word

    Krandle 47Krandle 47Månad sedan
  • As a lifelong Charlotte Hornets fan who has lived in Washington State his entire life, I feel Kofie's sentiment about being an out of state Bengals fans. My fandom stems from Muggsy Bogues being a short player like me rather than gifted merch, but I feel it. Also, being a Hornets fan in the 90s (when I was like 8 years old) while my dad was a Bulls fan was particularly painful lol I'm also a lifelong Mariners fan, so pain is the norm.

    d'Altagnand'AltagnanMånad sedan
  • jesus win 4 on 9/11 now thats cursed

  • This video is really stupid, but like, in one of my favorite ways

    Simon Rex EagarSimon Rex EagarMånad sedan
  • "Welcome to the show, kid."

    David ThomasDavid ThomasMånad sedan
  • 53:53 One of the mariners only wins in this video happened on 9/11/2001

    Drew LambDrew LambMånad sedan
  • Would the 2nd season go the same following the same pattern though?

    BamfhammerBamfhammerMånad sedan
  • Freshly arrived at a game *First Pitch* 104 MPH Fastball to the wrist pissed.jpg

    Oliver DennisOliver DennisMånad sedan
  • Ugh. Why the weird interspersed mariner hat intermission thing that lasts ages?

    Pole TookePole TookeMånad sedan
  • This is sad.. Can you do one where you do actually TRY to do the world series?

    Pole TookePole TookeMånad sedan
  • Jesus you went apeshit with the number of adbreaks

    Pole TookePole TookeMånad sedan
  • I for one, would love to go to Seattle Fightclub games

    John DavenportJohn Davenport2 månader sedan
  • Phillies would be a great fumble dimension vid

    memesarewildmemesarewild2 månader sedan
  • OTP is insane detailed - I played for weeks and barely scratched the surface of that game

    Goose ShitGoose Shit2 månader sedan
  • It's for the New York Jets, it wouldn't be a simulation, it would be 2020 all over again

    redshift1976redshift19762 månader sedan
  • The russian reilly like because turnip approximately juggle barring a gullible gusty german. doubtful, devilish japan

    jungan leejungan lee2 månader sedan
  • God, can I just say how the music makes this sound so much like a World War 2 documentary?

    EnvyDragonEnvyDragon3 månader sedan
  • This is chaos. This is madness. This Is art

    Owen ThomasOwen Thomas3 månader sedan
  • I thought I would have never heard Gabe Kepler's name again, I have like 10 cards of his as well as a rookie card and they're absolutely worthless. Did not expect for him to hit a grand slam in this video.

    Daniel BoelkeDaniel Boelke3 månader sedan
  • Of course the first guy to get injured is Eric Chavez.

    Mister TIBBS!Mister TIBBS!3 månader sedan
  • Just pointing out there first win was against the Yankees. How poetic

    Gabriel PetersonGabriel Peterson3 månader sedan
  • I feel bad for kofie having to sit through a whole mlb season not even just a video game one

    ItsSupermanDoeItsSupermanDoe3 månader sedan
  • This was gut wrenching to watch as a Mariners fan.

    Max SchaeferMax Schaefer3 månader sedan
  • I keep finding myself watching these videos insanely stoned

    James snowdenJames snowden3 månader sedan
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    Rosa FieldsRosa Fields3 månader sedan
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    Duane HoefenerDuane Hoefener3 månader sedan
  • Already watched this but gunna watch again. Great content

    WhosecOOl2WhosecOOl23 månader sedan
  • Twitch plays baseball

    Ian MurphyIan Murphy3 månader sedan
  • I wish I could listen to a lot of the music you used in this video. :)

    PlutoTheSecondPlutoTheSecond3 månader sedan
  • Oh you guys this video sucks! Come on fumble fans. This is garbage. Bring back more chart party! That show was absolute fire! And yes I know how hard it is to make an episode. It’s hours of data and computations just to make one chart. But it is gold.

    Ace GgkspadeAce Ggkspade3 månader sedan
  • 44:31 why does one of the games use the angels current logo?? lol

    Andraca The Duck KingAndraca The Duck King3 månader sedan
  • @44:33 Hey I've seen that guy on SEworld before!

    Snowflake PillowSnowflake Pillow3 månader sedan
  • I like how in this video, Jon appears to be using a 20 year old webcam in some sort of large closet.

    Monty PlaMonty Pla3 månader sedan
  • Kofie suffers, a series 😅

    MS-DOS ProjectMS-DOS Project3 månader sedan
  • Fumble Dimension is one of my favorite series. Hope to see more soon.

    Poop NuggetsPoop Nuggets3 månader sedan
  • Great channel. You guys have awesome chemistry and show the right amount of fun and misery at the same time.

    sifuyuesifuyue4 månader sedan
  • Next Episode: *New York Mets hat scares Kofie forever*

    Ly TranLy Tran4 månader sedan
  • 58:40 *laughs in Jaguars, Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Hurricanes.*

    Mostlyharmless1985Mostlyharmless19854 månader sedan
  • John Olerud was my favorite player i wish Seattle sold the Mariners and not the Sonics lmao our pitching staff has been so trash

    B -LavishB -Lavish4 månader sedan
  • When given the opportunity to create greatness this fanbase chooses self destruction. Im not suprised by this but I'm deeply disappointed that the same species that went to the moon decided to destroy the greatness of this channel and what these two do for us. Its a shame that this channels viewers are toxic. We can make something beautiful we can create greatness and quality entertainment.

    •_•_4 månader sedan
  • Their win/loss record is like something out of Blaseball,, finally people understand what it’s like to be a Flowers fan

    flamingNewtflamingNewt4 månader sedan
    • It’s okay! The flowers are trying their best

      Beans FreebeansBeans Freebeans11 dagar sedan
  • OOTP Owners are so stupid. My personal favorite is I've had the owner set goals of "Reduce payroll" and "Sign an MVP in free agency"

    Will mckeeWill mckee4 månader sedan
  • Please god make more of this show. I’ve just discovered it and It broke my heart to see the most recent episode was uploaded 5 months ago

    Mable ValleyMable Valley4 månader sedan
    • One's coming out this month! :)

      KofieKofie4 månader sedan
  • Watching this + the supercut of the Mariners Dorktown doc for the third time has finally inspired me to download OotP Baseball

    Kayleigh LehrmanKayleigh Lehrman4 månader sedan
  • This is how it actually feels to be a Mariners fan.

    Josh AndrewsJosh Andrews4 månader sedan
  • Does anybody know the music at 49:11?

    OffBrand80sOffBrand80s4 månader sedan
  • Huh. You made blaseball...

    GoblincowGoblincow4 månader sedan
  • watching this after Joe Burrow goes down hits different

    John IgbokweJohn Igbokwe4 månader sedan
  • Oh nooo not the Mets hat at the end oh boy

    TheTEN24TheTEN244 månader sedan
  • 59:55 the haunted hat left a spider on your wall dude

    beesaleebeesalee4 månader sedan
  • jon bois please

    Empty GiddyEmpty Giddy4 månader sedan
  • "conferring with your manager and then immediately throwing at a batter" has really big Blaseball energy. Also, this is exactly what I'd expect from what is basically Twitch Plays Baseball.

    DapperCuttlefishDapperCuttlefish4 månader sedan
    • Now I want to know what this would look like without bean ball as an option.

      DapperCuttlefishDapperCuttlefish4 månader sedan
  • This is the funniest video on the internet! I was in tears. God bless the Mariners.

    Dean WoodsDean Woods4 månader sedan
  • What happens when you let the internet run the Mariners? Blernsball, I guess.

    LoalrikowkiLoalrikowki4 månader sedan
  • 3/10 not enough beaning

    MozarteanChaosMozarteanChaos4 månader sedan
  • I think Kofie is banned from Seattle now

    Vanessa ColquhounVanessa Colquhoun4 månader sedan
  • My girlfriend hit 36 batters! In a row?!

    Shadetree ArtillerymanShadetree Artilleryman4 månader sedan
  • This is just non live twitch plays baseball

    Zenen HimesZenen Himes4 månader sedan
  • As a soccer fan watching this i find it absolutely astounding that MLB players play over 100 games a season. How do the players stay fit for this many games and who has time to watch that much baseball!!! Its crazY!

    Mark CatonMark Caton4 månader sedan
    • It's simple, most of your time as a baseball player is spent either sitting in a dugout or standing in a field waiting for something to happen. It's one of the only sports where a player could realistically eat a hot dog or a slice of pizza while still being an active team member on the field. In fact, during particularly slow games some outfielders have been known to hang out by the stands and do exactly that.

      NarokkuraiNarokkurai4 månader sedan
  • I wanna see the random math version

    Robert GadsonRobert Gadson4 månader sedan
  • Mariners Ownership is worse than the Jets in this simulation

    XGUXGU5 månader sedan
  • “It may as well just let you turn around and chuck them ball into the upper deck” people who responded to Jon and kofie: *ears perk up*

    Painter ProductionsPainter Productions5 månader sedan
  • steroids brought me here

    LoudGamerz™LoudGamerz™5 månader sedan
  • Dropped a like for Kofie playing my all time favorite game in the beginning 😂🙏🏾🌱💙

    Matthew WilsonMatthew Wilson5 månader sedan
  • This is just Blaseball

    Joe ShmuckJoe Shmuck5 månader sedan