Every NFL Score Ever | Chart Party

7 dec 2016
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Scorigami is the art of achieving a final score in an NFL game that has never happened before. It is a term made up by Jon Bois, a concept perfected by Pete Carroll, and a goal that may not be completed before the heat death of the universe.
Oh, want to see that video about a college football game that ended 222-0 Jon mentioned? Here you go! seworld.info/will/mqe-39fXen2hkmQ/video
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  • A win of 2-1 and 4-1 is just as plausible as 6-1, right? A safety (or 2 safeties) and then the FG attempt returned

    hChatNationhChatNation3 timmar sedan
  • LMAO I know nothing about gridiron so i understand nothing here and I'm confused but still heavily interested and entertained

    Indigo AIndigo A13 timmar sedan
  • We need an updated scorigami chart

    RedandBlue ColorsRedandBlue Colors2 dagar sedan
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    mario yumario yu3 dagar sedan
  • Would love to see an update for this video at some point.

    Nicholas ImholteNicholas Imholte4 dagar sedan
  • Now 1 and 4 point scores might be more possible.

    BeanTazBeanTaz5 dagar sedan
  • A TD + 2 point conversion is 356-1? Really? Seems off by a wide margin

    David WDavid W12 dagar sedan
  • I cannot put into words how much I love this video

    Nathan LongNathan Long16 dagar sedan
  • 5:21 the people problably only went to see Red Grange. he was a BIG deal back then

    Matt OldsMatt Olds17 dagar sedan
  • 19:53

    Sudoku00Sudoku0018 dagar sedan
  • I played in a game in high school that ended in a loss 6-2.

    MrJab4309MrJab430919 dagar sedan
  • People in the 20's went out and watched scoreless ties cause it was still more entertaining than most other options in the 20s.

    Brian CPBrian CP20 dagar sedan
  • 14:50 "Score that may never happen again"

    MottlyMottly21 dag sedan
  • Time for my monthly viewing

    Jamie EllisJamie Ellis21 dag sedan
  • Louisiana Tech could do that safety.

    Katie GillisKatie Gillis21 dag sedan
  • Should have made the graph in 3D where the Z showed number of games with the score as height

    bazzakrakbazzakrak22 dagar sedan
  • has this been done for college football?

    CowSaysMooMooCowSaysMooMoo24 dagar sedan
  • Irrelevant nitpick: You could get a 4-4 scoreline by a 2-2 regulation time and 2-2 overtime, which would make it at least a little easier to make a 4-4.

    Jirachi 47Jirachi 4727 dagar sedan
  • What is the music at 2:31

    Tox1cTox1c28 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't 8-1 be even rarer because you would need for all that to happen AND get a safety?

    Crispin FornoffCrispin Fornoff28 dagar sedan
  • i don’t wanna watch this man it makes me miss the legion of boom 😢

    Kenzie PeckKenzie Peck28 dagar sedan
  • At 4:53 Playoff Games can't end in ties and after calculating there will be a 4-4 Tie every 1,839,443,557 Years

    Daniel BowdenDaniel BowdenMånad sedan
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    Johnny LemaJohnny LemaMånad sedan
  • so the rarest score is 10-1 edit: if we don’t include the extremely high scoring impossible games

    Ranbir NarulaRanbir NarulaMånad sedan
  • Imo the saddest possible occurrence would be if a team went up 10-1, which can only be done with a touchdown + safety PAT and 2 safeties, just for the losing team to kick a field goal, resulting in a 10-4 score, *_the only 4 point score to ever happen before_*

    Brad BaileyBrad BaileyMånad sedan
  • (1:23) Final score of Super Bowl 46

    Abhiram AkellaAbhiram AkellaMånad sedan
  • 1 point is possible. 2 point conversation turnover (fumble or interception) is scored by returning for 1 point. Edit: it would be a safety on a 2 point conversion, but let's face it, not happening.

  • This guy voted for joe Biden

    Ogreman /emisoccer •Ogreman /emisoccer •Månad sedan
  • 6:34 Washington NFL Team did jon predict the future 5 years ago?

    Jeremy LiJeremy LiMånad sedan
  • In 1960 Texas beat TCU 3-2

    Leonid BrezhnevLeonid BrezhnevMånad sedan
  • The eatable stone industrially roll because joseph preclinically strap into a best november. thundering, mellow brother

    Jajajaja JejejejJajajaja JejejejMånad sedan
  • rugby is the correct version of this sport

    eastonhfceastonhfcMånad sedan
    • @eastonhfc which code is the best?

      randomstuff508randomstuff508Månad sedan
    • @eastonhfc it isn’t at all

      MalakaMan94MalakaMan94Månad sedan
    • @MalakaMan94 it is and it's a million times better to watch too

      eastonhfceastonhfcMånad sedan
    • No. No it isn’t.

      MalakaMan94MalakaMan94Månad sedan
  • Jake from PMT must have watched this so many times

    Neil McSkimmingNeil McSkimmingMånad sedan
  • Someone needs to make a website where we can update the scoreagoni on me

    Andre Marcos Mendes SiqueiraAndre Marcos Mendes SiqueiraMånad sedan
    • There actually is one! There is also a scorigami Twitter account with lobe updates during football games.

      randomstuff508randomstuff508Månad sedan
  • "this is possibly the only game to start with a safety" well we now have a game to start with a fumble recovery touchdown too bad that isnt numerically interesting

    King DeadKing DeadMånad sedan
  • If they made the football field one yard a one-point safety would def happen. RBT

    Rouge MystRouge MystMånad sedan
  • Make this again, but for rugby union 6 nations

    kkmackkmacMånad sedan
  • "maybe the only NFL game ever to start from scrimmage with a safety" boy were they wrong 👀 (Browns v steelers playoffs, January 21')

    Solar ScreamsSolar ScreamsMånad sedan
    • Pretty sure Karl Joseph recovered it for a TD

      MalakaMan94MalakaMan94Månad sedan
    • not a safety but so much more humiliating

      King DeadKing DeadMånad sedan
  • "That was sad, let's keep it sad".

    Sam HoldomSam HoldomMånad sedan
  • It’s tradition to watch this every once and a while

    Abdel NaderAbdel NaderMånad sedan
    • Yep

      o laulo laulMånad sedan
  • Can share if anyone has done it to nhl ?

    Dom DoctorflushDom DoctorflushMånad sedan
    • It’s probably not as cool

      MalakaMan94MalakaMan94Månad sedan
  • tbh if we ever got the 1 pt safety it'd probably be part of a normal scoring game and we would just get some regular score

    MottlyMottlyMånad sedan
  • So what if u got 2 safety’s and then had that 92 yard sagger deal...that would be 5 points...

    Dalton WitterDalton WitterMånad sedan
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    Christian BunaChristian BunaMånad sedan
  • Can we get a 2021 off-season update🥺

    Seth EaglehouseSeth Eaglehouse2 månader sedan
  • I did the "img" and hit a Justin Bieber video … fvck you!

    jim ewokjim ewok2 månader sedan

    jim ewokjim ewok2 månader sedan
  • _We all waited for the 1 point conversion yet I stayed to give you the watch time you deserve it!_

    Khi TurnerKhi Turner2 månader sedan
  • I would love to see this updated

    Bret SchuurmanBret Schuurman2 månader sedan
  • Hopefully Scorigami this Super Bowl LV

    SM 04SM 042 månader sedan
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    Tim EngleTim Engle2 månader sedan
    • I choose to believe you're a spy sending an encoded message.

      Al BoulleyAl Boulley2 månader sedan
  • A few years ago, my old high school won 95-75

    Jacob AllenJacob Allen2 månader sedan
    • That final score is so basketball esque. Heck even a lot of NBA and NCAA basketball games have a lower final score than that 😳. Yikes. !!!!!!.

      Khairi IsaKhairi Isa2 månader sedan
  • 17:10 The Steelers would like a word with you

    Melon TangerineMelon Tangerine2 månader sedan
    • Wasn’t a safety

      MalakaMan94MalakaMan94Månad sedan
  • "Washington NFL Team" aged spectacularly!

    Jimmy MurrayJimmy Murray2 månader sedan
  • You can also get one by drop kicking the ball on a extra point

    Quinn SullivanQuinn Sullivan2 månader sedan
  • So.... who’s going into the NFL just to get a one point safety?

    FrogcraftrFrogcraftr2 månader sedan
  • Can you please do an update?

    Guillermo EstradaGuillermo Estrada2 månader sedan
  • If you think about it, Atlanta is a master at this. At least 1 Falcons game was on here. There may have even been another later

    defaultdefault2 månader sedan
  • Technically you can win a game 14-17, in golf

    Jos StuJos Stu2 månader sedan
    • In the Ryder Cup you mean. 🤔.

      Khairi IsaKhairi Isa2 månader sedan
  • There are 5329 scorigami slots in total. We have filled 1066. There are 4263 slots left.

    Henjam 717Henjam 7172 månader sedan
  • Why is this so entertaining

    TaborTabor2 månader sedan
  • 6-1 Touchdown, extra point blocked, caught, and ran back. i'm pretty sure they'll get the point.

    Nick77ab2Nick77ab22 månader sedan
    • @MalakaMan94 ah, right, a point for the effort.

      Nick77ab2Nick77ab2Månad sedan
    • It counts as 2

      MalakaMan94MalakaMan94Månad sedan
  • Dolphins the scorigami experts: two in two weeks 🐬 Dolphins 26-25 Raiders Dolphins 26-56 Bills And the week before: Patriots 12-22 Dolphins, a score that has never happened before in the Super Bowl era

    Freddie RFreddie R2 månader sedan
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    Vuk CeklicVuk Ceklic2 månader sedan
  • Appreciate the SEworld tip. Found a video of a horse eating a carrot

    Nicholas CiarlettaNicholas Ciarletta2 månader sedan
  • Dec 2020 bills defeated dolphins 56-26, scorigami

    Jason DelcampJason Delcamp2 månader sedan
  • Would love an updated video on this :) also about the 6 to 1. If player B is tackled before the end zone but the fumble goes into the end zone.... is there not a touch back rule? Like what happened to Cleveland yesterday? Or does that not matter because it’s an extra point play? Hope this makes sense lol

    Chris CChris C2 månader sedan
    • Ball has to go out of bounds through the end zone.

      thatoneguyftlthatoneguyftl2 månader sedan
    • That would probably just be "no good".

      KingCobra42KingCobra422 månader sedan
  • funny thing about superbowl XLVII is that denver wanted a rematch, and then went on to lose that re match

    Alexander BlackwellAlexander Blackwell2 månader sedan
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    Phung Ngoc QuynhPhung Ngoc Quynh2 månader sedan
  • LAR/GB 10 minutes from. a 25-18 Scoragami

    eric venetoeric veneto2 månader sedan
  • but WAIT! for the 4-4 simulation, you can't have a playoff game that ends in a tie, so you shouldn't include the playoff game numbers. otherwise good job on the vid :)

    Gridcast StudiosGridcast Studios2 månader sedan
  • Broncos vs Seahawks: The last game to ever start with a safety Steelers against the Browns in the 2020-2021 playoffs: Hold my beer

    Ryan WeinerRyan Weiner2 månader sedan
  • Wait how is there a five-point play in basketball??

    Alex MurphyAlex Murphy2 månader sedan
  • And now they talk about potential Scorigami's on NFL broadcasts.

    Logan PageLogan Page2 månader sedan
  • You did a slight miscalculation. When you were calculating the chance of a 4-4 score game, you used the term 267 for the amount of games in a season, which included the Playoffs. However, you can't include Playoff games in that calculation because Playoff games can't result in ties. They have to keep going until one team scores. So, if we were counting just season games, the number would be 256 instead of 267.

    PlazmaCubePlazmaCube3 månader sedan
  • Playoff scorigami Browns 48 Steelers 37

    Bark PlaceBark Place3 månader sedan
  • I won a game in madden 4-1.

    Bark PlaceBark Place3 månader sedan
    • There's a glitch in madden that once you hit 255 points it starts over counting since 256-1 for a score of 0 is 255, and on one of my touchdowns I ran back for a one point safety. Then i made sure I got 259 points and voila 4-1

      Bark PlaceBark PlaceMånad sedan
    • Bruh how

      Brad BaileyBrad BaileyMånad sedan
  • Hello. I just became aware of your site today, due to Twitter posts referring to last night's Browns/Steelers playoff game score being a new scorigami. Your site, concept, video, and all are great. I am an instant fan, having both insightful football and math backgrounds, combined. Regarding the virtually unlikely 6-1 final score scenario, according to NFL Rules, I believe that there is an additional detail that is left out of your explanation, making it even more unlikely. After the defensive player attempts to return the turnover on the two-point conversion the length of the field, and he then turns the ball back over to an offensive player near the offensive player's own goalline, the offensive player would then have to provide the impetus to make the football go backward into his own endzone in order for the play to result in a safety scored by the defense. If the returning defensive player fumbles the football into the offensive's own end zone and the offensive player recovers it there and is tackled, that is like a touchback and the play would be over with no score. If the offensive player recovers the defensive player's fumble, and the offensive player's momentum from chasing the defensive player down the field results in the offensive player ending up his own end zone with the ball and then he is tackled, I believe would result in no score, as on a regular scrimmage play I think the NFL changed this rule within the last 30-40 years so that a safety would not be scored, but that the offense would be awarded the ball back at the spot of the recovery (in the field of play) and have a first down there. (which does not apply on a conversion try, so the play would be over). I believe that the recovering offensive player would have to "choose" to back up into his own end zone after recovering the ball, (as if he was trying to avoid a tackle by reversing into his own end zone) for this to result in a defensive 1-point safety.

    Sean BoardmanSean Boardman3 månader sedan
  • That was sad, let's keep it sad. I damn near fell out of my chair laughing at that.

    cpthornmancpthornman3 månader sedan
  • 17:15 first game ever to start with a safety... 2020 Steelers: hold my beer

    Roberto 264Roberto 2643 månader sedan
    • Steelers play ended in a Browns touchdown.

      MaxOnator3MaxOnator33 månader sedan
    • steelers: pathetic

      o laulo laul3 månader sedan
  • 6:30 Washington NFL Team 😂

    Ethan’s NFL Film StudyEthan’s NFL Film Study3 månader sedan
    • A visionary

      Brad BaileyBrad BaileyMånad sedan
  • second time a game started with a safety

    gorgeous gorge gorg Picklegorgeous gorge gorg Pickle3 månader sedan
  • Love the smooth jazz in the background.

    FlipFlip3 månader sedan
  • 10-1 would be harder. The Defensive 1 point safety would put the game at 6-1, then the leading team would need to score 2 safeties. That's the only way that score is possible

    MacasaurusMacasaurus3 månader sedan
  • Scorigami on wild card weekend Browns 48, Steelers 37

    PresRoche PatPresRoche Pat3 månader sedan
  • Playoff Scorigami! Browns 48-37 Steelers 10.01..2021

    MohenneMohenne3 månader sedan
  • Who’s here after Cleveland 48 - Pittsburgh 37

    Trent WalshTrent Walsh3 månader sedan
  • Browns 48 - 37 Steelers, a new Scorigami of 2021

    X-SevenX-Seven3 månader sedan
  • Let's not forget the only other time a team scored from the first play from scrimmage, it was also a scorigami. Browns 48 Steelers 37.

    berr21ableberr21able3 månader sedan
  • Here after the Browns and Steelers score Scorigami!

    J mJ m3 månader sedan
  • *January 10, 2021:* CLE 48 - 37 PIT _Playoff scorigami!_

    joey (not dosik)joey (not dosik)3 månader sedan
  • Anyone here after the Browns scoragami in the Wild Card?

    Josh McPheronJosh McPheron3 månader sedan
  • Avengers: This will be the greatest crossover in history Browns: Watch me win a playoff game and make scorigami at the same time. Heres looking at you Jon. 2020 Wildcard weekend Jan 10 2021 Browns 48 steelers 37

    jamgall1010jamgall10103 månader sedan
  • Browns win 48-37 to have scorigami in their first playoff win since '69 in an upset of Pittsburgh... Corvette Corvette

    Lymetime ProductionsLymetime Productions3 månader sedan
  • Wait did you change the skins to the football team retroactively or was there actually a washington nfl team back then

  • Thanks Ben Roethilsberger for the scorigami!! 🤝

    Tyler WerkmanTyler Werkman3 månader sedan
  • Who’s here after the browns and Steelers made scorigami of 48-37

    Radi RadRadi Rad3 månader sedan
  • Scorigami achieved! 1/10/2021 Browns 48, Steelers 37

    DMaddDMadd3 månader sedan
  • Let’s goooo playoff scorigami

    Jathan MontezJathan Montez3 månader sedan

    The Plundering Pirate291The Plundering Pirate2913 månader sedan