How the Panthers' 15-win season and potential dynasty went up in smoke

12 jul 2020
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The 2015 Carolina Panthers were fun, they were great, and they completely blew their chance at being one of the best ever. Their fall happened immediately and in a unique way when compared to other NFL collapses. It's almost impressive to go from 15-wins to the bottom of the division in just a single season, but to then bounce back into the playoffs from there makes for an even more confusing story.
You could say they had more luck than most in 2015, then it ran out (and then some) over the following seasons. After dodging injuries, they quickly piled up. From top to bottom the organization received a facelift, which helped further distance our thoughts from their incredible run to the Super Bowl. But to appreciate greatness, sometimes you have to explore its demise.
Written and produced by Will Buikema
Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
Motion graphics by Michael Das
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  • Right now the niners are almost exactly following this

    Kaden HarrisKaden HarrisDag sedan
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    James TayloeJames Tayloe2 dagar sedan
  • 🥺🥺🥺

    YoGirlzFavorite TopDawqTayYoGirlzFavorite TopDawqTay7 dagar sedan
  • this is why QBs shouldnt run the football. cam was incredible but everything has to go right to win a super bowl, and QBs that run are hurt too often. it's why I don't think lamar will ever win a ring.

    Splak _Splak _17 dagar sedan
  • Injuries suck

    Micheal KellyMicheal Kelly18 dagar sedan
  • Someone's a cam fan clearly

    Alex ShadowfaxAlex Shadowfax19 dagar sedan
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    Apophis BaneApophis Bane21 dag sedan
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    Apophis BaneApophis Bane21 dag sedan
  • Ideas like 60s Hawks and Warriors, 70s Knicks, Bucks, Bullets, Steelers, and Vikings, 80s 49ers, Cowboys, Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, Raiders, Dolphins, and Bears, 90s Suns, Giants, Bills, Redskins, Packers, Broncos, Knicks, Blazers, Sonics, Jazz, 00s Celtics, Pacers, 76ers, Ravens, Giants, Panthers, Eagles, Seahawks, Bears, Colts, Cardinals, Steelers, Saints, 10s Packers, Ravens, Spurs, Broncos, Seahawks, Falcons, Eagles would be great

    Apophis BaneApophis Bane21 dag sedan
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    E BonE Bon22 dagar sedan
  • When will they do an episode on the Broncos collapse?

    Brady MBrady M22 dagar sedan
  • One of my favorite moments of the falcons horrible horrible 2015 season was whooping the Panthers ASS and ruining 16-0 after they showboated so hard on atlanta 2 weeks before

    Thomas HThomas H27 dagar sedan
  • You should make a video like this for the 2020 Steelers

    KVK GODKVK GOD29 dagar sedan
  • can we actually realize that the panthers could’ve gone to SB53?? i mean funchess dropped a game winning td on the final drive which would’ve sent them to divisional, most likely would’ve beaten the eagles, and who knows what happens wit the rams

    quactoosquactoosMånad sedan
  • Never liked Scam after he left UF. This was tough yet satisfying to watch. I'm not happy about the injuries of any of these guys cause that's literally painful, but the losing is fine. I'm glad Scam didn't get a title

    Broderick HenningtonBroderick HenningtonMånad sedan
  • Just saying we finna be the best this year just need a qb and a te

    axel Lopezaxel LopezMånad sedan
  • I miss these days 😢

    Zack SZack SMånad sedan
  • That one season and seasons where Can never really had a receiver is the reason I have respect for his game. Idc what he does for the next four years I would never be that kid on the sidelines saying he's trash and I'm a grown man. This is the Cam I remember this is the Superman that killed teams and Idt he ever really had a 1000 yard receiver.

    Lyric XLyric XMånad sedan
  • Many people either ignore or don't know that the Panthers had an extremely weak schedule in 2015 and their Super Bowl loss only showed that they got farther than they should have

    majobmajobMånad sedan
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    Steven WilliamsSteven WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Could you imagine if McCaffrey was on the team in the 2015-16 season ohh my that team would be unstoppable

    flyyflyyMånad sedan
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    Dwyane WadeDwyane WadeMånad sedan
  • This is why you don't want a front runner as your quarterback

  • As a ravens fan... I really hope this doesn’t end up being Lamar. We’re coming off an ok season we didn’t completely fall off the face of the world, going into the 2021 season there is definitely good things to still look forward to but that hit he took against the bills that took him out of the game was baddd.. luckily it wasn’t anything major but those hits are going to pile up on our guy. As ravens fans I know we badly want a true number one WR but I think the main focus should be put into building a wall around Lamar. OBJ going to leave no doubt about it and Stanley coming off an ACL injury and we saw what happened 2 weeks ago to Mahomes with no protection. Our o line should be our number 1 priority this off season

    Beats By ULIBeats By ULIMånad sedan
  • The league hated Cam cuz he wasn’t ur average good ole boy qb like Manning and brees and Brady

    Big ChungusBig ChungusMånad sedan
  • Rigged Super Bowl

    Big ChungusBig ChungusMånad sedan
  • We might lose Christian mccaffrey

    Ta5tyTa5tyMånad sedan
  • I can sense a eagles collapse video coming.......

    EaglesFan4Life17EaglesFan4Life17Månad sedan
  • You should do the Falcons next

    Mediocrely_Extraordinary02Mediocrely_Extraordinary02Månad sedan
  • "potential dynasty" LOL the "D" word gets thrown around too easily nowadays. You gotta win at least 2 championships in 3 years or back to back to even begin discussing the "D" word.

    mikee8585mikee8585Månad sedan
  • Glad to say we gave Cam a chance.

    Mason BurnsMason BurnsMånad sedan
  • Cam Newton is not a leader. That was the problem....

    DjProfit TVDjProfit TVMånad sedan
  • How was it a potential Dynasty 🤔, people use that a lil too much

    Dion JacksonDion JacksonMånad sedan

    Kala SpearsKala SpearsMånad sedan
  • Literally explained why I don’t watch football anymore. Smith was my favorite player, then they cut him loose. Davis was my favorite player, then they cut him loose. My whole team left...

    Donald DunlapDonald DunlapMånad sedan
  • Newton played horribly in that Super Bowl. Newton couldn't even fall on a fumble.

    Sonny JimSonny JimMånad sedan
  • It seemed like Cam Newton was all smiles n high fives when he won. But when he lost he seemed to not take it very well like he had a ego problem or something. I don’t like losing myself but at the end of the day sometime your the bug and sometimes your the windshield.

    MadC 1977MadC 1977Månad sedan
  • As a Panthers fan that lives in Charlotte, I remember the 2015 season like it was yesterday. It seemed like almost every Friday was “Panthers Spirit Day”. We were good. We had something. And then in the blink of an eye it was all gone. Everyone at school was dabbing whenever they had a chance. It was fun. Can Newton even had his own Nickelodeon reality TV show. In February of 2016, it seemed like there was no way we weren’t walking away with a lombardi. We had done this 17 times before. All we had to do was win one more. But then, it was all over. We blew it. It feels tragic. The dynasty in the making was Super Bowl runner up. I can’t imagine how deadly we would’ve been if Cam had DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel, CMC that year. People forget that we didn’t have a true number 1 receiver. Greg Olsen was our passing game. And we had arguably the best defense in the entire league. Shaq Thompson, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, Josh Norman, Kawaan Short. This team was on top of the world. Cam was never the same after the Steelers game a few years back. After 2015, it felt like Cam was our QB for the next 10 years. I love the way it was put in this video. The things that happened to the Carolina Panthers almost feels cruel. We were one step away from being the next NEW ENGLAND. The pieces were there. All we had to do was keep them in place. And somehow we failed to do that. Norman walked away (he knew we had something special and Washington didn’t, why couldn’t he have just taken less money?), Cam was never the same, etc. If everything had gone right, we could still be a top team in the league today. Now, our defense is almost all rookies, Teddy Bridgewater was a bit of a letdown. The only thing that seems like a sure thing these days is CMC. If we could somehow trade for Watson and figure things out defensively, we could be a legit contender as long as we are healthy. Thx for reading.

    TheOGCrawfishTheOGCrawfishMånad sedan
  • I just think about how much less of a reach a Carolina-Jacksonville Super Bowl really might have been...

    DeJuan StevensDeJuan StevensMånad sedan
  • I just wanted Jared Allen to win a super bowl, man.

    Friksjon36Friksjon36Månad sedan
  • When will people realize.....running QB's have a very hard time having a career. Running to run is different than running to throw. A quick release will save them in the long run.

    mweber555mweber555Månad sedan
    • This is what i always say. If lamar and mahomes can focus on their throwing they could survive as long has tom is.

      jimmyboy1582jimmyboy1582Månad sedan
  • Make a 2015 Broncos collapse

    Indiana Pacers Superstar Detlef ShrempfIndiana Pacers Superstar Detlef ShrempfMånad sedan
    • yup

      KlizzardKlizzardMånad sedan
  • Pretty much bad management behind the scenes. Same as whats going on with Eagles. Injuries, short-falls, blown expectations

    Daniel AndrejczykDaniel Andrejczyk2 månader sedan
  • A one possession game against that Denver defense might as well be a 3 possession game.

    FriddenFridden2 månader sedan
  • When a team owes its success partly to its luck in avoiding injuries, they're almost certain to come crashing down to Earth next season when injuries inevitably hit. Same thing happened to the 2017 Jags.

    CraftySouthpawCraftySouthpaw2 månader sedan
  • How I wish Cam would've turned it back and had a season like this with the Pats. It was sad seeing him struggle being one of the leagues worst. Hope he can get back to form wherever he goes next. If anyone wants him after what he put on film this past season.

    Fatal PhenomFatal Phenom2 månader sedan
  • i want to cry :,(

    Rodri GuerraRodri Guerra2 månader sedan
  • Oh ya huh

  • The Panthers had to lose sb50 . It was Manning s retirement party 🎉.

    Glen WestGlen West2 månader sedan
  • February 2021 - Will Teddy Bridgewater start for our QB? Is he our "Franchise" quarterback? I have a feeling that they are not going to start Teddy B and are always looking for a new Cam newton. Teddy isn't that great, lets be real. Every team now wants a Brady. Hold me bros. Its going to be another horrible Panthers football season isn't it? Year 6 of no playoff appearance. Please hold me bros. *Rocks slowly side to side in the fetal position*.

    ElectricityIsAGhostElectricityIsAGhost2 månader sedan
  • Denver ended his career. He didn't have the guts to play after taking a beating. Doesn't matter where he goes, he's done.

    Bill ClaryBill Clary2 månader sedan
  • The life of a Charlotte sports fan

    Cade WootenCade Wooten2 månader sedan
  • They were the black panthers I would have rooted for them if they did not go against my team in SUPERBOWL

    GoldenstandardGoldenstandard2 månader sedan
  • Newton looked like an absolutely broken player at the end of this season with the Patriots. So sad to see how far Carolina has fallen.

    bluestripetigerbluestripetiger2 månader sedan
  • This collapse wasn't all that shocking. The 2015 Panthers, while undeniably a good team, were big time overachievers that were not nearly as good as their record indicated. I knew they weren't beating Denver because if Tom Brady couldn't figure out Denver's defense, what on Earth would make anyone think Newton would?

    Jack CarrawayJack Carraway2 månader sedan
  • Denver's D was Superman's kryptonite.

    Robyn LangguthRobyn Langguth2 månader sedan
  • The falcons were on the cusp of Superbowl glory then completely crumbled 6 years later

    Noah BreckerNoah Brecker2 månader sedan
  • I feel like the chiefs will be on this list soon

    DARK SIDEDARK SIDE2 månader sedan
  • Okay a dynasty? I don’t think anyone was thinking Carolina was winning 3 out of the next 4 Super Bowls lmao

    Ironik RoyaltyIronik Royalty2 månader sedan
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    Katherine GardnerKatherine Gardner2 månader sedan
  • Everyone hates on Cam, but his defense didn't show up in the biggest game.

    Tim WhiteTim White2 månader sedan
  • Cam Newton's career really took a dive after he did not take a dive.

    Vulcan RavenVulcan Raven2 månader sedan
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    jungan leejungan lee2 månader sedan
  • Panthers didn't played no team out there whole 2015 season with at least 11 wins they played two teams with winning record green bay 10 - 6 n Seattle 10 - 6

    s5 dollarss5 dollars2 månader sedan
    • They dismantled Arizona who was 13-3 that year and destroyed Washington who were 9-7. Also beat Houston who were 9-7.

      TWAN724ASTWAN724AS10 dagar sedan
  • Seth wins the bet

    12from12112from1212 månader sedan
  • Von Miller broke cam in that game, and he never recovered.

    Free ThinkerFree Thinker2 månader sedan
    • You see that photo at the super bowl the one where he is watching them celebrate he was never the same I believe this 100% he lost interest in football I think

      Ethan RyanEthan Ryan2 månader sedan
  • Norman was not good. Washington benched him.

    MikeMike2 månader sedan
  • Without Luke they would’ve been a 4 or under team.

    Oliver DennisOliver Dennis2 månader sedan
  • Shoulda dove for the fumble

    J Concannon927J Concannon9272 månader sedan
  • As a Panthers fan n Cam fan this video hurts n breaks my heart for the team n Cam I knew if he could stay healthy that he would win a SB but his shoulder let him down he still is a GOAT Panther to me he fought so hard even when hurt to do his best to win a chip but his body let him down just heart breaking

    Nicholas GravesNicholas Graves2 månader sedan
  • 1 word: Fluke

    ZumaZuma2 månader sedan
  • God, that felt like a million years ago. The NFL hsa really changed over the years.

    Isacc TavaresIsacc Tavares2 månader sedan
  • literally the last 6 nfc champions could work for this series

    Aaryan BondreAaryan Bondre2 månader sedan
  • You gotta make one about the 2015 Broncos

    SwiftyThePigeonSwiftyThePigeon2 månader sedan
  • Pain

    Raulitoo FRaulitoo F2 månader sedan
  • Two words: Von Miller

    AszharaAszhara2 månader sedan
  • Broncos fan here just wanted to say get rekt

    Robert WestbrookRobert Westbrook2 månader sedan
    • You guys collapsed also

      KlizzardKlizzard2 månader sedan
  • I love watching this as a denver fan

    ClossinrClossinr2 månader sedan
    • Don't forget you guys also collapsed

      KlizzardKlizzard2 månader sedan
  • As much I disliked Cam, he deserved better and still does

    El SnailEl Snail2 månader sedan
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    Tre HamiltonTre Hamilton2 månader sedan
  • I get it’s a business but the panthers are the most disrespectful franchise in the NFL. Time and time again, they show no love to their legends.

    DJ BerukDJ Beruk2 månader sedan
  • Von Miller really done all this damage.

    Chris DeBugChris DeBug2 månader sedan
  • Because I told him he would never win a super bowl he's a big baby I tried to break him in high school it's that shoulder it's the same shoulder we loosed up a little bit tag team baby back again and again and again 15 yards everytime we didn't care about the penalties we didn't want to get embarrassed by his overgrown ass lol

    Jay DupreeJay Dupree2 månader sedan
  • Cotchery caught it

    Gavin ThompsonGavin Thompson2 månader sedan
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    tom joetom joe2 månader sedan
  • As a Panthers fan... this is all so so true. But we got a lot of brightness on the young team rn. We will not be a Superbowl and Playoff going team for another season or 2. Bit there is a reason we signed Matt Rhule to a 7 year deal.

    Stephen GibsonStephen Gibson2 månader sedan
    • Don't worry the broncos collapsed too

      KlizzardKlizzard2 månader sedan
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    Frank UhligFrank Uhlig3 månader sedan
  • I'm a Cardinals fan and I'm glad they lost that super bowl that was our year

    Noah Acker GamingNoah Acker Gaming3 månader sedan
  • im a ravens fan but that hurt me a lot

    Ezekiel KorantengEzekiel Koranteng3 månader sedan
  • Simple his name is VON MILLER

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    Shota ToriumiShota Toriumi3 månader sedan
  • Who's here after Christian McCaffrey out like the whole season

    Keegan KipkeKeegan Kipke3 månader sedan
  • Does anyone think a video on the Eagles should be made?

    Landon FarmerLandon Farmer3 månader sedan
    • I think there should be one on the team the panthers lost to aka the broncos

      KlizzardKlizzard2 månader sedan
  • The rough orchid classically fasten because silver quantitatively disapprove like a elegant airbus. yielding, square fortnight

    H SH S3 månader sedan
  • Go Broncos!

    JTJT3 månader sedan
  • Can’t wait till they do the collapse of the 2017 Eagles lol

    M CM C3 månader sedan
  • I heard if any teams who went 15-1 record somehow ending up having a curse, for example the Packers who went 15-1 record but lost to the wildcard team the NY Giants in the playoffs, Steelers who also went 15-1 record back in 2004 but lost to the Patriots in the AFC championship, and same goes for the 1998 Vikings lost to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC championship.

    Breaker Outlaw99Breaker Outlaw993 månader sedan
  • "A missed 25 yd field goal in the first quarter"...yea that was exactly what determined the outcome of the game.

    Ryan MarsdenRyan Marsden3 månader sedan
  • Panthers should have won

    Nicolas NicolandisNicolas Nicolandis3 månader sedan
  • glad my team was the beginning of their end 😊

    KalimKalim3 månader sedan
    • well we did the same this year so stfu

      Jonah AragonJonah Aragon2 månader sedan
    • Bronco s are trash. Fangio sucks

      Neil PatilNeil Patil2 månader sedan