This legendary World Series walkoff home run demands a deep rewind | 1993 Blue Jays vs. Phillies

3 okt 2020
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The end of the 1993 World Series is one of those iconic sports moments you've probably seen in passing, but might not understand in-depth. This episode of Rewinder digs into how much was at stake, who was involved, and what a topsy-turvy battle Game 6 between the Blue Jays and Phillies really was.
Obviously, this is a Joe Carter story, and we'll get to know Carter a bit. But we also need to meet the fascinating Philadelphia pitcher, Mitch Williams, who entered this moment searching for some much-needed redemption. And while this interaction is a one-on-one match between pitcher and batter, it helps to understand just how deep both of these lineups were ... and also how things could have gone differently in a game dictated by so many little choices, little errors, and little victories.
This is one of the coolest moments in sports history, and we're gonna watch it together. But first, let's rewind.
Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
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  • welcome to baseball Saturday. that doesn't sound right. anyway, hope you enjoy our latest Rewinder. it's one of the most Rewinder-y moments in baseball history and really happy with how the episode turned out. what episode y'all want to see next?

    Secret BaseSecret Base4 månader sedan
    • Secret Base we need a Rewinder on Jose Bautista's bat flip against the Rangers and that crazy inning. Also we need the Minneapolis Miracle and Kawhi's Game 7 buzzer beater!

      Bryce LovettBryce Lovett3 månader sedan
    • Thank you for this one. A lot of Canadians dont even know the story behind this moment.

      E ME M3 månader sedan
    • You have to do the Kirby Puckett walk-off in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series.

      SBS LivestreamSBS Livestream4 månader sedan
    • @Ghostofury q

      Dashnyam GanbaatarDashnyam Ganbaatar4 månader sedan
    • You gotta do the back-to-back game-ending pick sixes from Mike Brown during the 2001 Bears season. And don't forget about the onside kick and James Allen's hail mary catch.

      SBS LivestreamSBS Livestream4 månader sedan
  • I attended Game 4 at the Vet as a 11 year old. The traumatic 8th inning collapse initiated me to authentic Philly sports Fandom. I watched the rest of the series from the hallway, nervously pacing between each pitch, bitterly confident the series was over. I closed my eyes for Carter's at bat and just listened as my fears came true.

    Petrus KPetrus K2 dagar sedan
  • I remember watching this live as a kid. Greatest moment in Blue Jays history. I love it.

    SuperStrik9SuperStrik92 dagar sedan
  • The hoc cereal psychophysically bounce because bongo unintentionally call towards a impolite freighter. guttural H habitual, oceanic stepdaughter

    Will O'ConnorWill O'Connor3 dagar sedan
  • Back to back like I’m on the cover of lethal weapon

    Coupe' CortezCoupe' Cortez4 dagar sedan
  • You guys need to do a DEEP rewind of Mazeroski’s walk off homer!! You guys haven’t gone back that far, but it would be awesome!! The 1960 World Series was something else!!

    hawkeye18100hawkeye181004 dagar sedan
  • So much respect to Mitch Williams from never hiding or withdrawing from life after the home run. He took responsibility for the pitch and moved on with his life.

    lemmiwinks09lemmiwinks0913 dagar sedan
  • Carter's a God in Canada.

    Leafgreen1976Leafgreen197613 dagar sedan
  • Was 8 years old, and its #2 on my all time sports memories. 1) Stevie Y hoisting Stanley for Hockeytown in 97 to break the Wings drought 2) Touchem all Joe 3) Sid the Kid and the "Golden Goal" in 2010 Vancouver Olympics if only because it was the perfect cap to Canadian Olympic dominance.

    kurtmoorecakurtmooreca14 dagar sedan
  • Awesome!

    deco983deco98317 dagar sedan
  • I love the Blue Jays, but I couldn't help but feel badly for Williams. Not only for what happened, but for the death threats that a bunch of retards in Philadelphia were sending him.

    Gordon MckayGordon Mckay22 dagar sedan
  • I've got your W.A.M.C.O. swinging right here, Toronto. Joe Carter's bat was later found to have an inordinate amount of pine tar on it. The RCMP looked the other way, though, and had the bat spirited away to a location later found to be Joe Carter's twenty three room mansion in Detroit. This fact is compounded by the notion that if no Mexican baseball team is in the MLB, then a Canadian team, by this rationale, is not a true member of the MLB. Therefore, if it pleases the court, I am pleased to announce that the Philadelphia Phillies were the real champions of the 1993 "World" Series. Thank you and good night. Go Yankees! Go Phillies! Oh, what the bloody hell....Go Blue Jays!

    Dave RosenbergerDave Rosenberger24 dagar sedan
  • You guys should make a rewind of Luis Suarezs handball stop at the 2010 world cup

    johnblah1234johnblah123428 dagar sedan
  • This game is the story of the Phillies as a phillies fan. "oh my god its amazing we're doing something gre-" SPLAT. DEAD.

    Anonymous AnonymityAnonymous AnonymityMånad sedan
  • Carter comes to the jays at 31 becomes an even bigger superstar, Springer just signed with the jays at 31...... I’ll leave the rest for your imagination but it makes you think.

    W -W -Månad sedan
  • 27 years and change, that moment still gives me goosebumps.

    B69neB69neMånad sedan
  • Now the 2-2.......!!!

    brawls16brawls16Månad sedan
  • No wonder I never saw this video when it dropped, I was unsub'd. Well thats fixed. Thanks for doing the best baseball team of all time, this moment was amazing especially as a kid and living it in the moment.

    RoboticDragonRoboticDragon2 månader sedan
  • The ‘93 Phillies were a rag tag bunch. However, they won the ‘93 NLCS against the Braves. John Smoltz has said that the ‘93 Braves were the best of that Braves era in the 90’s.

    PatPat2 månader sedan
  • Do the 1991 game 6 world series Kerby Walkout to focuses a game 7

    MewCast !MewCast !3 månader sedan
  • Mitch Williams’ son Declan goes to my school and people roast him cause his dad blew the World Series. It makes it worse that we’re all Phillies fans since school is only 29 minutes away from the city

    SeplaysSeplays3 månader sedan
  • Why couldn't they have just done WHAMCO once Henderson came along? I can't actually believe that they passed up on that

    Coleman B.Coleman B.3 månader sedan
  • “David Cone” *History Of The Seattle Mariners Flashbacks*

    Ly TranLy Tran3 månader sedan
  • Blue Jays: I like Buffalo time to stay there in 2020

    Ly TranLy Tran3 månader sedan
  • There were a lot of mullets on that Phillies team. I was happy when the Cubs traded Terry Mulholland and Mickey Morandini.

    Julio RodriguezJulio Rodriguez3 månader sedan
  • i wish they touched more on the underdog story of this phillies team. but it is what it is. good rewinder nonetheless

    Mike BartelloMike Bartello3 månader sedan
  • This was rough as a kid and a braves fan. The neighbors were from Toronto and dude bought me a fitted blue jays hat as a joke.

    Jose ZigglerJose Ziggler3 månader sedan
  • Being a Philly Phan in every aspect is the reason why I won't watch this video. Or the Kawhai four bounce shot. This is what made the 2008 World Series so sweet. Then the Super Bowl victory even sweeter. Do a rewind on those Philly squads. Madd Love on the Nova video.

    The High GroundThe High Ground3 månader sedan
  • As a Canadian, I loved this!

    Tim TurkoTim Turko3 månader sedan
  • I'm so thankful that I got to watch this live. What a great moment that was.

    CarcosaCarcosa3 månader sedan
  • I got the drink in me goin' back to back 🔥

    BigBuckz601BigBuckz6013 månader sedan
  • An American Joe is always a winner 🏆... Good memories for Toronto 😘

    Sarun PalSarun Pal3 månader sedan
  • John Olerud gets much less love that he should be. Jumping directly to the majors out of college, Olerud was a great batter his entire career (even if the slowest), and was the 1993 batting champ...he and Molitor has 200-hit seasons that year. As a Met (Olerud was traded there to make room for some guy named Carlos Delgado), in 1998, Olerud had another season that was amazing, hitting .354 that season, but losing the batting title to a .363 Larry Walker. Olerud was robbed of a spot on the 1998 All Star Team.

    Adam MoreiraAdam Moreira3 månader sedan
  • 10:05 Red Sox fans.

    Alex AuAlex Au3 månader sedan
  • This is what would've happened if Arizona brought out Byung Hyun Kim in Game 7 in, it made NO SENSE. Larry Andersen should've finished this game for Philly.

    Manu Ginobilis Bald SpotManu Ginobilis Bald Spot3 månader sedan
  • We're back! I was able to get the copyright strikes against my channel retracted and so this channel is here to stay! Expect big things soon. Swsh is on the rise!

    Marlon mendozaMarlon mendoza3 månader sedan
  • I’ll save you the 11 minutes of banter the blue jays one that years World Series

    Matt LMatt L3 månader sedan
  • I heard that the camera guy filming the homerun recalling that he couldn't stop the camera from shaking. Thats hiw loud people were cheering!

    James HarrottJames Harrott3 månader sedan
  • Braves: Blow a 3-1 series lead to the Dodgers Blue Jays: First Time?

    Jacob LeeJacob Lee3 månader sedan
  • Great story with a great narrative. Love the video....

    Slimmie KaliboySlimmie Kaliboy3 månader sedan
  • Please do Jose’s bat flip!

    jesse sjesse s3 månader sedan
  • To quote a famous raptor.....WE THE NORTH....OH CANADA🍁👍

    Mike FoehrMike Foehr3 månader sedan
  • AS Phillies fan, the '93 was so unexpected. it was a fun year. Game 4 was a game...where I think I pooped my pants because I was so glued to the TV.

    sicily72sicily723 månader sedan
  • No Fear.... the most 90s company of all? Jnco Jeans: Hold my surge.

    TenThumbs ProductionsTenThumbs Productions3 månader sedan
    • Gecko Hawaii: hold my Capri Sun

      Sidney KrallSidney Krall7 dagar sedan
    • Ahhhhh hahaha “Surge” I actually liked that gasoline

      KeyserSoze26BKeyserSoze26B10 dagar sedan
  • Thanks

    Nick ForsythNick Forsyth3 månader sedan
  • "Touch 'em all Joe, you'll never hit a bigger home run in your life!" Oh, to be a baseball player that does something that merits a call like that.

    posren delkanposren delkan3 månader sedan
  • Great video! I loved living through those times with the Jays. I just watched a panel with Joe Carter, Cito Gaston, Rickey Henderson, and Dave Stewart. When Joe swung at the really bad second strike pitch, he explained that Mickey Morandini stood in the perfect spot behind the pitcher where he lost sight of the ball because it blended in with Morandini's jersey. So he figured they were going to try that pitch again but if he could see that it was a good pitch, he was ready to act on instinct. And the rest is history. A great chat to watch, he went through exactly what he was thinking the whole at bat!

    phargohphargoh3 månader sedan
  • Too soon

    jesusthroughmaryjesusthroughmary3 månader sedan
  • I like eggs

    norlens noelnorlens noel4 månader sedan
  • Phillies fan here. I saw it happen live. I was having dinner in a restaurant with the TV on and you could hear a pin drop when this happened followed by a couple of F bombs. Still makes me nauseous

    Aldo EspositoAldo Esposito4 månader sedan
  • The World Series championship 15 years later made up for this. I can only respect Joe Carter and the Blue Jays for coming up clutch and not cheating unlike another team *cough cough*

    Positive Vibes DréPositive Vibes Dré4 månader sedan
  • You should’ve uploaded this on the anniversary of the game.

    Ocean ThresherOcean Thresher4 månader sedan
  • I was only a kid but I remember it like it was yesterday😭😭😭

    abs shireabs shire4 månader sedan
  • I'll never forget watching this on TV and my mom trying to send me to bed, my dad stepping in and saying "don't worry this should be the last play...unless he hits a home run"

    Sean WeirSean Weir4 månader sedan
  • I'm so glad you guys finally did this

    GuyJacques9GuyJacques94 månader sedan
  • maybe they should have walked Carter......nah they still lose

    Jason MarchantJason Marchant4 månader sedan
  • Why the name change?

    Jacob LovingJacob Loving4 månader sedan
  • Now carter can make history and he Dits ,.

    Alejandro de jesus Rodriguez QuezadaAlejandro de jesus Rodriguez Quezada4 månader sedan
  • That was a great game and a fixed game

    Hitman t Westside bloods stlHitman t Westside bloods stl4 månader sedan
  • It still shocks me that after this the Jays wouldn’t make the playoffs until 2015. WOW

    Zman4LifeZman4Life4 månader sedan
  • my favourite game of any sport ever. holy crap.

    Chuck TurdburgerChuck Turdburger4 månader sedan
  • Gotta tell you..nice voice over! Kept me watching the show, even though we knew the outcome! Take care folks! Luis

    Polar Group VideoPolar Group Video4 månader sedan
  • I literally forgot Rickey Henderson was on this team.

    IMightBeBiasedIMightBeBiased4 månader sedan
  • I was thirteen During this world series. I played a lot of baseball almost 20 years. Never watch the game. That compared to watching that World Series game. Joe Carter Thank you. For giving me the most entertaining baseball game of my life.

    Shawn GuinupShawn Guinup4 månader sedan
  • Hello SB nation. I'm a fan of yours from India and your SEworld series on baseball, basketball and football is the reason I have an interest in these games. But being an Indian, it is disappointing to me that there are no cricket videos such as rewind or beefs. And seeing as your channel is going through a revamp please consider this request. So if and when you decide to make a video on cricket here are a few suggestions: Rewinds 1. The 1983 cricket world cup final 2. The 2007 t20 world cup final 3. The 2011 cricket world cup final 4. The 1999 cricket world cup semifinals 5. The 2019 cricket world cup final 6. The famous Edens Gardens test. Beefs: 1. The India Pakistan rivalry 2. The ashes rivalry 3. The india Australia rivalry. 4. Prasad vs miandad 5. 1980s west indies vs the entire white cricketing world. Also for weird rules: 1. The mankad rule. 2. The bowl out 3. The call back. And many, many more examples. It would please a lot of your fans from India to have their game represented in your stage. Thanking you Yours sincerely Vidish K

    Vidish KarkeraVidish Karkera4 månader sedan
  • I watched this live with my dad

    i have no legsi have no legs4 månader sedan
  • Honestly this has the same energy as the 2016 ws for me

    Ethan De SmetEthan De Smet4 månader sedan
  • WHAM CO. was right there for the taking

    Aditya MannurAditya Mannur4 månader sedan
  • I love baseball

    Milo ObrzutMilo Obrzut4 månader sedan
  • You all should do the Gerard slip vs chelsea for one of these.

    nickcubed21nickcubed214 månader sedan
  • I was in the 500 level when he took mitch downtown...what a night that was.

    Clark KentClark Kent4 månader sedan
  • I’m a lifelong Phillies fan, wasn’t even born yet when this happened, and yet I still hate seeing it

    Alex TomasoneAlex Tomasone4 månader sedan
  • 8:00 shout out to the Courier Post! South Jersey Pride All Day!

    Chadwickboseman Dangerfield IIIChadwickboseman Dangerfield III4 månader sedan
  • Please make rewinder about Origis goal against Barcelona in UCL.

    Lazar JocicLazar Jocic4 månader sedan

    SouthJersey GhostSouthJersey Ghost4 månader sedan
  • Amazing Video again

    C MC M4 månader sedan
  • The real thing that requires a rewind is why WHAMCO wasn't seen as the only feasible option?

    ethologicethologic4 månader sedan
  • Gotta do GSW vs OKC 2016! Steph with the 38 ft buzzer beater for the win!

    Chris AndersonChris Anderson4 månader sedan
  • I remember this. I was so happy for the Blue Jays and for Canada.

    ChristineCAlb1ChristineCAlb14 månader sedan
  • the life of a reliever all or nothing

    Sam ThomasSam Thomas4 månader sedan
  • Anyone know if there was a Spanish radio announcer on the play? or any other announcers that called this other than Tom Cheek, Harry Kalas, Vin Scully and Sean McDonough ?

    Rob I.S.Rob I.S.4 månader sedan
  • My good friend in the Navy was a Phillies fan. We were watching the game. Joe hits that ball out. I laugh so hard at my friend (ok I can be an A hole). Every now and then if we passed on the ship, I would say Joe Carter. Just to piss him off

    Scott ShieldsScott Shields4 månader sedan
  • I am a Yankees fan but I want a rewind when the Red Sox come back from a 3-0 series and then win the Pennent then the World series. And the national win the world series.

    Paul Vincent FaloticoPaul Vincent Falotico4 månader sedan
  • that molitor forearm hair tho....

    Gary GoodGary Good4 månader sedan
  • that mitch williams tho...

    Gary GoodGary Good4 månader sedan
  • Great video, thanks for bringing us back! I only wish you had let him actually touch em all... a little more denouement would have been the cherry on top but loved the video overall great job!

    Mike D.Mike D.4 månader sedan
  • can y'all do the joey bats bat flip game, please?

    king j-dogking j-dog4 månader sedan
    • It was already covered via Beef History. Here’s the link:

      Matthew LoMatthew Lo18 dagar sedan
  • I just realized that Williams was clearly an inspiration for Kenny Powers.

    OcpCommunicationsOcpCommunications4 månader sedan
  • Dude! That was a super fun video! I love the way you do it without a ton of boring stats. I'm tired of stats. They don't even come close to capturing the excitement of baseball. You do. To great effect. Thanks man!!

    Heavy10mm _Heavy10mm _4 månader sedan
  • The best thing about Ricky Henderson (besides his base stealing and superior lead off hitting) is when he talks in the third person.

    Dan RodriguesDan Rodrigues4 månader sedan
  • Thank you for treating one of the best moments in baseball history which such care and respect. I’ll never forget that day

    Jeff RiyasatJeff Riyasat4 månader sedan
  • Suggestion Joe Montana - Dwight Clark "The Catch" 1981 NFC Championship Game

    Marcial Edward FriasMarcial Edward Frias4 månader sedan
  • Please do a rewind of david ortiz dramatic grand slam against the tigers in the 2013 ALCS in the wake of the marathon bombings

    Jake FollensbeeJake Follensbee4 månader sedan
  • I wonder, what will be the first major sports game to hold a fully capacity crowd at a game?!

    CellGamesCellGames4 månader sedan
  • Yusmeiro Petit's MLB record 46 straight batters retired deserves a deep dive. Especially because he also lost a perfect game in the bottom of the 9th, with two out, on a 3-2 count

    Gordon WrightGordon Wright4 månader sedan
  • This is my first live sports memory of my life; Philly fandom in a nutshell

    FantustaFantusta4 månader sedan
  • "Touch 'em all, Joe ..." One of the biggest announcer moment of the decade.

    Mitch OkunMitch Okun4 månader sedan
  • Game 162 in 2011 deserves to rewind as well.

    Dennis LiuDennis Liu4 månader sedan
  • The chez rocker mix on SEworld

    Stazia KiberaStazia Kibera4 månader sedan
  • THANK YOU SETH!!!!!!!

    Fazil AhmadFazil Ahmad4 månader sedan