Damian Lillard's first series-winning buzzer-beater needs a deep rewind | 2014 Blazers vs. Rockets

26 aug 2020
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Damian Lillard's history of clutch NBA shots had to start somewhere and ... well, he didn't wait long. Lillard's first ever playoff series presented an opportunity to win the whole thing with one dagger.
To understand what a big deal that was, you need to look back at how the 2014 Trail Blazers came to be. That story includes a history of excellence, then a turn for the worse, followed by the exciting rise of LaMarcus Aldridge, but also the sad tales of guys like Brandon Roy.
And this was a Rockets team that had just found James Harden a co-star, trying desperately to avoid a second-straight playoff washout.
This was a big moment; one of the first and brightest in Lillard's career. Let's rewind it!
Edited by Jiazhen Zhang
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
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  • 4:32 It's Beardfacé damn it!

    MattulaakMattulaak3 dagar sedan
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  • just commenting 7 months late to say i appreciated the scrubs reference

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  • You didnt mention how Lose Yourself was playing in the background 😂 the timing

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  • Could you make one with Dam won it on PG and the Thunder👀

    Gregory BresnahanGregory Bresnahan6 dagar sedan
  • What an idiotic switch holy crap, didnt remember the switch before watching this

    MortiMorti8 dagar sedan
  • I love this series.

    inzo darelloinzo darello9 dagar sedan
  • Dame been cold blooded since day one 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    SunnshineStateeSunnshineStatee12 dagar sedan
  • Do Kawhis buzzer beater

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  • It's crazy how the day after this video was posted, Damian Lillard did an in-depth analysis where he pointed out notable facts. 1. Parsons and Beverly were talking about the defensive scheme which distracted them from Lillard running towards the ball. 2. The play was drawn for a lob pass towards Aldrige. 3. The inbounder had no idea that Lillard was going to come, that's why he clapped his hand (The interview I'm referencing is a video it's by House of Highlights and it's "Damian Lillard reacts to Damian Lillard highlights" ) As always great video SB nation, it was very well made + Dame is one of my favorite players of all time. :)

    IsmailIsmail23 dagar sedan
  • I love the love for Dwight here

    Jetskii 2001Jetskii 200125 dagar sedan
  • Yall should do a rewinder on the Blazers vs okc thunder dame game winner and wave goodbye

    Lendell RobersonLendell Roberson27 dagar sedan
  • This is dope it’s the heart beat for me. 🙌🏿

    Humble DjjerryHumble Djjerry29 dagar sedan
  • Bro he hit this shot on my birthday😂

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    Eshwar sEshwar sMånad sedan
  • Do the Memorial Day Miracle by Shawn Elliot...thr shot that launched a dynasty...1999 WCF

    O EAOO EAOMånad sedan
  • if u look closer at the shot u can see there is a force sorta like a magnet pulling the ball towards the metal rim in his game winner

    Mustafa MohamudMustafa MohamudMånad sedan
  • Who else wants an OKC rewind?

    Elijah MElijah MMånad sedan
  • who watched this live 👋🏽

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  • Same shot hit by Brandon roy

    Micheal KellyMicheal KellyMånad sedan
  • In late game low shot clock situations you always switch everything. James Harden should get criticised a lot more for this play.

    Marshall YooMarshall Yoo2 månader sedan
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    Nick MineNick Mine2 månader sedan
  • They give him more than 0.9 seconds to shoot the ball

    Osvaldo RodriguezOsvaldo Rodriguez2 månader sedan
  • It's gotten to the point where I literally come back and watch this video anytime I feel sad. Always helps cheer me up. Go Blazers.

    Chad CrawfordChad Crawford2 månader sedan
  • Bruh he gets bounced out the playoffs every years who cares

    travitravi2 månader sedan
  • Dude!! This video is awesome!! This is my first time watching your video and probably wont be the last!!!

    IgrisIgris2 månader sedan
  • Dr beardface! I’m late but you’re a scrubs fan!

    vinsanity3510vinsanity35102 månader sedan
  • Dame and OKC beef in 2019 playoffs, when?

    James PJames P2 månader sedan
  • 4:54 Stephen A Smith in shambles Stay OFF the WEEEEEEEEEEDUH

    Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor2 månader sedan
  • Bruh people need to stop hating on dwight. This proves that it wasn't kobe that ruined his career. Also this is why you don't listen to harden's defensive advice xD

    Jay WarrierJay Warrier2 månader sedan
  • I forgot how Dwight took over this game too lol

    Dave AmbroseDave Ambrose2 månader sedan
  • man just turned 0.9 seconds into more than 14 minutes

    XTW M8XTW M82 månader sedan
  • 10:55 - Actually, that's true, but they got the 11th pick which turned into Meyers Leonard. They got the 6th pick from the Nets from a trade hungry Billy King.

    Ulquiorra CiferUlquiorra Cifer2 månader sedan
  • Harden should have switches

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  • That's Brandon Roy buzzer

    Lex PanganLex Pangan3 månader sedan
  • I remember watching this game on tv and it took me a second to realize what happened

    indianjones21indianjones213 månader sedan
  • I member

    Benjamin PowellBenjamin Powell3 månader sedan
  • Why would Harden call for that switch? Not saying Pat Bev would've stopped Dame from making the shot but I don't see any logic to having Parsons guard him there.

    Reb MReb M3 månader sedan
  • I watched a 14 minute video on a 0.9 basketball shot

    lolb holdlolb hold3 månader sedan
  • This video was extremely well put together, built up the tension so nicely and waited until the last seconds to finally show this absolutely beautiful shot. Even though i’ve seen this buzzer beater a hundred times it still felt incredibly exciting because of how good the narration was!

    Catfish DoghorseCatfish Doghorse3 månader sedan
  • Who’s here after Lillards game winner in the 21’ nba finals vs nets?

    No MamesNo Mames3 månader sedan
    • Nah

      Flamingo_000 0Flamingo_000 02 månader sedan
  • This was also the beginning of the end of Chandler Parsons. His knees starting going out the next season when he signed with Dallas.

    Shaundra HammondShaundra Hammond3 månader sedan
  • Mike's call made it that much better.

    HayabusaRyuHayabusaRyu3 månader sedan
  • we need that dame okc buzzer beater now lol

    Dion TjahjonoDion Tjahjono3 månader sedan
  • Harden been shrinking in the playoffs for a long time

    Mr. WilliamMr. William3 månader sedan
  • This is excellent

    K CK C4 månader sedan
  • "Been tasked with gaurding a man who just morphed into a blur" Underrated writing

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  • Just another *Bad Shot*

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  • Lillard > Westbrook/Wall.

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  • When does "Damian Lillard's Second series winning buzzer beater" come out

    Isaac TarnaskyIsaac Tarnasky4 månader sedan
  • the longer harden's beard gets the better he gets

    GKdunchGKdunch4 månader sedan
  • That "Welcome to a moment in history" line always gets me

    Lex BlessedLex Blessed4 månader sedan
  • Paul George watching this “that’s a bad shot”

    Justin HellerJustin Heller4 månader sedan
  • These are brilliantly done

    Frederick BradleyFrederick Bradley4 månader sedan
  • You need to take a rag to the beautiful rewind car

    Ric BradleyRic Bradley4 månader sedan
  • shoutout all the blazers fans

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  • Too bad Pat Bev switched off

    Ryan G.Ryan G.4 månader sedan
  • Do a beef between dame fake beverly and pandemic p pls

    Joenel SarachoJoenel Saracho4 månader sedan
  • As a nets fan I’m glad that he didn’t mention how lillard was originally the nets pick but they traded it for Gerald f*cking wallace

    Minded MTMinded MT4 månader sedan
  • “This is Damian Lillard, who at first looked all casual with his head cocked and his shoulders slumped and then the whistle blew annnd uh oh.” The most accurate description of Dame I’ve ever heard

    Jeff brewerJeff brewer4 månader sedan
  • Wow, incredible breakdown. Details for days!

    Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic PhotographyJeffrey S. Green - Dynamic Photography4 månader sedan
  • Literally just hearing the announcer gives me chills

    Ramiro BarajasRamiro Barajas4 månader sedan
  • This might sound weird but even to this day people still underestimate him as a franchise player

    Mostafa RabieeMostafa Rabiee4 månader sedan
  • As great as Harden is, he has been very inconsistent. I feel his numbers are highly inflated

    Terence AsongwedTerence Asongwed4 månader sedan
  • just revisited this and noticed the beardfacé joke

    elias jayelias jay4 månader sedan
  • I love my blazers.

    KonznKonzn4 månader sedan
  • "welcome to a moment in history" Eargasm everytime. What I always look forward hearing ♥️

    Carbonel Jim CarlCarbonel Jim Carl4 månader sedan
  • I feel bad for Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard they tried so hard...

    Teppei FukutoTeppei Fukuto4 månader sedan
  • Crazy LaMarcus wanted to play for my Pacers with Paul George. How the hell did Larry Bird and not make that happen. Ain’t too many big time players that wants to play Indiana it’s rare we drop the ball the on that opportunity....

    Marcus GilmoreMarcus Gilmore4 månader sedan
  • “heartbreak requires hope” Unless you’re a Sacramento Kings fan

    Isaac TaneIsaac Tane4 månader sedan
  • Gives me goosebumps every time

    Toby RobinsonToby Robinson4 månader sedan
  • Wait... You did a rewind of this game, but not the Kawhi Leonard 5-bounce buzzer beater from 2019? You know, the only game 7 winning buzzer beater ever?

    Revy SinghRevy Singh4 månader sedan
  • bro watch dame win a chip then he gotta be one of the best dominant players in history

    CK KashhCK Kashh4 månader sedan
  • This was cold... as playing this when Dwight knocked him out first round of the playoffs and winning the ring this year cold. Dwight and Dame man. Two hardworking ass individuals forsure. Lakers Nation forever though

    Marabe699Marabe6995 månader sedan
  • hmm did you know the 1st series winning buzzer beater made by dame was in the exact same spot where brandon roy hit his buzzer beater. I just wanted to say

    Stick errStick err5 månader sedan
  • It’s pronounced “Beard-fuh-SAY”, not Beardface

    Patrick CurryPatrick Curry5 månader sedan
  • 7:56 that Tmac defense

    David NociDavid Noci5 månader sedan
  • Reminds me how good Harden was, and is, his scoring is transcendent, if he had above average defence, and the clutch, he would be a top 20 player ever.

    Oliver DennisOliver Dennis5 månader sedan
  • Seth is the goat

    Silas WayneSilas Wayne5 månader sedan
  • 13:51 meme material

    Starman 100Starman 1005 månader sedan
  • Harden choking as per usual

    Peanut Butter and Jelly SandwichPeanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich5 månader sedan
  • Okay, now you HAVE to do a Rewind for his second series-winning buzzer-beater against the Thunder in 2019.

    htyu dhtyu d5 månader sedan
  • trying my first stream on twitch come on over www.twitch.tv/jimmerrang3

    htyu dhtyu d5 månader sedan
  • I hate it when they won this series dramatically only to get crushed the next series. It ruins the Cinderella run

    Aryan Sebastian PillaiAryan Sebastian Pillai5 månader sedan
  • Mike Tirico with the call of a lifetime. I’m a rockets fan and it still gives me goosebumps hearing him call this shot

    Ryan Vanden HulRyan Vanden Hul5 månader sedan
  • Gave me the chills ! Always liked lilard (spurs fan) and on top of it all my boy a RAIDER !

    Oscar_J JuarezOscar_J Juarez5 månader sedan
  • Speaking of Dame Time, we NEED a Rewinder on the 2019 shot on the Thunder!

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