Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl. Here's what left him empty-handed.

25 nov 2020
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This might be the most requested video we've ever had, so thrilled to finally present Dan Marino's episode of "Untitled." Well, it's Ryan's episode of "Untitled" about Dan Marino, but you get it.
I don't think any of us fully understood how absurd Marino's career was - in a few different senses of the word "absurd." MVP in his first full season as starter, his name lining the league's record books, two of the most accomplished coaches the league has ever seen, and a level of disfunction that makes the shortcomings more frustrating and the success even more impressive. Achieving that at the same time is a very impressive feat - just probably not as sweet as a Super Bowl win would've been.
Check out this episode to fully understand what happened over 17 years in order for Dan Marino to finish his career untitled.
Written and produced by Ryan Simmons
Directed by Jiazhen Zhang
Edited by Jiazhen Zhang, Phil Pasternak, and Mike Das
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    • when is the bill russel episode

      Shugah Ca!nShugah Ca!nMånad sedan
    • @The Ultimate Wilt the stilt

      Harry EngelHarry Engel2 månader sedan
    • With the standard the Hall of Fame has set for itself, Eli Manning belongs. But if he never won a Super Bowl, he wouldn’t be in the conversation. His stats wouldn’t get him there alone like Marino.

      Harry EngelHarry Engel2 månader sedan
    • Heres why Dan failed point blank period the dolphins organization,i give credit to some for sayn it,but they didn't spend money on what they needed and rode the studs they did have into the dirt without thought on support players . I'm from wisconsin yet i can name a mass of dolphin players even David woodley,or a wisc native John offerdahl?I admitt i wasn't a fan i was a phinnatic!

      Jamie WardJamie Ward2 månader sedan
    • Before watching, I'm going to say No Run Game!

      Michael WilliamsMichael Williams2 månader sedan
  • Please do the next untitled on Tony Gwynn! 2 WS appearances but no ring. One of the best to ever pick up a bat!

    Daniel GoldsteinDaniel Goldstein6 timmar sedan
  • Cause Marino wear number 13 bad luck

    Taion LoTaion Lo6 timmar sedan
  • Laces out, Dan!

    Michael SchaeferMichael Schaefer8 timmar sedan
  • That wasn't the ending Marino deserved, but at least it proves that my Jags were one good at football.

    Bluered loverBluered loverDag sedan
  • I always just assumed it was the devils bargain for the perfect season.

    vinnythewebsurfervinnythewebsurferDag sedan
  • Off topic but the bengals could never beat the 49ers

    Gary RenoGary Reno2 dagar sedan
  • In a nutshell? The NFC was just too strong in the 80's and the Bill's dominated the early 90's. Then he tore his achilles and was never the same. Still the most exciting QB to watch and a fiery competitor.

    Skeptical NarrativesSkeptical Narratives3 dagar sedan
  • "Dan Marino is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL" - Dan Marino

    Jim KnowltonJim Knowlton4 dagar sedan
  • Because he didn't play for the STEELERS!!!

    Bruce PBruce P4 dagar sedan
  • Dan Marino was ..... a little overrated? His passer rating was top 5 six times, which is really good. But he only led the league once. Roger Staubach led to league 4 times in 8 years as a starter. Ken Anderson led the league 4 times.

    Kevin BowenKevin Bowen4 dagar sedan
  • The wrong dill algorithmically spot because gander unknowingly discover failing a substantial bone. deranged, well-off donna

    One clickOne click5 dagar sedan
  • Marino should have never stayed in Miami. I love my Dolphins, but that franchise did nothing to help Marino.

    RaansuRaansu5 dagar sedan
  • Because people kept telling him he’d be back.

    Sir HoopalotSir Hoopalot5 dagar sedan
  • The Passing Game, entertaining football experience and The Running Game. Entertaining offense makes a crowd gasp at the snap of the ball and again when a running back takes the handoff. But only happens if the running back has gained the fans respect by 3rd down conversions or somehow being the quarterback and the teams BAIL OUT MAN ON 3RD DOWN

    Che JohnsonChe Johnson8 dagar sedan
  • Laces Out

    Jeremy HarrelsonJeremy Harrelson8 dagar sedan
  • Q) Why did Dan Marino never win a Super Bowl? A) He only had one team good enough to make it. They lost. Against the 49ers. Everybody lost against the 49ers.

    jones jonesjones jones8 dagar sedan
  • At the end of every episode I shed a tear

    Victor AcevesVictor Aceves8 dagar sedan
  • A good class. Elway. Kelly..

    apope06apope069 dagar sedan
  • There are many great players who neve won a Super Bowl besides Marino; Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Philip Rivers, OJ Simpson, Donovan McNabb, Gayle Sayers to name but a few. Many never even got to play in one. For these players, it just wasn't meant to be.

    Nero WolfeNero Wolfe9 dagar sedan
  • Wait a minute, the Buffalo Bills have some of the craziest moments and records in NFL history. Norwood's super bowl losing kick, 4 straight super bowl losses. How do they not have a deep rewind of any sort?? Are you guys planning anything for them?

    Alexander ChoudhuryAlexander Choudhury9 dagar sedan
  • Rumor has it that he never wanted the Dolphins to help balance the offense. Back then you needed a good running game. dolphins never really did Marino only wanted WRs

    Ryan JensenRyan Jensen9 dagar sedan
  • Jim Kelly...

    Gaby SuazoGaby Suazo9 dagar sedan
  • Laces out

    ElRifle24 24ElRifle24 249 dagar sedan
  • L

    jolo jonesjolo jones9 dagar sedan
  • Dolphins always been a boo boo team.

    Phillip_IV_Planet KingPhillip_IV_Planet King10 dagar sedan
  • great regular season quarterback

    SAPPYSAPPY10 dagar sedan
  • The Redskins would have picked him next. Probably a different outcome for him.

    Myrtle Beach ManagementMyrtle Beach Management10 dagar sedan
  • The Dolphins of the late 80s were very similar to the Saints team of 2014-2016. Both teams had potent offenses that ranked near the top of the league and quarterbacks who were setting one record after another but their defenses ranked near or at the bottom. For this reason, both teams were not playoff contenders during those periods.

    Nero WolfeNero Wolfe10 dagar sedan
  • Can you do Larry Fitzgerald?

    MabafiMabafi10 dagar sedan
  • What left Marino empty handed-I wonder how he played when he had his best chances for success-in his 4 championship games. Dan played in 3 Conference Championship games and 1 Super Bowl. How did he play in those 4 games? In the '84 Conf. Champ. game he was very good, but in the other 3, not so much.

    Dennis MumfordDennis Mumford10 dagar sedan
    • In the other 3 which were all losses, Dan had 4 TD's BUT 6 INT's and 2 fumbles, an avg. Passer Rating UNDER 60, and he led his offense to an avg.of only 12 p.p.g. How can a team win championships when their QB is playing like that ?

      Dennis MumfordDennis Mumford10 dagar sedan
  • Ray Finkle

    jmctigretjmctigret10 dagar sedan

    EcatorrEcatorr11 dagar sedan
  • His stats are by far the best in history considering his era was much less conducive to passing

    Justice FelipeJustice Felipe11 dagar sedan
  • No running game. No offensive line. No defense. It was just Marino. Jimmy Johnson ruined the rest of what was left.

    East CoyoteEast Coyote12 dagar sedan
  • Dan played mediocre in some big playoff games. Stop with the excuses

    Patrick MerkelPatrick Merkel12 dagar sedan
  • Because he bumped into Roger Craig. The Miami defense said after the game they couldn't deal with Roger Craig.

    1950 Mr Universe __________________1950 Mr Universe __________________12 dagar sedan
  • He didnt win a superbowl but he jad some cool TV shows in Baywatch and Knight Rider.

    Mak AlsonMak Alson12 dagar sedan
  • Is the Jersey.

    phan huangphan huang12 dagar sedan
  • Squish the fish baby

    Leon KennedyLeon Kennedy13 dagar sedan
  • You don’t need a whole video to explain this, just two words : JIM KELLY! Wooo!

    JR YJR Y14 dagar sedan
  • Being a life long Dolphins fan it's difficult to see things any other way when concerning Dan Marino, however I always found it somewhat flattering that when the subject of your favorite football team came up, no matter what team the others in the conversation backed, they'd always speak of Marino with such adoration and enthusiasm. It was like every football fan in the world was a fan of Marino. Winning season or losing season, Super Bowl ring or not, I've never talked to a person who's eyes didn't light up when speaking of Marino. He was not an "underdog", he was a player who's ability and talent transcended the game itself and was probably viewed by most as being an individual master of an art form more than a showpiece member of a legendary squad. Another name that was spoken with the same universal adoration was Barry Sanders.

    B BB B15 dagar sedan
  • Rb, defense, the end

    croplayacroplaya15 dagar sedan
  • That damn Ray Finkle

    Joe Dingleberry _ PFF SocietyJoe Dingleberry _ PFF Society15 dagar sedan
  • Because defenses actually played defense back in the day and the quarterbacks got hit

    Mike SchaefferMike Schaeffer15 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how a quarterback as text book as Dan Marino, never wins a super bowl and someone as unconventional looking as Tom Brady wins 7? Could moneyball movie have it right? Scouts can't see the things that matters the most in finding a winner?

    Walker OneWalker One15 dagar sedan
  • Cuz he was overrated and had zero leadership ability. coke head Dan

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ15 dagar sedan
  • Karim Abdul-Jabbar got over 1k yards in 1997 and drafted Pro Bowlers Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas.....why cant you mentioned that???

    SCSC15 dagar sedan
  • I got him in my top 5!!!

    SCSC15 dagar sedan
  • Miami never had a good defense to support Marino

    Richard CandiotiRichard Candioti15 dagar sedan
  • He played for the dolphins

    Joe CrockenbergJoe Crockenberg15 dagar sedan
  • Because the laces weren't out ....Dan 😂

    cpt Farzkizzcpt Farzkizz15 dagar sedan
  • can u name any perennial pro bowlers or hall of famers on this team besides Marino I think the dolphins got in too a malaise of bad drafting and quite frankly coaching shula was a great coach no doubt after those 2 losing seasons back to back they should have let shula go hard to say a lot of times coaches get set in their ways and don't try new concepts especially if you won throughout your career sometimes new fresh energy with fresh concepts are needed

    Tony HardenTony Harden15 dagar sedan
  • The best pocket passer ever!(teams win championships)

    FightOnFightOn16 dagar sedan
  • This narrative reminds me of a player i know today...

    PineauINCPineauINC16 dagar sedan
  • Short answer: The 90's bills that were an objectively better team Long Answer: The 90's bills that were an objectively better team. Fact is the dolphins didnt do much to help marino and as a result he couldnt ever get over Kelly's bills that had more overall talent.

    One BuffaloOne Buffalo16 dagar sedan
  • Dan Marino was a great QB in the NFL but the reason why he never won a Super Bowl in his NFL career is a lack of a running game, a defense and the Dolphins organization let him down

    buster60341buster6034116 dagar sedan
  • Him throwing laser beams to recievers/backs who were only 15ft away certainly didn't help.

    tophatter74tophatter7416 dagar sedan
  • Who here didnt know football is a team game?

    Sugar ShaneSugar Shane16 dagar sedan
  • Good video. Pretty informative. Thanks. Always kinda wondered WHY HE REALLY never won. This helped. Thank you.

    Frog StillwagonFrog Stillwagon17 dagar sedan
  • Wish he would have won a SB...

    Carol GCarol G17 dagar sedan
  • Marino was ready to give up at 31. Brady just won another at 43. Man. Unreal.

    Jacabo BlancoJacabo Blanco17 dagar sedan
  • If only that damned Ray Finkle hadn't botched that field goal.

    g00gle suxdixg00gle suxdix17 dagar sedan
  • It definitely has Bill Walsh and the 49ers to blame. But it sucks because he truly is the best Qb. No one could throw a ball like him.

    edward richardedward richard17 dagar sedan
  • Bruh, 3 of the 6 qbs taken in this draft were Jim Kelly, Elway, and Marino. What a draft

    David HutchinsonDavid Hutchinson17 dagar sedan
  • Bruh, 3 of the 6 qbs taken in this draft were Jim Kelly, Elway, and Marino. What a draft

    David HutchinsonDavid Hutchinson17 dagar sedan
  • Really well done video, highlights the multitude of variables that go into winning the super bowl.

    Ryan ColbergRyan Colberg17 dagar sedan
  • Dan didn't win a super bowl, bcuz he wasn't the NFL puppet scripted, chosen one!!! Unlike Tom Brady who is the greatest puppet scripted goat of them all!!!! Dan Marino, was a better thrower of the pig skin than brady!!!

    Tarik BeyTarik Bey17 dagar sedan
  • reason: Buffalo Bills

    John Chrīstopher MīllerJohn Chrīstopher Mīller17 dagar sedan
  • No run game. Simple

    Scottie UlonScottie Ulon17 dagar sedan
  • I'm about to watch the video right now so I'm saying this before I saw this video but I'm a dolphins fan since 1984 and I always thought that for how good they were in the regular season they just weren't built to win in the playoffs no running game no power not a strong defense to be able to rely on they were predicated on speed but rain and snow and cold reduce speed and they didn't have the power to make up for it.

    William PowellWilliam Powell17 dagar sedan
  • Because he didn’t have Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, Don Bebe(spelled wrong probably sorry)

    Rob_ Scott3Rob_ Scott318 dagar sedan
  • Bad defenses, the end.

    Mikael HaggardMikael Haggard18 dagar sedan
  • All those 8-8 dolphins teams would’ve been 2, 3, and 4 win teams with any other QB.

    Jason BrownJason Brown18 dagar sedan
  • Marinos first 2 years are a lot like Mahomes

    Mike OxlongMike Oxlong18 dagar sedan
  • Was born before 1994

    Azrael IdrisAzrael Idris18 dagar sedan
  • Which is worst Kelly and Buffalo loses 3 straight super bowl or Marino never won a Super Bowl?

    The Novice TechThe Novice Tech18 dagar sedan
  • I don’t need to watch the video it’s because they had a mediocre to poor defense And no running game. Which means the teams knew exactly what the dolphins offensive game plan was Marino throwing the ball 40 times a game that’s why

    Rom CapprottiRom Capprotti18 dagar sedan
  • We never really had a decent running back it was all on Dan's Rifle Arm

    RADIO W.F.C.RADIO W.F.C.19 dagar sedan
  • "Wide right", everyone knows Ray Finkle was the reason. They would have won that game. And then being kidnapped by Louis Einhorn,just crazy!

    William KirkWilliam Kirk19 dagar sedan
  • is it possible his pay was an issue? ya know - he was getting paid so much that they couldnt afford other good players?

    Munchma CuchiMunchma Cuchi19 dagar sedan
  • He was a one man team basically. Miami never adequately built around him. Still can’t believe the Steelers passed on him because of some partying rumors. Kinda of hilarious he ended up in Miami in the 80s considering lol

    Michael GrecoMichael Greco19 dagar sedan

    Joseph SheridanJoseph Sheridan19 dagar sedan
  • They had no defense.period.offense is what sells tickets in THIS NEW ERA OF NFL PRODUCTIONS.

    Joseph SheridanJoseph Sheridan19 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if Pittsburgh would’ve drafted him!!

    Jimall KillingsJimall Killings19 dagar sedan
  • Marino might have not won a superbowl but at least he didnt lose 4 superbowls like Jim Kelly!!!

    Daven StormDaven Storm19 dagar sedan
  • Do one on how Steven Gerrard never won a Premier League

    Tamzid rahmanTamzid rahman19 dagar sedan
  • "REcords that stood until other Hall of Famers broke theM"......oh no.....try records that stood until the NFL made playing defense virtually impossible making all of Marinos numbers no longer untouchable.....Or he would have every record still

    Bruce KulickBruce Kulick19 dagar sedan
  • Another answer. No running game.

    Doug OhaverDoug Ohaver19 dagar sedan
  • Because he had a shitty moron coach

    Patrick HartPatrick Hart19 dagar sedan
  • Playing for a team that wasn't worth being in the Playoffs and having to drag said team there each year with only the help of the Kicker and the Coach Pete Stoyanovich and Don Schula was the main reason he left empty handed. And the same with Warren Moon and the Oilers. Montana and the Niners had nothing to do with it.

    Beaux GuidryBeaux Guidry19 dagar sedan
  • And he is why the Dolphins will never win a Superbowl I call it the Marino curse

    Joseph ArceJoseph Arce19 dagar sedan
  • Screw Brees, Marino’s stats are more impressive given how tough his era was.

    James RogersJames Rogers19 dagar sedan
  • the tight wallet didnt help Marino at all.....Kelly and Marino were great to watch but its crazy that neither one won a super bowl. I'm a niner fan and as much as bills and dolphins hated each other man the cowboys in the 90's were a real thorn on our side.

    mdub2000mdub200019 dagar sedan
  • shula as much as I loved him he should of been fired

    Brandon VandineBrandon Vandine20 dagar sedan
  • Maybe because he wore #13. Wilt scored 100 points in 1 game but he only won 1 title. He also wore #13.The #13 is not associated with anything good. I heard so many horrible events and more than any # of the month just google it.I graduated from a peer counseling class on Friday Jan.13,2012. I was browsing you tube about 5 years later and was reading about the sinking of the Concordia which happened Jan.13,2012. I’m very superstitious and I won’t do anything on that day

  • Cause the Steelers didn't draft him because of an "internally dropped ball".

    ScottScott20 dagar sedan
  • Packers doing this to Rodgers.

    Ray RayRay Ray20 dagar sedan
  • my poor phins

    CrimmerCrimmer20 dagar sedan
  • Cry baby his whole career that’s why

    dhurley77dhurley7720 dagar sedan