Our quest to either fix or ruin soccer, Part 2 | Fumble Dimension

3 jan 2021
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@Kofie & @Jon Bois try their hand at Football Manager. The game strikes back.
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  • I think it's interesting in a video about formations so many of the highlights were just assist - goal, the formation is more of a vehicle for generating possession and less of a vehicle for actually creating goals. It'd also be interesting to know who was getting all those assists, especially early on utopia seemed to be chipping to their target striker from the right midfield a majority of the time.

    BurritoKidBurritoKid12 timmar sedan
  • I love one piece

    chopsehchopseh4 dagar sedan
  • Was a rough year for FUFC, but at least their goalkeeper will Ndure

    Michael DelgadoMichael Delgado5 dagar sedan
  • Koffi nice Canes jersey- yall should do hockey content. please I beg thee.

    Rose ErinRose Erin7 dagar sedan
  • I like keychains. i would have no idea what you guys could make a keychain, but I absolutely would buy it.

    Rose ErinRose Erin7 dagar sedan
  • Good God, Jon's run with Fumble Chaos was legendarily bad. We're talking going from 2010 Jets to 2020 Jets in one season bad.

    Prince RikuPrince Riku9 dagar sedan
  • I want to get this game now and try to salvage Fumble Chaos.

    TsrielTsriel12 dagar sedan
  • I'm slightly disappointed we never got to see Fumble Utopia and Fumble Chaos actually play each other.

    John S.John S.12 dagar sedan
  • How about a round robin...Chaos under each manager plays Utopia under each manager and we compare?

    Joshua VJoshua V17 dagar sedan
  • Kofie, your voice is fine!

    Conquistador76Conquistador7618 dagar sedan
  • I love the 90s/00s vibe

    Andrew McGinleyAndrew McGinley20 dagar sedan
  • Tom Dugdale! of the Dugdale Duggerdome!

    Miles ButtrillMiles Buttrill20 dagar sedan
  • After watching Kofies tiktok he’s officially my favorite member of secret base

    O The WizO The Wiz21 dag sedan
  • These videos are therapy sessions that are free

    Mission: SportsMission: Sports22 dagar sedan
  • Fumble Utopia did better than the real Norwich that season, so you've that.

    RedRed22 dagar sedan
  • I'm from Great Britain, and can confirm that i'm not mad at you. In fact, i wholeheartedly endorse all of this absolute madness. Also, bonus points for the Shakespearean street urchin, genuine lol at that. :D

    lukesherifflobolukesherifflobo22 dagar sedan
  • 2007/08 derby county is proud of you guys

    GarkKahnGarkKahn23 dagar sedan
  • In the first part chaos was the promising team Here they really sucked pretty bad

    GarkKahnGarkKahn24 dagar sedan
  • That One Piece banner is sick Kofie

    Tuck WunderleTuck Wunderle24 dagar sedan
  • Kofie's self-depreciating humor and low confidence really drags the show down. Kofie have some more confidence my man!

    Amatasaru GamingAmatasaru Gaming25 dagar sedan
  • Gran Turismo 6. Make your own crazy tracks!

    Erik ChristianErik Christian25 dagar sedan
  • These videos are too good to just have 1 million subscribers

    Alex SatinAlex Satin28 dagar sedan
  • 27:57 Kofie Mourinho

    Aldo juanAldo juan29 dagar sedan
  • I'll fite ya rite now m8 what's a bloody soccer

    Sigman The LooterSigman The LooterMånad sedan
  • Corner taken quickly should have a deep rewind. It started the downfall of Barcelona.

    Diego LopezDiego LopezMånad sedan
  • It's time to give hockey its own fumble dimension episode next. Right?

    Joona AleksiJoona AleksiMånad sedan
  • 13:55 In PES 2012, I beat the Argentine national team 25-0, and the halves were only 15 minutes long (and I had it at medium difficulty).

    SlimeySlimeyMånad sedan
  • thanks so much jon and kofie, you've both been a huge inspiration for me to make a video and pursue my passion

    delgeedelgeeMånad sedan
  • It’s almost as if having no defenders was a bad idea 😂

    Oisin QuinnOisin QuinnMånad sedan
  • Jon Bois: "22 is about as high as I can up with. How can it be higher?" In 2002 a team called A.S Adema beat Stade Olympique L'Emyrne 149-0. So just a little higher than the 22

    Morten PedersenMorten PedersenMånad sedan
  • We need Team Utopia and Chaos merch!

    Jake OutmanJake OutmanMånad sedan
  • 'it's 7am' your kitchen clock would disagree

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • It's worth pointing out that Delia Smith is a) a real person and b) a much-loved celebrity chef, with a long career as the butter wouldn't melt face of late evening comfort viewing. Basically, Jon got canned by the British version of pre-prison Martha Stewart.

    David GAN1XDavid GAN1XMånad sedan
  • Pretty sure from the logo that Fumble Utopia makes all my shampoo.

    qfmarsh64qfmarsh64Månad sedan
  • I think Kofie's psychiatrist knows a lot about Jon at this point.

    Rouge MystRouge MystMånad sedan
  • New idea for Fumble Dimension - Football Manager but after every loss the team changes strategy to whatever is suggested in the post-game fake twitter that gets the most likes. Let's see if the simulated soccer fans can crowdsource a winning team.

    IllCaesarIllCaesarMånad sedan
  • Hey Jon, there's this really cool channel called Secret Base that did a video about a soccer match where the score was run up as much as possible because one team didn't even try to win as part of a protest. I'll leave the link here. Maybe y'all should think about collabing with them sometime, that'd be really good to watch. seworld.info/will/eWjNx8ixkJhrnn0/video

    IllCaesarIllCaesarMånad sedan
  • Do draft day hoops college basketball and recruit only one position

    Noah ISGNoah ISGMånad sedan
  • They could always go the millwall route and make a nfl team in football manager.

    thecrazylonerthecrazylonerMånad sedan
  • NGL this and the baseball one were just depressing

    Ian CraneIan CraneMånad sedan
  • Barcelona would have had to return fans money had there been fans in the stadium again Bayern Munich last year 🤣

    Rizzo RIZZORizzo RIZZOMånad sedan
  • omg kofie's a one piece fan

    Jonathan MongJonathan MongMånad sedan
  • Is Jon going to make a Pretty Good about the 22-1 game?

    Rosa Luxemburg’s GhostRosa Luxemburg’s GhostMånad sedan
  • I’d buy a FCFC kit

    Matt GiesekeMatt GiesekeMånad sedan
  • One thing that's worth mentioning when discussing the relative successes of the formations is the aspect that is shown sometimes by Kofie of how poor management can impact team performance down the line. i.e although Kofie's Chaos strategy *was* hot garbage, once Jon's Chaos strategy sent them into the pits of hell, the team was never recovering because the game is in-depth enough that things like player morale, fitness etc do impact the results quite heavily if you let them. The fact that they had precisely one strategy in their playbook at any one time and only changed that up twice in the whole season also had an impact, most likely. There were multiple warnings from the game about that.

    temmychantemmychanMånad sedan
  • That little cartwheel Bradley Biggs makes at 8:40 after finally scoring his first goal of the season in a team that's been losing for the entire season... Pure baby, must be protected

    temmychantemmychanMånad sedan
  • Dugdale/Biggs 2024

    Leoh musicLeoh musicMånad sedan
  • If y'all put out a piece of merch for every fumble dimension saga, I would buy it every time. You deserve so much for the time, and probably large piece of your soul, that you leave on the pitch during every deep dive.

    Jimmy TaylorJimmy TaylorMånad sedan
  • Do a collapse episode on the Jaguars and the Eagles

    Joaquin McGeeJoaquin McGeeMånad sedan
  • Are u guys BYU fans?

    Beaver HighlightsBeaver HighlightsMånad sedan
  • We gotta get a rockets collapse after the harden trade.

    Rici BroRici BroMånad sedan
  • I don't hate the sound of your voice kofie.

    Jack BondJack BondMånad sedan
  • 24:25 Do not forget the batch of Mariners fans that you created with Alex because of your documentary, Jon. You give yourself too little credit. 😂

    Nicholas TricaricoNicholas TricaricoMånad sedan
  • The idea for this 2-parter was great! But the writing was dry as bone. I really would have liked to see a comparison of the 3 different strategies overall, rather than walking game-by-game through results with a few highlights from each game. Maybe call out a couple exceptional games and hilarious results, like the 22-1 drubbing. But there was no reason to go through most of them. This is the first time a Kofie or Jon video has outright bored me.

    Austin Noto-MonizAustin Noto-MonizMånad sedan
  • Jon's Chaos strategy ended up not being the one soccer needs, but definitely the one soccer deserves

    LotusLotusMånad sedan
  • Next series hockey? 👀

    Michael PattersonMichael PattersonMånad sedan
  • yes merch do it

    ResbunResbunMånad sedan
  • Heck yea, some sort of Fumble * FC scarf would be amazing!

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  • but- Do you sell Stupid Crapface jerseys?

    Jack WedgeJack WedgeMånad sedan
  • "if both teams cooperated" sounds like the DeVry basketball game you covered lol

    Jerardo ContrerasJerardo ContrerasMånad sedan
  • im naming my firstborn tom dugdale. you cant stop me.

    Abel MeleseAbel MeleseMånad sedan
  • 8:44 the football manager experience whenever your job is close to lost.

    Abel MeleseAbel MeleseMånad sedan
  • Twitter so toxic that even fake twitter is soul crushing

    VerlisifyVerlisifyMånad sedan
  • 1 mil subs let's gooooo dude

    K WK WMånad sedan
  • You should make a "We broke Soccer" T-Shirt

    Nigel ChristensenNigel ChristensenMånad sedan
  • Tom Dougdale, the man with 3 first names.

    slow birdslow birdMånad sedan
  • why is kofie wearing a canes sweater so perfectly on brand?

    smugsmugMånad sedan
  • Good to see a small cameo from Delia Smith, where are you? Let's be having you.

    Tom KrupaTom KrupaMånad sedan
  • We’re gonna need a fall of the Eagles now! Sinse the super bowl win they want straight downhill.

    BallerEditsBallerEditsMånad sedan
  • Bois isn't good enough #Bois #Fumble scarf please!

    David LeonDavid LeonMånad sedan
  • We want Fumble Utopia and Fumble Chaos merch!

  • Did I spy a Jarvis Johnson sweatshirt?

    Just Plain SomethingJust Plain SomethingMånad sedan
  • just to let you know this is the highest scoring soccer game ever SO l'Emyrne AS Adema 149-0 SO l'Emyrne was a football match played on 31 October 2002 between two teams in Antananarivo, Madagascar. It holds the world record for the highest scoreline, recognized by The Guinness Book of Records.

    John StepinaJohn StepinaMånad sedan
  • Also, IIRC arsenal is on pace to top that 8 red cards in a season mark by Fumble United. Give Xhaka some time.

    sinicalypsesinicalypseMånad sedan
  • 30:45 = the most unrealistic bit in here is Arsenal scoring 10 goals against anyone. Not a realistic sim at all as it'd take Arsenal at least 6 games to score 10 against proper PL opponents

    sinicalypsesinicalypseMånad sedan
  • 28:00 = Jon Bois decides "enough of this" and decides to make whoopee with one of the supermodels in the other room

    sinicalypsesinicalypseMånad sedan
  • Why did Kofie take @Kofie on Twitter? A bit selfish, don't you think?

    sinicalypsesinicalypseMånad sedan
  • Another FM Experiment? Count me in.

    Tap.WaterTap.WaterMånad sedan
  • I wasn't able to watch this when it was released. It's now 1/10/21 and I'm watching this. THANK YOU for something entertaining and funny to help me take my mind off of . You guys do great work. Keep it up.

    Cornan1980Cornan1980Månad sedan
  • Where do you guys get your music. I need some more jazz in my life

    MY_EYES _MY_EYES _Månad sedan
  • @Kofie I'm liking how your personal style has been evolving! You look good my friend

    Paul HughesPaul HughesMånad sedan
  • Any kind of zip up hoodie! I would buy any kind of zip up hoodie, also, big boy sizes. Would purchase. And pretty good posters! K thanks byyyyyeeee

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  • Can't wait for Fumble Dimension Hockey Edition, especially after seeing Kofie's sick Canes jersey

    ILoveMisty1985ILoveMisty1985Månad sedan
  • It’s been 6 days. I’m still waiting for my Fumble Utopia merch.

    Justin ClossJustin ClossMånad sedan
  • I would def buy fufc scarf

    Wesley CrenshawWesley CrenshawMånad sedan
  • I actually really like Kofie's voice

    LukaLukaMånad sedan
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  • don't think we didn't see the Jarvis Johnson hoodie 👀

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  • We demand Funble Chaos kits

    patsfreakpatsfreakMånad sedan
  • Feel like I watched a Ken Burns documentary

    Albert SchafAlbert SchafMånad sedan
  • Damn you jon bois. Your voice makes me expect the "welcome to a moment in history" everytime

    JeanBJeanBMånad sedan
  • the way ‘dele’ was pronounced killed me

    JetreauxJetreauxMånad sedan
    • It's like Pele, right? /s

      chiknsmackchiknsmackMånad sedan
  • these teams couldn't fumble harder if they used their hands. excellent work

    Alexander NovakovicAlexander NovakovicMånad sedan
  • I would want the Fumble Dimension mug as a travel mug.

    Jeremy RussellJeremy RussellMånad sedan
  • 8:17 wow. never thought i could like kofie more than i did until this clip

    Lillie AmpurraLillie AmpurraMånad sedan
  • they’re still better than 2020/21 Sheffield United lmao

    Alex CalabreseAlex CalabreseMånad sedan
  • sticker pack with: -fumble utopia + chaos logos -"we need to rewind" on top of car vcr -BEEF

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  • I hope y'all get a cut from the merch!

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  • next ufc and wwe fumble dimension.

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